We all have that one friend who seems to have her financial act together. She’s the one who knows down to the last penny of her savings, and can explain to you what it means to diversify your investments. This kind of financial mastery doesn’t just happen by accident – if anything, it’s a result of practising good life habits. The good news is with just a little focus and effort, you can also practise these habits into your own life. Here, we listed down some of the things that every financially smart woman does so she stays financially responsible.

1. She Knows Her Net Worth
A person’s net worth is the key measure of his or her financial health. But while it’s not the only thing that matters, it’s certainly one of the ways to monitor your progress toward your personal financial goals. Doing a few minutes of calculation every month will give you an accurate view of your overall financial status. Are your planning to invest on a new home, or setting yourself up well for your retirement? If so, then you’ll want to know if you’re moving your savings toward the right assets, and if your debt balances are not eating away at your savings.

2. She Creates a Weekly Budget
Budgeting can actually be a great financial tool when it’s done frequently. While it seems easiest to just sit down and plan your budget several times a year, financially smart ladies make budgeting a part of their weekly routine. So get into the habit of looking at your account balances every week – especially, where and how your money is spent. Course correcting your financial goals will be much easier if you’re routinely checking on these indicators.

3. She Keeps Her Lifestyle in Check
Financially smart women are the ones who always have that admirable self-restraint when it comes to purchasing things that they don’t really need. It may seem basic, but little purchases you make could accumulate over time and chip away at your overall financial security. This happens mostly when you start to earn extra money, so be conscious of it around unexpected raises and promotions. If possible, take advantage of your year-end credit card statements as it often breaks out the categories in which you spend your money.

4. She Strategically Deals With Her Debts
It’s impossible to get starts in life debt-free, which is why having a good strategy to manage your debts is essential. This means paying off the highest interest credit cards first, or creating a plan to start with the little bills and then rolling towards the biggest debts over time. Whatever plan you have, make it a habit to review your overall liabilities regularly, while keeping tabs on the variable interest rates on a monthly basis.

Becoming a money savvy girl isn’t as difficult as you think. In fact, simply following and practising the aforementioned habits is already enough to turn you into a financially responsible individual.