Choosing the photographer who will document your wedding is its own style decision – just like in picking the colour motif of your wedding, your venue, or your bridal boutique. While it can be quite confusing to choose a wedding photography style you’d like to settle on, learning more about each style will certainly help you decide on which one to go for.


1. Digital Photography. The very first decision you need to make in choosing your photography style is whether you’ll go with digital or film (or a good mix of both). Compared to film, digital photography like those from the reputed white link bridal studio in Singapore are preferred by bride- and groom-to-be’s. With digital, you’ll be able to see your wedding snaps just a couple of days after your wedding depending on how fast your Korean wedding photographer works. Also, digital cameras can be used in places with extremely low lighting, which is great if you’re planning to schedule your shoot or wedding late in the afternoon.

Unlike in film, your photographers will now be able to preview some shots on the camera’s display screen and adjust accordingly on his next shots. Through this, digital photographers are able to push their creative boundaries sans the limits of film and provide you with lots of stunning wedding snaps that you can put together in your wedding album. You also wouldn’t have a hard time looking for a digital photography package since each bridal studio also offer this kind of photography style.

2. Film Photography. Film is another good, but laborious, way of taking wedding photos. Images captured using this style have an organic and soft quality in them. Compared with digital, film has a better shooting range from the highlights down to the shadows. However, using film to photograph events like wedding take a lot of work on your photographer’s part – and money on your part. In addition to purchasing film rolls needed for photoshoots, editing and processing images taken with film also takes a lot of time.

Despite that, there are still a handful of wedding photographers in Singapore who offer this kind of services for clients who want to have film for their Korean wedding photography style.

3. Classic Photography. Once you’ve solved your film versus digital dilemma, it’s now time to consider the look you’ll give your photos. Just like what you see in your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding album, classic-looking images are those that stand the test of time – they’re gorgeous, striking and a bit formal. These photos simply reflect reality, but are also infused with the photographer’s artistic sense. They do this while they capture random moments in your wedding and think about what they can possibly create out of those ordinary moments.

This style looks best when things are captured naturally. So if you’re looking into giving the classic look to your Korean pre-wedding and wedding snaps, simply let your Korean pre-wedding photographer know that you want to have a rather modern take on the classic wedding photos that you’ve seen for years.

4. Artistic Photography. These days, wedding photos are no longer taken with the couple looking straight in the camera and in full frame. With the birth of Pinterest, making your pre-wedding and wedding photos look more artistic and unique has now become easier and simpler.


All you’ve got to do is think of a unique motif, suggest it to your photographer and brainstorm about the details of your shoot. However, a great deal of intervention from the photographer is often needed in order to turn the simple snaps of your wedding into a personalised and superb one.

5. Lifestyle Photography. Simply put, lifestyle photography is photojournalism redefined. It is candid, but is done with some styling and direction, which gives a rather relaxed and approachable feel to the end product. In this kind of shoot, your photographer won’t just look for the best moments of the ceremony, he’ll also set the whole scene and capture as candidly as possible.

6. Dramatic Photography. In this photography style, lighting plays an important role in creating the drama in the photos. For your shoot, ensure that your Korean pre-wedding photographer is capable of creating his own light in case the sun won’t cooperate on your shooting and wedding day. Remember that anyone can take good photos, but a true professional is someone who can consistently take great photos throughout your wedding day. Also, don’t forget to show one or two wedding photoshoot samples that are quite similar to what you’re planning to achieve to your photographer so that he’ll get a better idea of how he should take photos of your big day.

7. Documentary Photography. Rather than highly styled or posed shots, documentary photography captures candid and spontaneous photos of people, action and décor. Most of the time, your photographer will stay in the background while capturing some good shots of the different moments of your wedding.

Very little to no posing or organizing of the newlyweds and guests are done at this shoot, which is why this photography style is increasingly popular among brides these days. Documentary photography surely has a great deal to offer, but just like any photography style it also has its own set of drawbacks and one of which is not being sure as to what result you may get in the end.

Each wedding photography style has its own charm and appeal that goes well with any wedding shoot theme. Now that you have a better understand of each style, it’s now up to you to decide as to which photography style you’d want to use for your wedding photoshoot.