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If you have a loved one who is undergoing treatment for cancer, you must have heard the term immunotherapy as one of the most effective types of treatment for different types of cancer.

Here are some things you need to remember during the treatment.

The Immune System is the Key

Immunotherapy is sometimes called biotherapy because it’s supposed to use the cancer patient’s immune system to attack the cancer cells, although biologic therapy is just one form of immunotherapy. Generally, immunotherapy works by supplying your immune system with a boost to fight off cancer cells or stimulating your immune system to attack only the cancer cells.

The immune system is the key to fighting the cancer cells because they are responsible for keeping track of foreign substances in the body. However, the difficulty of this approach lies in the immune system’s failure to recognize the cancer cells that are growing out of control. Immunotherapy’s goal is to give the immune system a hand in fighting these cancer cells and to make it strong enough to fight back.

Other Treatments Should Not Stop

Most successful cases of immunotherapy have worked because other treatments were also applied, but there are types of cancers where immunotherapy is the only available option. Currently, there are four types of immunotherapy used to help cancer patients.

These include monoclonal antibodies, or man-made proteins that are modified to target only the cancer cells; cancer vaccines that are supposed to help the body fight off infections and prevent cancer; immune checkpoint inhibitors, or medication designed to recognize and attack only the cancer cells; and nonspecific immunotherapy, or treatments that help the immune system although it is not necessarily just to aid in fighting cancer cells.

One of the benefits of immunotherapy include the long-lasting remissions, because the body can be trained to remember to target cancer cells. In fact, the patient can choose to maintain immunotherapy even after the completion of the treatment.

Immunotherapy Works with Different Types of Cancers

Promising results of immunotherapy has helped patients with cancer in the brain, bladder, cervical, breast, colorectal, esophageal, head and/or neck, kidney, bone marrow and lymphatic system (leukemia), lung, liver, ovary, pancreas, prostate, and stomach. Immunotherapy is also beneficial for patients undergoing treatment for melanoma, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, sarcoma, and childhood cancer. The side effects of immunotherapy are generally mild and will not need treatment, unless they develop into severe problems.

Side effects include fever, loss of appetite, muscle pain, weakness, nausea and vomiting, rashes, bruising, and diarrhea. Furthermore, immunotherapy has also been useful in treatment programs for Chron’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Immunotherapy has been shown to help suppress the T-cell differentiation among people with the incurable Chron’s disease, and it can also slow down the progression and damage to the joints and tissues of people with rheumatoid arthritis.

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  • If you think durian qualifies as the king of the weirdest fruits, then you haven’t seen everything yet. Try some of these strange-looking fruits from around the world and decide for yourself.

    Hala Aka Puhala Fruit

    Also called Pandanus tectorius, this fruit is native to some Pacific Islands and parts of Australia and has an unusual shape, texture, and color. Its exterior has green tips that could prick your fingers, but when cut, its interior looks like a miniature cross section of the Earth.

    Horned Melon or Kiwano

    Native to the Kalahari Desert, it’s known as the African horned cucumber, hedged gourd or melon jelly because of its appearance. It has a yellowish exterior with small spikes and when cut open, it has greenish seeds trapped in a green jelly-like substance.

    Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya

    It looks like an oversized pink flower with petals that haven’t fully opened yet, but in its cross section, you will see black several black seeds in a white substance. The plant is a type of cactus that is indigenous to some parts of the Americas.

    Ugli or Uniq Fruit

    Although not as strange-looking as the others on this list, this Jamaican tangelo, is a product of a hybrid of orange, tangerine, and pomelo or grapefruit. No wonder it looks like a misshapen orange.

    Physalis Fruit

    The physalis fruit is encased in a leaf-like lantern-shaped husk and looks like tiny oranges. Compared to the others on this list, the physalis fruit looks good in pictures.

    Jabuticaba Fruit

    It’s not the appearance of the fruit itself that is unusual, but the tree from where it grows. If you have trypophobia, it’s better not to look it up on the Internet.

    Buddha’s Hand

    This fruit looks like the zombie version of a lemon with its segmented sections that look like human fingers.


    This fruit has gained a good reputation among foodies because Mark Twain claimed that it’s the most delicious fruit he ever tried. It looks like a tiny soursop, but without the spikes.

    Medronho Fruit

    The cute little red balls are known as strawberry tree fruits and are made into fruit brandy in Europe.


    These fruits look like stunted eggplants and are native to Africa. It has been part of the native cuisine in Central and West Africa for hundreds of years and can be served fresh or cooked.

    Miracle Fruit

    Also called calabash or miracle berry, the miracle fruit is thought to cure cancer and other diseases although most foodies are more interested in its ability to make sour fruit taste sweet when consumed one after the other.

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  • PlayStation VR, HTV Vive, Windows MR, and Oculus Rift are still a bit too expensive for most gamers, but VR gaming has had a good year in 2019 with an awesome lineup of games that can rival even the other triple A titles. If you are planning to invest in a VR headset this year, you should try these awesome VR games.

    Tetris Effect

    Remember that feeling when you are so immersed in a video game that when you finally go out into the world, you begin to see real-life objects as familiar patterns and shapes from the game? That’s what Tetris Effect is about—breathing life into a classic game and understanding its effects on your brain.

    Beat Saber

    This rhythm games lets you use glowing stick similar to light sabers to slash approaching blocks that represent musical notes. Your score is based on the angle of your swings and your accuracy.

    Red Matter

    It is a puzzle adventure game set in a cold war in a dystopian world. You will take on the role of an astronaut sent to investigate a suspicious research project in a moon.

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission

    Remember The Playroom in PS4? Its popularity has apparently led to the development of this surprisingly good platformer that plays to the strength of the PSVR.

    Firewall: Zero Hour

    First-person shooters are becoming better in the VR platform. This game pits you against other players in teams of four people with the objective of disabling a firewall then hacking the data from the other team.


    In this adventure game, you take on the role of Faerie who wakes up in an orphanage and learns she has the ability to manipulate time or store life energy in her hands. However, if she can find a golden wand, she can drain a person’s life and use it to time travel.

    Vox Machinae

    You get to control a giant mech, called a Grinder, and customize it with different weapons accessories as you are pitted against other grinders.


    A mix of adventure and psychological thriller, this game is surprisingly good in bringing light to family relationships and troubles. You get to traverse the unusual simulation created by Raymond from the perspective of his family.

    Brass Tactics

    This strategy game brings all the wonders of tabletop gaming but in virtual reality. Your objective is to win the war by making the best possible army you can have.


    This racing platformer is quite an experience as you rotate, fly, and jump through different obstacles in the neon city.


    The game introduces the mouse Quill who finds herself in a fantasy land after being sucked into a mysterious book. She learns that the land was being threatened by a snake and that she must save her uncle.


    Interact with virtual toys and discover hidden worlds inside them in this charming puzzle game. It’s quite fun to play with its amazing soundtrack, too.

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  • Many people seem to think that eating a healthy diet automatically means spending more money than you already do on food. But contrary to what people think, this doesn’t actually have to be true. In fact, there are several foods that you can buy for cheap, which means there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make them staples in your weekly groceries.

    Here are the seven foods you should definitely add to the list the next time you go grocery shopping in Singapore:


    Tofu is a versatile ingredient that every kitchen needs to have in their pantry. Whether it’s steamed on its own, stir-fried in vegetable dishes, or added in soups, a healthy helping always helps cut down on cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure.

    Brown rice

    Compared to its polished, white counterpart, brown rice is much richer in nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and fiber. This makes it great not just for those working out or dealing with diabetes, but also for getting as much nutrients as you can while sticking to a minimal calorie intake.


    Not only does yoghurt help regulate blood pressure and prevent stroke thanks to its high protein content, but it also contains all kinds of probiotics that improve your digestion and balance out the healthy microbes in your gut. However, keep in mind that it’s not for everyone – people who have lactose intolerance, for instance, may need to search for other options.

    Chicken breast

    Being a tried and tested source of lean protein for meat-lovers, a single serving of chicken breast is more than enough to keep you full. The best part about chicken breast is that it goes well with all kinds of dishes, whether it’s chicken salad or with whole-grain pasta.


    Grapes not only contain powerful antioxidants that help prevent many different types of cancer, but they also keep your heart healthy by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Grapes can even boost eye health and protect them against various eye-related problems, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and even macular degeneration.

    Soy Milk

    A good alternative for people with lactose intolerance is soy milk. It’s made from soybeans, which not only contains omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to help you lower your blood cholesterol, but also protects your blood vessels and makes them more resilient.


    Watermelon is great for cooling down when it’s hot, but it’s not the only reason why you should have watermelon in your pantry as a staple. Aside from its 91 percent content, watermelon has all kinds of health benefits, from lycopene for heart health to potassium, which keeps calcium for stronger bones.

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  • Whether it’s at school or work in Singapore, you’re always expected to make some kind of presentation one way or another. It could be a speech, a school presentation, a business presentation, and whatever else. One thing is for sure though; you will almost always be nervous before going in front. Even so, there are many ways to get rid of those jitters. Here are only some of them.

    Be prepared for the presentation

    Probably the most obvious thing to do is to be well-prepared for the presentation. Of course, you wouldn’t want to make a speech without really having an idea about what you want to say. But aside from having a fully informative and organized presentation, being prepared can also help you get rid of your nerves. This is simply because it’s easier for you to be more confident if you’re already well-prepared. No matter what gets thrown at you, you don’t need to worry since you already know what you’re talking about.

    Sharpen your own skills

    Another way you can get rid of your nerves is simply to present in public regularly. Practice with your friends, take opportunities to stand up on a stage, just try to expose yourself to that experience as much as you can. You will slowly but surely get used to being in front of a lot of people. Eventually, making presentations will feel like a walk in the park for you. Because you’re already used to it, you already know what to do to avoid mistakes, you’ll know how to keep your audience engaged, and etc.

    Learn from others

    Aside from doing all the presenting you do yourself, you should also take time to sit down and listen to others speak as well. This can be a good way to start if you’re still hesitant about doing all the speaking mentioned in the point above. Listen and observe how others make their presentations or speeches. This doesn’t sound like much help but there are always things you can pick up. For example, you can get a better feel for how the audience generally responds.

    Be excited about the presentation

    While preparing, it would be best to frame a mindset that you’re excited to do your presentation. In essence, you’re turning your nervousness into excitement hence you’re hoping for a good result. When you stay in a positive mood and expect a good outcome, it’s also very likely that things will go that way. Just the same, when you think too much about messing up in the middle of the presentation, it might also happen. Bottom line is, just think positively and don’t worry too much!

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