Maybe the most important program for you on your PC is your favourite game, but what about the supporting apps that help the game running? Keep your PC system and programs efficiently running by installing some of these best apps for PC gaming units.


Avira – Online gaming has greater risks in getting viruses and worms from external sources. Reduce or eliminate this risk by installing Avira Antivirus software that removes any form of malware and protects your gaming unit from the strains of worms, Trojans viruses, and more.

CCleaner – Another best app your PC should have. CCleaner has always been the best tool for cleaning and sorting out Windows registry. It removes unused files, freeing up hardware space and allowing your system to run faster. It also wipes away traces of online history and other irrelevant information stored in your PC in just a matter of seconds.

Core Temp – Keep an eye on your processor’s temperature by using Core Temp. Core Temp is a small, no fuss PC app that is capable of displaying individual temperature of your processor’s cores.  You can see rise and fall of temperature that could explain why at some moments your game slows down.

Fraps – Fraps is a tool for recording videos or taking screenshots of your favourite gaming exploits. Take screen shots without the need to paste into your PC’s paint program, or record your winning moves with its outstanding video resolution of up to 7680×4800.

Recuva – Your computer crashed and lost some important files? Accidentally deleted installers and other essential data? No problem. Recuva will help recover deleted and lost files from your PC, mp3 camera, or digital camera card. It’s a PC app that gamers will find helpful at some point.