Whenever we drive, we have to think that there is a probability that we will encounter road accidents. This thought is enough so we can take precautions before things happen. Road accidents are not common here in Singapore but it does not mean that we have to be completely complacent.


The good news is that our cars have a safety device that can protect us from collisions in the form of airbag. Airbags are occupant restraint system that quickly inflates and deflates should there be collisions and deceleration.

We have to know the different types of airbags for the purposes of learning it. Here are the different types:

  • Frontal airbag: Frontal airbag is the most common of them all. In 1981, Mercedes-Benz presented airbag as an option for S-Class. In 1987, Porsche became the first car to install driver and passenger airbags.
  • Side airbag: There are two kinds of side airbags commonly used today – the side curtain airbag and the side torso airbag. The side torso airbag inflates between the door and the seat; this airbag is designed to lessen the risk of lower abdomen and pelvic injuries. It was the Autoliv AB who was granted patent on side airbags.


  • Side tubular or curtain airbag: The side tubular or curtain airbag was a common feature of BMW in the late 1990’s. The BMWs were installed with inflatable tubular structure. This is a head protection system.
  • Knee airbag: This airbag is placed behind the steering wheel. Kia Sportage uses this as their standard equipment.
  • Seat cushion: In 2008, Toyota employed seat cushion system in the passenger seat. This is designed to avoid the pelvis from diving below.
  • Rear curtain airbag: The rear curtain airbag helps protect the occupant’s head in the rear in the event of impact.