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As vacation home rentals continue to grow in popularity, many vacationers are wondering what the fuss is about and why more and more travellers are choosing home rental over hotel stay.

If thinking about going on a getaway, do yourself a little favour before booking your trip accommodation.

  1. There’s Plenty of Space

In a hotel, family vacations usually include moments of kids fight over who gets what side of the bed and what to watch on the only TV in the room. On the contrary, in a home rental, there may be more than one TV and certainly more beds. Each child may even get his own room, and mom and dad will finally have some privacy—at last!

  • You Can Bring Your Pet

Not all home rentals allow pets, but many of them certainly do. And although more hotels now allow you to bring pets, a house has home space for Fido to run around and play. Also, if your dog usually gets irritable at night, you won’t have to worry so much about waking your neighbours up because your dog won’t stop barking.

  • Your Entire Group Can Stay Together

When booking hotel rooms, you and your company may have to spread out among several rooms, possibly on different floors of the building. A condo or a house has enough room to accommodate the entire group, so everyone can easily join the fun. You’ll also have more spots to hang-out together, such as in the living room, on the patio or in the dining area.

  • You Can Make Home-Cooked Meals

Cooking your own meals is always a budget saver, which is especially advantageous when travelling. You’ll also be able to stock up on snacks and get yourself a cup of coffee at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, it’s easy to cater to people with special dietary needs when you are able to prepare your own meals.

  • It Feels Just Like Home

Vacation homes are just that: home. Vacation homes have everything your home has—appliances, dishes, a pantry, a dining area, a living room, multiple bedrooms, laundry facilities, books and games and even a garage. All of these can make your vacation so much more comfortable and convenient, especially if you have kids and are travelling for extended period of time.

Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. Yes, you will be out exploring for the most part of your trip, but having a comfortable place to come home and rest to at the end of each day makes your vacation even more amazing.

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  • The evolution of technology has brought us so much convenience in our day-to-day lives. However, while we look at it as an advantage, it is also a curse. It has helped us to be more productive, but we have also become too dependent on it that we even rely to it when it comes to taking care of our kids.

    If you must use technology to help you babysit, make sure to use it responsibly. Here are some ways to help manage technology use among children.

    1. Choose your gadgets and apps wisely

    Specify what gadgets you will allow your children to use. Also, download programs, shows, apps and games that has educational value. If possible, do not connect the gadget to the internet when you let your kids use them to avoid unwanted searches.

    • Use the gadget together with your kids

    Parental supervision is strongly recommended when children are watching something on the screen. Help your little ones understand and process what they see. For older children, make sure that you know the content of the shows or games they are playing, so you can talk about it and enlighten them right away.

    • Make a connection between the screen and the real world

    Since you will be watching videos and playing games with them, try relating the scenarios that your kids see on the screen to real-life experiences to help them understand the lesson. Talk about the issues that the characters encounter in games or shows and relate them to your kid’s experiences.

    • Create rules for your children

    Set ground rules for gadget use, and make sure to involve your children in setting the rules to be fair with them. Inform everyone in the house and ask them to help in reinforcing these rules, so you can assure that they are still followed even when you are not around. The rules can include the type of device that your children can use, time limits, which room they should be in when using the gadget and the games, sites, and apps they are allowed to access.

    • Have rules for adults, too

    To give your children the impression of fairness, parents should also follow a set of rules. By being a role model for a good gadget user, you are teaching your kids the importance of self-control and that human interaction should be a priority when you are together. When playing with your kids, avoid the urge to look at your phone and focus on having fun with them.

    Gadgets are invented to make our lives more convenient. Show your kids the good side of technology by teaching and encouraging them to use it properly.

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  • Thirty is a wonderful age. People who are almost in their 30s talk about it with fear and wonder. “You’re getting old!” they say, but wisdom comes with age; and being in your 30s means you have been through a lot in your 20s. Though you still have so much to learn, never take for granted the life lessons you’ve had when you were younger. After all, life experiences are your best teacher and you owe the person you are today to your younger self.

    1. Money can’t buy happiness

    Remember when you had your first pay from your first job, and the smallest things like contributing for home grocery made you feel so independent and grown up? Because even if you were not earning a lot, what mattered was that you know your purpose. Early adulthood for you was finding ways to stretch your paycheck, and that opened up to new learnings and smart life hacks. You didn’t rely on money to make yourself happy, and you shouldn’t do so now.

    • Love yourself first

    Before you’re able to give love, fill yourself up with self-love first. Probably by now, you have learned this lesson. Whether from a bad breakup or from something else, we bet you learned it the hard way. By now, you’ve probably realized that you can easily replaced your terrible ex with something else, like time for family and friends, a business, work or a hobby. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with giving your all to someone special, you also need to remember that you can only give it you yourself is in perfect condition.

    • Work-life Balance is an everyday commitment

    An intense overtime before a month-end report is okay. And a couple of working weekends won’t hurt. But if work is all you’ve got the last couple of months, something is terribly wrong! We know that work is important and that you love what you’re doing, but it shouldn’t define your life. Prioritize your personal life just as how you work hard to meet deadlines. You’ll be surprised you’re even more productive when you learn how to balance work and play.

    • Try something new once in a while

    Remember those spontaneous road trips with friends during college days just because? Don’t let go of that thirst for adventure and new life experiences. Even if you are saving up for a new house or a new car, remember that you do not have to spend much to have fun. Challenge yourself to spend as little as possible to do something new, and you might even find yourself starting a little business out of a new hobby.

    The list goes on and on. There are so much more life lessons that your 20s have taught you. The most important thing is to never forget them and be proud for who you have become today.

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  • Why Keeping Clean is Simply Better

    We all know that Singapore is famous for being one of the cleanest countries in the world today. Although it’s already obvious that a clean environment looks better, there’s actually more to it than that. When it comes to our own well-being cleanliness also has a lot of benefits. Here are only a few of them!

    1. Keeps us healthy

    Having good hygiene and keep a clean environment is one of the best ways to avoid getting diseases. Many of our everyday things like keys, wallets, and phones are actually home to possibly millions of germs and bacteria. If we become careless and neglect these, we may easily get sick from them. Handwashing is one small example of keeping clean to avoid diseases. It’s a very simple thing to do yet it can do wonders when it comes to protecting you from diseases. Generally, if you keep your overall environment clean, you won’t easily get exposed to harmful bacteria.

    2. Cleanliness c can actually boost productivity

    The idea here is simple, if your desk is clean, you’ll be able to focus a lot better! Having clutter around you actually has psychological effects. If your desk is unorganized, your brain has to process a lot more information than necessary and it will be difficult for you to stay focused. In addition to that, if you have to clean up your workplace, you’ll use up a lot of valuable time that you would otherwise have spent on more productive things. 

    3. Cleaning can be a great stress-reliever

    Sometimes decluttering your stuff can be quite therapeutic. Once you get rid of the unnecessary stuff in your room, for example, you’ll notice that you have a lot more space it will be like a breath of fresh air. If you do this at a time when you’re not busy or before you work on a lot of things, you’ll thank yourself later. Why do we say this? It’s because no one wants to go home to a messy place. If you already have your place organized you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after a whole day at work. How many times have you come home from a tiring day at work only to start cleaning again? 

    4. Promotes better sleep

    In relation to what was said earlier, if you come home from work and still have a lot to clean up, you might end up sleeping late. Sure, you could say that you can just disregard the mess and clean everything up on the next day but it’s still the same case, you’ll have to clean it up anyways. Plus, you’ll simply fall asleep a lot easier if you don’t have clutter around you.  

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  • It is already quite known that many Singaporeans tend to sacrifice sleep for work. Although how much sleep is needed depends on a lot of different factors like age and health, having enough sleep is still very important to maintain a healthy well-being. Here we will talk simply about sleep debt and how you can pay it off.

    What is Sleep Debt?

    Sleep debt is basically a term that refers to not getting enough sleep continuously. This happens when you either stay up late or wake up too early to get your work done. Simply think about it as the sleep version of financial debt. When it builds up, it can have negative effects on your memory, cognitive ability, and overall health.

    Sleep debt is a clear result of sacrificing sleep for work, drinking too much coffee, and other things that can cause disturbances to your sleep pattern. In Singapore, for example, many are so used to being deprived of sleep that they fail to notice the symptoms of sleep debt. That is why it is important to remember that even though you can still get your work done during the day, you’re still putting yourself at risk of many health problems if you don’t have adequate sleep.

    How to Pay it Back

    When trying to get back to your natural sleeping cycles, you should know that it will take quite some time for your body to adjust, especially if you’ve been sleep deprived for months or even years.

    • During bedtime…

    To put it simply, try to sleep earlier so you can get 7-8 hours of sleep. Again, because you’re used to so used to sleeping late this might sound like an outrageous tip. But there’s really no better way to start than getting your body used to sleeping at the right time again. “When it’s time for bed, then it’s time for bed.” Follow this strictly. Try your best not to use your phones and put your paperwork down when you’re already on the bed. That way you can take your mind off things and get to sleep earlier.

    • Weekends

    Many of us tend to sacrifice sleep for work because we think we can just make up for it during the weekends. This is actually a big misconception. When you don’t have enough sleep for 5 weekdays straight and suddenly sleep for long hours during the weekend, it can mess up your sleeping pattern even more. Plus, when you sleep for more hours on a Sunday, you might have trouble sleeping again at night. Then, you’ll just repeat the whole process of not having enough sleep on the weekdays.

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