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If you think durian qualifies as the king of the weirdest fruits, then you haven’t seen everything yet. Try some of these strange-looking fruits from around the world and decide for yourself.

Hala Aka Puhala Fruit

Also called Pandanus tectorius, this fruit is native to some Pacific Islands and parts of Australia and has an unusual shape, texture, and color. Its exterior has green tips that could prick your fingers, but when cut, its interior looks like a miniature cross section of the Earth.

Horned Melon or Kiwano

Native to the Kalahari Desert, it’s known as the African horned cucumber, hedged gourd or melon jelly because of its appearance. It has a yellowish exterior with small spikes and when cut open, it has greenish seeds trapped in a green jelly-like substance.

Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya

It looks like an oversized pink flower with petals that haven’t fully opened yet, but in its cross section, you will see black several black seeds in a white substance. The plant is a type of cactus that is indigenous to some parts of the Americas.

Ugli or Uniq Fruit

Although not as strange-looking as the others on this list, this Jamaican tangelo, is a product of a hybrid of orange, tangerine, and pomelo or grapefruit. No wonder it looks like a misshapen orange.

Physalis Fruit

The physalis fruit is encased in a leaf-like lantern-shaped husk and looks like tiny oranges. Compared to the others on this list, the physalis fruit looks good in pictures.

Jabuticaba Fruit

It’s not the appearance of the fruit itself that is unusual, but the tree from where it grows. If you have trypophobia, it’s better not to look it up on the Internet.

Buddha’s Hand

This fruit looks like the zombie version of a lemon with its segmented sections that look like human fingers.


This fruit has gained a good reputation among foodies because Mark Twain claimed that it’s the most delicious fruit he ever tried. It looks like a tiny soursop, but without the spikes.

Medronho Fruit

The cute little red balls are known as strawberry tree fruits and are made into fruit brandy in Europe.


These fruits look like stunted eggplants and are native to Africa. It has been part of the native cuisine in Central and West Africa for hundreds of years and can be served fresh or cooked.

Miracle Fruit

Also called calabash or miracle berry, the miracle fruit is thought to cure cancer and other diseases although most foodies are more interested in its ability to make sour fruit taste sweet when consumed one after the other.

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  • Delicious Prawns and Other Seafood

    Many food places in Singapore are visited by many tourists. In fact, most of the tourist in the country spends dollars just to eat at their favorite restaurants that serve the signature dishes in the “Lion City.” On the other hand, it is evident to many people most especially foreign individuals that they want and exciting and a thrilling experience so that they can keep those as memories. Also, their experience will be very memorable making them return back to the country.


    Since there are so many eating places in the country, people opt to choose the one that is affordable and a place that is worth their pay. One of that is that extraordinary adventure that Big Splash restaurant has. With its uniqueness in other food banks, it is visited by many local and tourist just to experience eating the prawns you catch.


    Get a fishing rod and Serve Prawns

    If you want adventure before you eat, go to Big Splash. Here, you will have bold and exploratory experience wherein you will find plenty of seafood. The main dish here is prawn but the turning point here is that, you are given the experience to catch them by your own hands. They have a pond at the center of their restaurant. This is where customers catch prawns and after an exciting experience, you can rest and wait for the prawns to get cooked. Now, you don’t have any doubt if the prawns are fresh or not.


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  • Singapore is truly blessed when it comes to dishes. In fact, there are a lot of foods in the country and this is because of the invasion of many immigrants such as Malays, British, Chinese and Indians. During their stay in the country they leave some of their recipes which are now being followed by many Singaporeans and are served in all food houses in the city.


    One of the favorite foods of every Singaporean is Rendang – a dish that is closely similar to curry that is made from beef and mixed with different spices and coconut milk. The ingredients are being boiled until the meat of the beef will become tender and the sauce or its gravy is absorbed. Aside from beef meat, other meats like lamb and chicken can also be a great ingredient to the dish.


    For its meat coating, spices such as galangal, ginger, lemongrass, garlic, chilies and turmeric are only few of the many spices that will be used for the spice mixture. On the other hand, coconut milk is an added flavor of Rendang but the preparation of coconut milk will take several hours. For a much tastier Rendang, you can left it overnight so that the mixture would fully suck up into the meat.

    In Singapore, it is a tradition that Rendang is served as a food to respect and honor the guest. If you want one, plan ahead of time because it is very difficult to find Rendang because it is rarely found in the country.


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  • Originally, Roti prata was a kind of food that came from India and Pakistan. It is said that the mentioned countries developed the original ingredients for Roti Prata after it became a Singaporean favorite. Ideally, Roti Prata is a combination of two words: Roti which means “bread” and Prata which means “flat”.


    This is a recipe that is made of delicate and sweet dough that is typically served with a plain curry or locally known as dhal. In addition, it has different toppings of sweet-flavored goods such as chocolate, banana, cheese, ice cream and any of your desired sweets. In Singapore, it is a perfect food in the morning. However, it is a must-try during dinner. Usually, Roti Prata – as what is practiced by the locals – is munched with a few sprinkle of sugar to bring out its delightful flavor.

    Remember that Roti Prata is a sweet dish. So, expect a lip-smacking and finger licking feeling after tasting its delicious taste. Forget about eating it using spoon and fork because it is much better if you eat this using your bare hands. Dip it into a fish-based curry and in that way, you will understand why it is described as a finger-licking pancake.


    In different food stalls in the beautiful city of Singapore, there are also distinctive textures and flavors of Roti Prata. However, its crunchy and chewy taste is present all throughout Singapore. Also, you don’t have to worry if you are having a hard time looking for it because all Singaporeans are proud with their dishes.


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