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Starting and making a property management business grow is not that easy. You need to consider a lot of things when you’re planning on getting into this kind of business. So here are some tips that can possibly help you with your business:

1. Increase your publicity
It is a very important part of any type of business out there, which includes property management too. To make your business grow more, you need to learn to market it. Get into the new trend, which is creating a Facebook page, a website for your business or even a blog. You can also send some write-ups about your business to some local press in Singapore. These things can help in attracting the attention of the people towards your business.

2. Get into social networking sites
Since it has already become a trend in any business nowadays, get into social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Create pages or accounts in the said sites and promote your business there. Write about your business, what it can offer to your potential clients, your target market and what your clients would like to know. Being active in social networking sites where people find out information like where to get good condo property management in Singapore can help in increasing your publicity and might even open bigger opportunities for you.

3. Treat the expenses in your business as investments
This is important since you will be maintaining your property and spending a little amount to improve it can actually be beneficial for you in the long run. If you’re planning on modernizing your equipments or appliances, go for the better version since it will possibly last longer and would also attract potential clients. So, don’t just go cutting your expenses when you think it’s too much since spending a little more will probably help in reducing your problems with future maintenance needs.

4. Look at things from your client’s eyes
The best way to sell yourself or your business to your potential clients is to look know what they really want from you. View things as if you are the client and think of things that you would want to get. Keeping the question “How would I want my estate to be like?” in mind would probably become helpful in knowing what your client really wants.

5. Expand your revenues sources
When looking for new revenue sources, you might as well want to be creative right? If your business in Singapore is in a form of a commercial property in then why don’t you try putting up business centers in it or if it’s a residential property, try setting up caretaker services. It’s just all about the approach and gimmick that you will use to get more revenues for your business.

You can actually try out other ways to make your business grow, like trying new trends fit for your business. It would just be up to your technique as to how you can gain publicity and attract potential clients for your business.

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  • In an enterprise, challenges are natural. Do you remember the feeling when you were starting? It was difficult but if you surpassed it, you will surely endure many others that will come your way. The founder of the Bliss Restaurant who won the 2013 President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Award also felt some bumps along the way. Ms. Christine Low’s establishment was commended because of its social mission. Her business is employing people with intellectual and physical disabilities.


    She put up a new outlet at Jalan Besar but she admitted that she needs more knowledge to be more successful. She hopes to get some insights and ideas to sharpen her entrepreneurial skills and business operations with the help of Social Enterprise Mentoring Programme. The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSFD) piloted this programme.

    Here’s what you need to know about Social Enterprise Mentoring Programme:

    Nature of the Programme

    The programme seeks to assist social enterprises when it comes to managing business operations and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. You should know that the programme is made possible by Empact Pte Ltd and Social Enterprise Association. MSF is positive that the corporate professionals and the social enterprise entrepreneurs will share skills that can help each one. With this mentoring programme, MSF is hopeful that social impact will be increased.

    The Process

    The mentorship programme commenced in December 2013. It included five social enterprises. These social enterprises will be mentored by businessmen and corporate executives. The social enterprises need to complete 8 months of mentoring. During these months, mentors will teach social enterprises strategic planning, business development, marketing and other crucial areas to be successful. The mentors are expected to commit time (at least once a month) with their mentee (the social enterprises) to talk and address any struggles and challenges that they encountered.

    Looking Forward

    Remember that this is only a pilot programme. Not all social enterprises are given the chance to be mentored as of the moment. As mentioned earlier, 5 social enterprises were identified to start this programme. The results will be evaluated and reviewed in July 2014. If it is successful, the programme might be expanded to help many social entrepreneurs. That is something to look forward to.

    This mentoring programme is no doubt a big help to social enterprises. If the programme should expand, other social enterprises should grab the opportunities to be taught for the sake of their workforce who are mostly intellectual and physical disabilities. This programme only seeks to help social enterprises and it will remain that way.

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  • A business broker is an agent who is an expert in the complexities of buying and selling small, privately-held businesses. Basically, the broker acts as a buffer or intermediary between the seller of a Singapore business and its buyer. As the negotiator in the process, the broker plays a vital role in the business transaction. He gives certain pieces of information to the buyer as well as particular details to the seller, thus stirring up an informative discussion between the two parties.


    Services Rendered by a Business Broker

    In a negotiation process, the Singapore broker can act as a spokesperson for the buyer and tell the seller if the price is too high or demanding. Then after discussing certain important points with the seller, the broker like Eton sell business in Singapore then relays to the buyer the relevant points that were discussed. In the big picture, the broker is the one who helps in coming up with a business plan that will be beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.

    Buyers Benefit from the Services of a Broker

    If you are a businessman whose wants to buy an existing businesses, a Singapore business broker can help you in narrow down your search based on your preference and capacities. These experts assist you in looking for a business that will be most beneficial to you according to established parameters within the industry. These include business site, type of industry and size of the market. Brokers usually charge their clients with 5 to 10% of the total buying price. However, this amount is justified considering their expertise in the complex world of business.


    Why Brokers are Important to Sellers

    With the services provided by a business broker, businessmen can have the assurance that only important people can gain access to the confidential or private details of their company. Brokers are experts in the multi-faceted field of Singapore business that help business sellers recognize only those buyers who are serious in their intent in buying businesses. In this way, the possibility of being victims of spams and fraud dealers is significantly reduced.

    The services of a business broker are of much importance in the business industry. They assist in pre-screening businesses, help buyers and sellers identify their interests, and compromise both sides in order to come up with the best results.

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  • 4 Popular Souvenirs from Singapore

    Every time we go on a short trip to a new city or country, we always see to it that we take home something that we can give to our family and friends. Here are some souvenir ideas if you ever spend some time in the Lion City.

    Fine City T-Shirts


    “The Fine City” t-shirts are largely available at the country’s souvenir shops. It is called as such because the t-shirt design is all about the prohibited activities in the country, such as “No Chewing Gum”, “No Littering”, and “No Flower-Picking”. We all know that Singapore government is very strict when it comes to cleanliness and order.

    Traditional Singapore Clothing


    Aside from “The Fine City” and other bargain tees at the Bugis Street Market, you may also want to buy some traditional Singaporean clothing at Chinatown. Popular choices include cotton shirts with Chinese characters embroidery, replicas of the sarong kebaya, and the Chinese cheongsam or the tight-fitting dresses.

    Spices for Singaporean Food


    Typically, a souvenir will remind us of the place where we’ve been to or our total experience when we were there. Also, when we hear the word “souvenir”, we all think of something that is locally made. Since Singapore is widely known for its palatable cuisine, you might also want to bring home some spices used in making famous Singapore food, such as chilli crab, laksa, bak kut teh, and Hainanese chicken rice.

    Anything with the Merlion


    The Merlion is perhaps the most famous icon of Singapore. This mythical creature that is half-lion and half-mermaid comes in a wide variety of keepsakes, including playing cards, fridge magnets, plush toys, and statuettes.

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  • How IT Services Changed Business

    Information technology (IT) services have greatly influenced our day-to-day lives. It brought so many developments to Singapore businesses and individuals. IT services such as internet, computers, mobile phones, etc., have enhanced our way of living, and for business, enhanced profitability. So what are other changes brought by IT services to the business world? Let’s find out.

    Foster Better Collaboration
    Telecommunication, internet communication and IT software enable and changed the way Singapore-based businesses work, share information and interact clients around the world. With the aid of IT services, business establishments with manufacturing facilities and offices from different geographical zones and locations can now assist their employees and staff members to work simultaneously on projects which Dynatech IT services in Singapore helps companies to implement. By using workgroup systems and collaborative software, the company can foster better collaboration and encourage active social interactions.

    Increase Communication Capabilities
    Web-based technologies and internet has increased the working capabilities of IT systems and computers in Singapore, which Dynatech IT services in Singapore will help assist with. Executives and workers with computer units that are connected to a Web-enabled network can help each other by communicating with one another in doing business works and projects. With Dynatech IT services in Singapore, businesses can utilize internet accessible apparatuses and new-generation tools such as social media networks and wikis in facilitating and communicating with business partners, government regulators, vendors, clients, and other shareholders. Things have changed.

    Data Management
    Small and big business establishments produce huge amount of data and statistics on a daily manner. Deploying IT services software such as management information software, data-processing, and information management related technologies can help establishments manage, and store gigabytes and terabytes of data. Information classification, management and processing are very vital in the decision making and operational efficiency of an organization.

    Enhance Productivity
    IT services and technologies can be utilized to mechanize fundamental business activities, functions and operations. Businesses need to invest on workstations, laptops, notebook computers, desktop computers, minicomputers and best-quality servers to host organizational functions and tasks. Computing applications, software, networking and other IT service tools mounted in computer units can help staff and workers to do businesses in fast and efficient way to attain business-defined goals which has changed business from the past.

    Effective Communication Value
    The Internet is said to be the most significant and chief network recognized today. This IT service is constantly developing, as businesses and organization computers and networks quickly growing its number. The connection of millions of network switches, routers and other internet-related tools provide the means of communication for hundreds and thousands of computer users around the world. Big population of these computer owners are from business establishments, universities and other group organizations that need to constantly communicate with their executives, partners, workers and team mates. The Internet is also a venue for e-commerce supporting the consumers to buy products straight from the online vendor.

    IT services have become a part of our lives. It has improved how one manages his business, how he communicates with clients and business partners, and how he sells and buys goods. As the number of people using IT systems is rapidly growing, companies and businesses that do not adapt to these advancements will never progress.

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  • How often should you go for a health-screening test? With such, it may vary in accordance to different individuals. Every one might have been at higher risk factors because of their family history of a certain condition. You need to consult your family doctor in order to help you with your needs in terms of screening thoroughly in order to fully evaluate your options. Generally in Singapore, people who are above 40 years old should annually undergo health screening.

    On the other hand, if you are thinking about the options you can consider, well, there have been health-screening packages that being offered around certain clinics. You could go for screenings for diabetes, gout, kidney and liver function and even with cholesterol screening. People may also get diseases specific on certain factors. Women, for example, may have cervical cancer, while men get prostate cancer. Apart from those, if you are thinking about the good benefits of health screening packages, here they are:

    You can be aware – your awareness would be awakened if you consider getting health screening tests, which is why executive health screening Singapore is required by many companies here. Well, the simplest explanation for this thing is that you would have the idea of what health problems you may experience for the future years of your life. With these tests, your doctor could determine imbalances and abnormalities upon your body that may cause you stern health related issues. Keep in mind that your awareness would only be the only thing that could save you from future problems.

    Save – of course, when you are aware, you are able to control and handle yourself, so as your future health problem. This works the same with saving. Keep in mind, if your future condition would be left untreated by not taking health screening, it would be a little hard thing for you to sustain everything you will need for medication. You might even break your bank just to sustain your medical needs. Unlike if you control yourself and handle your health today, you would simply see a very big difference than of what you can spend for the future.

    Less of burden – Well, no one in Singapore wants to suffer for any sort of excruciating and uncontrollable pain. So, if you don’t want to get your life into a burden situation, it would be best for you to consider getting on health screening packages. Employers also help their workers avoid this by recommending the more specific corporate health screening.

    So, if you would like to help yourself out and be able to get those benefits mentioned above, considering taking health screening tests would be the best thing that you could do. So, what are you waiting for? We advise all men and women to get into the nearest clinic and have the screening test now. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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  • When you have loads of house painting to do, whether it is the interior part or the exterior part of your house in Singapore, it may be a really big project to work on yourself hence it may be better to engage a painting services company. You might not have sufficient time for the completion or do not have the confidence to do it, hiring a professional painter is the best solution.


    Before you hire a Singapore painting services contractor, you should know some things. Before thinking of hiring a contractor, you must obtain the price quote as a very first step. Always get it in the form of a written contract so that there is no tendency of any changes afterwards. This will help to guard you from being charged beyond the limitations by the contractor.


    Get yourself an estimation of the time needed to accomplish the project before it starts, and get that thing written too. Having your Singapore house painted by a painting services contractor from the inside and the outside can be really hectic. It means that you may have to stay out of the house or even move your furniture away. If the outside is being painted it can make your house look messed up if it sits around for some time with only being half finished.

    Painting white wall with green paint


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