Plumbing leaks are a threat to your home. They can be quite hazardous and can cause structural damages at most unexpected times. The good thing, however, is that you don’t have to be a master to keep your plumbing system intact. You only need to know the basics, and leave the rest to a professional plumbing contractor. Here are some smart facts about plumbing that will save you from more expensive repairs in the future.

1. Leaks are easy to spot anytime

You may not have an idea of the cause of the leak, but you will certainly know if you have a leak somewhere in your home. With keen eyes and basic knowledge about plumbing services, you should be able to know if there’s a leak in your home. Look out for puddles of water in the basement, rusted pipes and water drops from pipes.

2. Leaky water heaters could mean they’re dead.

This is hard, but true. When the lining of your water heater wears out, you will find water dripping from the base of your heater. This one is quite costly to repair, and you might be forced to get a new one. However, if your warranty is still valid, going back to your manufacturer will save you loads of cash. One simple tip, though: have a professional plumber carry out regular maintenance on your water heater.

3. Learn to read your water meter and water bill

To make sure you’re billed right, always check your usage with each bill and deal with leaks right away. Your water company or your 24 hours plumber like from Singapore can help you read your meter and your bill. If you have questions about your water bill or want the figures stated in your bill explained to you, call the contact number printed on your bill sheet. Your water company should be able to explain to you the details of your billing.

4. A stuffed sink is a common cause

Keep an eye on the area under your sink. Homeowners tend to pack so much in this area with cleaning supplies that it easily gets an out-of-sight-out-of-mind area. What’s worse, the pipes under the sink are used to hang wet rags, which shouldn’t be as it puts pressure on the pipes and may eventually cause the pipes to burst due to extra weight. Make sure you are aware of what’s going on under your sink to ensure that your kitchen sink piping is in its best working condition.

5. It’s possible to fix certain shower leaks yourself

If there’s water dripping from your shower spout, usually the cause is a worn out washer. As long as there’s isolation valves to isolate water supply to that area, fixing this leak should be easy. Isolate the water to the shower, disassemble the handle and take out the worn out washer. Then, replace it with a new one, reinstall and observe the water works with the new washer installed.

6. Faucets don’t last forever

A faucet is the mechanical part of the plumbing system, so eventually it is going to break and leak water from it. Some people do not replace the pre-installed faucet, while others prefer a new one for decorative purpose. There comes a point at which a faucet becomes too corroded and old that it would be difficult to get parts for it. Most of the time, it’s simply a lot cheaper to just install a new one.

7. Wrap pipe to maintain heat

Water pipes outside your home can freeze with very cold temperature when water isn’t used. Fortunately, this isn’t much of a problem for homeowners in Singapore. But for places with cool season that gets extremely cold, pipes can easily freeze. The only time water won’t freeze is when it’s moving, so it is a good idea to leave a few of your faucets slightly open, enough to release a drop of water every few seconds, when away from home for a any length of time. However, this would best if you also insulate the pipes to maintain a bit of warmth.

8. Water pressure also contributes to leaking problems

The maximum water pressure for a residence is 80 psi, and it should maintain a constant pressure to prevent leaks. An easy-to-use water pressure gauge can be used and can be purchased for around S$20. If you don’t know where to find one, you can ask your reliable plumber to get you one or call your water company to provide you with one.

9. It’s crucial to keep gas supply shut off when not in use

Every adult in the house should know how to shut off the gas supply to the home. Educate yourself on the gas supply that comes into your home and in every appliance that’s powered by gas. If there’s problem with a certain appliance, you can save time by shutting off the gas supply at a specific location.

10. Working with a professional is inarguably your safest option

Working with a professional plumbing services company in Singapore with highly trained and experienced plumber is your safest and most accurate plumbing solution. They are the ones who can easily detect the issues and severity of the problems. In case of replacement of parts, these professionals know what to purchase and where to buy the parts for more efficient plumbing works.

Plumbing is among the household subjects that tend to be ignored, until a bigger and inconvenient issue arises. It’s a must to be more hands-on and be educated with your plumbing system, so you can detect a small problem before it becomes an emergency.