Are you planning to celebrate white Christmas and explore the winter wonderland outside Singapore? One of your plans is probably to go skiing. To be sure that you’re first run is going to be fun, here are some basics to keep in mind before hitting the snowy slopes.

1. Pile on layers and layers of clothing
Beginners tend to under-dress, leaving them freezing and miserable—instead of having fun—skiing in the snow. To get yourself comfortable in the cold, pile on layers of clothing. Start with a body hugging base that’s made of polyester or merino wool for your top and bottom to help trap warmth and wick away any moisture. Over the base, layer a looser clothing—a turtleneck, shirt, vest or a sweater—that allows air to freely flow in and out. Skip the cotton layers for your top and bottom. They aren’t warm and stay wet forever if you’re sweating inside.

2. Drink a liter of water every two hours
Skiing at high altitudes, where cold air is extremely dry and oxygen is reduced, makes you lose twice as much fluid from your body just by breathing—and consider you’re breathing heavily when doing extreme activities like skiing. Expert skiers and trainers always stress out to drink at least a liter of water every two hours. It may sound a lot, but at least try to chug down two glasses of water every time you eat something. If skiing for more than two hours, we recommend rehydrating with sports drink.

3. Warm up by doing some stretches
Don’t start stiff. Just like any other exercise, the more flexible you are, the more you’ll decrease chances of injury. Do not just bend left and right. Make big moves while you’re doing something. When walking, try doing walking lunges to stretch your legs, hamstrings and hips. Extend your arms and rotate your shoulders to prep them up for arm works later on.

4. Learn from the experts
Unless your beau or your friend is an expert skier or is a ski trainer, you’re likely to pick up their bad technique if you let them teach you. Taking it from the experts ensures that you’ll get off to a good start. With a professional instructor, you’ll be able to work on your strengths and deficiencies. Some of the advices you’ll probably hear from your trainer are the placing of your weight for better control and balance and how far should you be looking ahead to avoid surprises while skiing.

5. Slather on plenty of SPF
It might be winter, but the sun is still as strong as summer. Before skiing, make sure to slather some sunscreen that offers an SPF of 30 or higher. Pay special attention to areas of the body that’s exposed to sunlight, such as your face, neck and the nape of your neck.

Spending Christmas in winter wonderland isn’t complete without a skiing. Make sure your first try is a fun and memorable one with these tips.