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The world certainly has changed after the proliferation of social networking sites. Twitter and Facebook became a ‘hang-out’ place in the cyberspace, while Pinterest and Instagram embodied virtual shopping centres. But aside from serving as a means of communication with your family and friends, social media also became an avenue to get a job and earn money. We listed down some career options that a social media-savvy person like you could earn a living from.

1. Social Media Strategist

More commonly known as a social media specialist, a social media strategist is someone who monitors the latest trends on social media and thinks of ways on how companies can incorporate these trends into their business strategies. Being a social media strategist requires an excellent knowledge of popular social media platforms, as well as a multitude of other skills like superb communication skills and team management.

2. Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer could mean a lot of things, but this job typically involves someone with a huge social media following and is highly engaged with his or her audience. To be an effective “influencer”, first you need to establish yourself on the interwebs. Then you need to develop great interpersonal skills and an ability to create unique content (i.e. stories and videos).

3. Copywriter

Whether its updates for Twitter and Facebook, website copy or blog posts, there’s always a high demand for skilled writers. Although no formal qualifications are necessary to become a copywriter, some organizations in Singapore tend to favour applicants with previous experiences in writing for various purposes and mediums. To increase your chances of landing a copywriting job, practice your writing skills through running an online blog.

4. Online Community Manager

Establishing a brand online isn’t easy, which is why social media-savvy individuals have an advantage at securing this position. As a community manager, you basically become the face of the company – you handle everything from content creation, social media marketing, and even client relations. Although this role tends to be data focused, you also need to have a strong emotional intelligence to veer negative comments in a way that places the company in a positive light.

5. Marketing Communications Director

Applied your social media skills on your previous jobs? Then becoming a marketing communications director could be the next big step in your career. Think of this job as a combination of an online community manager and a marketing consultant. In some companies, however, a marketing communications director is also tasked to handle email marketing, web design and SEO. Since you’ll be in-charge of the traditional and modern marketing campaigns, it’s also crucial that you possess strong analytical and communication skills.

If you want to generate a substantial income from through social media, then it’s definitely worth looking into any of these career options. Simply establish important connections and show your initiative, and none of these jobs will be out of your reach.

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  • Best At-Home Jobs to Apply For


    Looking for jobs you can do from home used to be like scanning the classified ads section for offers to get rich by stuffing envelopes. Today, exposure to at-home employment has greatly expanded, and endless options of at-home jobs are just a click away. If you want more flex in your work life—matched with good pay, here are some at-home jobs to consider applying for.


    1. Bilingual Technical Advisor

    These professionals provide direction and technical advice to clients over the phone to help keep the business running. Depending on a company’s clientele needs, technical advisor positions are available for day, evening, or graveyard shifts, making this job flexible for individuals with excellent tech knowledge and customer service skill.

    1. How-To-Video Maker

    Are you fund of DIY projects, or cooking, or even creating gorgeous makeup looks? Why not film it and turn it into profit? As simple as signing up for a free account in Youtube, you can share your knowledge while gaining profit in return. Film and upload videos of you demonstrating how you work your magic. Once the video is uploaded enrol to Youtube’s partner program. The site will then place attach ads in or near your videos, and you’ll be paid from the ads themselves.


    1. Telephone Nurse

    This profession may be uncommon, but housewives with nursing degree can earn significantly through this job. Health insurers and other health management institutions hire remote nurses to do duties like treatment authorization, patient education, and case management.

    1. Search Engine Evaluator

    Companies like Yahoo! And Google provide information for you to search for, and you report to them how closely their provided results match what you’re searching for. If you’re Chinese, for instance, you might be asked to search how an average Chinese might do a search in English. Work hours vary between 10 to 25 hours per week.

    Working from home can be the most convenient way of earning. If you dislike the idea of having to drive to a workplace every single day or you have little kids to attend to, there’s no better way to do it than getting an at-home job. All you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection, some basic interpersonal skills and a positive attitude.


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  • When was the last time you checked and updated your curriculum vitae? If it has been more than a year already, then you ought to check on it and make some necessary changes from the last time you edited it. Has it been three years since you switched companies? What computer programs and skills have you mastered in those years other than Microsoft Office? While you’re at the momentum of updating your CV, here are other changes that are worth applying in your résumé as well.

    Curriculum vitae written on typewriter

    1. Opt for Readable Fonts. Understand that most prospective employers don’t have the time to thoroughly read résumés, so if yours is quite hard to read then don’t expect to be called back. When creating or updating your CV, it’s also important to consider the right font to use other than your résumé’s content alone. Opt for clear and readable fonts like Arial, Calibri, Helvetica and Times New Roman in creating your résumé.
    1. Ditch the Useless Headings. A good way to improve your résumé is to maximize every space on it. So if you won’t be writing down a relevant career objective or your actual references, then use the extra spaces to write about your new skills and accomplishments. This way, you get to include important and new details from your last job in your CV.

    Curriculum Vitae

    1. Place “Experience” Section above “Education”. Unless you’re a fresh graduate, it would be more logical to place your work experience first. This way, you’d be able to catch the eye of your prospective employer right from the get-go.
    1. List Your Accomplishments. These days, writing down your job description is no longer enough to convince your prospective employer to hire you. If you want to stand out from your fellow applicants, clearly state all the accomplishments you made from your last company. Be it making their operations system more efficient, or increasing their sales by 50 percent.
    1. Use Action Words. Another way to improve your résumé is by ditching the passive tenses and start using action verbs. For instance, instead of just saying “was in charge of the design for Project DEF,” you can write down “designed so-and-so for Project DEF.”

    Other than preparing yourself for an interview, it’s also important that you make your résumé as appealing as possible to your prospective employers as it serves as your ticket for getting the job that you want. So start updating your CV now and turn it into one killer résumé that will help you land your dream job.


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  • Orthodontist Salary

    In Singapore, there are a lot of people who are taking care of their dentition. As a matter of fact, they are regularly going to a dental clinic to have some dental check-up. A dental examination is also one method of taking care of the teeth. Every six months, there is really a need for a person to see an orthodontist.


    On the other hand, whether you like it or not, orthodontist is one of the highest paying jobs in the world. This is because they are like doctors who will need to obtain long years of education in order to get the license or the certification they long wanted. In fact, they spend more or less 12 years of education to give full service to their patients.

    The average salary of an orthodontist depends on the company size, years of experience, location and most especially, level of education. As reported, the annual wage of a dental specialist is between $180,000 to $250,000 or in hourly basis, $40 per hour. As a matter of fact, their yearly pay is higher than company managers and CEO’s but it differs in every nation.


    Aside from their earnings, these tooth doctors also have several benefits which include healthcare, social security contributions, pension and bonuses. Most of the time, orthodontists tend to work forty-hours per week. However, there are rare instances that they need to work overtime especially when there is an emergency. On the other hand, teeth experts who owns a dental clinic can work any time they like.


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