Apple has recently unveiled its latest iPhone models—6s and 6s plus—with a whole bunch of breath-taking features that have certainly up the notch of today’s smartphones. What are these excellent features that have beaten some of LG’s and Samsung’s bests? Let’s together find out.


  1. 12MP Camera

Apple has finally smashed the 8MP barrier and reclaim the top-smartphone-camera crown with the 6s and 6s plus’ 12MP camera. The sensor now has 50 percent more focus pixels, which results to more accurate colour display.

  1. More Powerful Processor

With the new iPhone’s A9 processor, you can expect 70% faster phone performance, while 90% faster GPU. With all these power, Apple must have up their battery game as well, but that’s something we’re waiting for reviews on.

  1. The iOS9

This comes as no surprise—both of iPhone’s latest models run the best and latest version of Apple’s OS. New features to check out include Apple News, Apple Map’s transit, and the always-on Siri.

  1. The 3D Touch

Unlike the older Apple phones which recognize pinches, swipes, and taps; the new Apple phones are equipped with 3D touch, allowing the user to press the screen with different force level to execute different commands. The new feature works in two functions: (1) peek, which allows you to briefly look into something; and (2) pop, which makes a new fully functional menu.


  1. Live Photo Capturing

When the new iPhone captures a photo, it also records a brief video of it automatically in the background. Force touch a photo in the camera roll, and you can view the brief video of it. How awesome is that!

  1. Faster Touch ID Sensor

Apple’s new Touch ID sensor is said to be twice as fast as the sensor in the older iPhones. Apple’s first-gen fingerprint scanner already is better than any other mobile sensors out there, so it seems like an experience to behold the faster second-generation version.

Apple has indeed made another milestone with its latest iPhones. With these amazing features—and a cluster more of others—Apple has certainly redefine smartphone experience.