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Once a bone is fractured or broken, all the systems of our body aids in repairing it – cells and tissues multiply, hormones are released and antioxidants and amino acids come into play. Although healing a fractured or a broken bone often takes a lot of time and energy, doing these natural ways will definitely help in speeding up the recovery of a broken bone.


  1. Consume More Calcium-Rich Food

Increasing your calcium intake through eating more dairy products and green leafy vegetables is one way of speeding up the recovery process of your broken bone. Some studies have shown, however, that in order to benefit from calcium-rich foods, you also need to consume a hefty amount of foods rich in magnesium. So make sure that you include a good amount of fermented dairy products and leafy greens like spinach and cabbage to your diet.

  1. Incorporate Mineral-Rich Food to Your Diet

Other than calcium, our bones are made up of 70 percent minerals, which is why increasing your mineral intake is crucial to quickly heal your broken bone. So make sure that you consume a healthy diet loaded with lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods rich in calcium to speed up the recovery process of your bones.

  1. Increase Your Caloric Intake

A study done by a group of health experts in Singapore revealed that the recovery period of a broken bone can be sped up by increasing your daily caloric consumption thrice as your normal intake. Your metabolism works overtime to repair your bones, so it’d be beneficial to up your calorie consumption to 6,000 calories each day. Making sure that your body is loaded with these calories will surely help in speeding up your healing process.


  1. Exercise Regularly

Aside from indulging on a healthy diet, exercising regularly also helps in enhancing the healing process of your bone through regeneration. Working out restores the structural strength of your bone once it’s fully healed. It also promotes better blood circulation, which aids in replenishing the nutrients into the area of the broken bone. Just remember though, that exercises should only be performed in the surrounding joints to avoid further damaging your bone.

  1. Apply Essential Oils

Applying essential oils like fir needle, helichrysum and cypress regularly also aids in quickly healing a broken bone. Helichrysum repairs the damaged nerve cell tissues, while cypress improves circulation and fir needle speeds up bone repair.

Quickly recovering from a broken bone can be made possible if you just consume the right food and perform the right exercises. So make sure that you put these tips to work so you could a faster recovery from a broken bone.


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    Cucumber water is definitely one drink you’ll want to consider the next time you feel thirsty. Not only will it quench your thirst, drinking a few glasses of it will definitely help in making you look and feel better. With that in mind, we rounded up some other reasons why you’d want to have this refreshing drink as an alternative to your daily glass of water.


    1. Lowers Heart Disease Risk

    Cardiac disease is considered as one of the principal causes of death in Singapore. Fortunately, you can now reduce your chances of developing the said disease through exercising regularly, going on a healthy diet and drinking a glass of cucumber water regularly. Several studies show that cucumber water aids in reducing high blood pressure by assisting the kidney in flushing out the extra sodium in the body, thus reducing your risk of experiencing heart disease.

    1. Reduces Risk of Developing Cancer

    Although it won’t be able to lower your cancer risk on its own, drinking cucumber water regularly will provide your body with the essential minerals, vitamins and fibre necessary to keep your body healthy. A research even showed that the said drink is rich in antioxidants and compounds like lignans and cucurbitacins, which aids in fending off cancer development.

    1. Prevents Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies

    Despite knowing that they are not good sources of minerals and vitamins, we still tend to incorporate an excessive amount of processed food in our diet. This is the reason why vitamin and mineral deficiencies are more common than we think – and it even leads to problems like bone and muscle weakness, fatigue and a depressed immune system. Fortunately, cucumber is a great source of nutrients like manganese and vitamins A and C, which may help in making up for the deficiencies in your diet.


    1. Aids in Weight Loss

    Anyone who’s been on a diet knows how hard it is to shed those extra pounds. The good thing is, cucumber water is here to help. Drinking it regularly will aid in curbing your appetite and cutting down calories without experiencing any hunger pains. Moreover, cucumber water also promotes a reduced calorie intake when consumed as an alternative for juices, sodas and other sugary beverages.

    1. Detoxifies the Body

    Our bodies are exposed to a lot of toxins every day, and these toxins can build up in our system and take a toll on our health in the long run. By putting cucumber water’s high fibre and high water content to good use, however, you’ll be able to easily flush the harmful chemicals off and detoxify your body.

    There are a lot of quick and easy ways on how you can improve your health – and drinking cucumber water is one of those. So choose from any of the healthful variations of these classic health drink now and enjoy the benefits you’ll reap from indulging on it.


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    Reaching for a cup of chai tea or coffee may be your main motivation to get out of bed every morning, but health experts explain that it shouldn’t always be that way. While it can ease your grogginess at work, taking too much caffeine may actually cause anxiety, headaches, irritability and sleep disturbance. Fortunately, there are other ways to wake yourself up minus the caffeine crash waiting to happen later in the day – and those ways are as follows:


    1. Set a Consistent Sleeping Schedule

    If you sleep and wake up at different times every day, then your body won’t know what to expect. While it’s tempting to sleep late during weekends, try not to sleep much later than normal. Come Monday morning, your body will thank you for it.

    1. Wake Up at the Right Time

    Ever wondered why it still feels so jarring every time our alarm wakes us up in the morning? It’s because your alarm doesn’t know your sleep cycle. There are various sleeping and fitness apps on the market that are designed to monitor your sleep cycle and will gently wake you up with a quiet alarm when you’re at the best waking time of your cycle.


    1. Exercise for a Few Minutes

    Working out has long been a proven way to boost your energy and you’ll get the most of its benefits by doing it on mornings. Not only will force you to shake off the groggy feeling, you’ll also get to cross out your workout plan for the day. If you couldn’t bear the idea of hitting the gym early in the morning, try exercising at home using some online workouts.

    1. Enjoy a Well-Balanced Breakfast

    You’ve probably heard it countless times but we’ll say it again: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a well-rounded breakfast will give you the energy you need to start off your day. So choose a breakfast with complex carbs, protein and healthy fats to keep you full and energized up until lunch.

    1. Breathe in Some Fresh Air

    Rushing straight from bed to work is what will make you feel tired all morning. To keep this from happening, make sure that you spend a few minutes outside to enjoy the fresh air. Some studies show being around nature and spending time in fresh air increases energy in 90 percent of people.

    Waking your senses in the morning is actually pretty easy – even without drinking a cup of coffee. Just put these tips to work every morning and you’ll surely be able to stay awake throughout the day.


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  • Dangers of Medical Errors

    Like other people physician also make errors. They are not robots that are controlled by any machine. Moreover, they are not the people you think that can last up to many hours. Actually when they are scheduled for long hours of operation. As said, they are not an artificial human, they are true beings which cannot give the accurate work. They can be perfect in some areas but they can never be perfect in other areas. That is why, there’s no perfect person.


    Actually, there is a possibility that mistakes can take place anywhere. It can be at your own house, at your institution or perhaps at your work. Common errors can be everywhere but you can avoid it. In some hospitals, there are a lot of medical errors. It can be a heavy mistake and it can just be a light one. But whatever it is, it is still a mistake. Remember that even a small mistake can contribute to another error which would make it a bigger mistake and when it is released, it will become the worst scenario ever.


    Like for instance, there is a group of medical experts who conducted blood transfusion from a patient with leukemia. They all have the advanced learning in the anatomy of a human beings. Its parts, function and movement. Generally, they are a team of great doctors. But the thing happened is that they have passed a wrong blood to the patient which killed their patient. Now, they are sued and revoked their doctor’s license.



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  • Coping with Medical Trauma

    Nowadays, doctors have committed a lot of errors, especially in this field of face operation. Actually, there are a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses who have undergone a surgery, but got a very awful result. It’s crazy, but they cannot do anything to bring it back. An unsuccessful facial surgery can increase the possibility of a person to get depressed and lose self-confidence.


    In this situation, the patient or the person who undergone a surgery will be hard to take. Since there is something new in the person especially in his attitude, you should make an adjustment and if you can do that; you can bring back his confidence but you cannot simply do that without doing anything. Like in a team, they want to win.


    That attitude will keep them to their goals. Now, if a person has a goal. He can do and finish what he want to finish. Actually, it is a choice if you are going to go for the win and your team lose in front of you. In the context of an individual who lose self-confidence due to facial enhancements, it’s really a hard one.

    It’s like a heartache. You should let time heal it. But you should not do it just because you have to. Actually, it’s not as simple as that. Although you can forgive and forget, there will still be an instance wherein you will remember a small part of it. And when you do, think of the past, you cannot excel.


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  • The Dangers of Using Headphones

    We all know that there are a lot of benefits headphones but despite all of that, there are serious downsides that headphones bring most especially to a person’s health. With the use of these gadget, there is convenience. For instance, you have a cellphone large phone. Once it ring, you don’t have to answer it by immediately getting your phone on your bags or perhaps your pocket. All you have to do is click a button from the headphone and then you can talk without holding the phone with your hand.


    Despite all of that, there at still many critics about the use of these new equipment. Some say that it poses a great danger to human’s health. Here are some:


    • Hearing loss – Using the headphones in a loud volume can harm your sense of hearing making it hard for you to hear clearly. This is the primary reason for using loud earphones. Also, using headphones for a long period of time will severely affect the sense of hearing.
    • Tumors – Excessive use of headphones may lead to tumors which will eventually damage your hearing.
    • Heart attacks – Some experts says that the long loud hours of using earphones will be at a higher risk of heart attack compared to people who are not using it.

    The recommended use of earphones is less than one hour and with a volume of not more than 60 percent.


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