Without a doubt, an event is something that excites us and we look forward to attending. It is the time when we meet our family members and relatives again including our friends for a whole night of fun and partying. We get to mingle not only with our long-lost friends but also the new ones. We are able to add people as connections in our business networks as well.


But if you are the one taking charge and planning the event, it can be a source of both excitement and stress. It truly is exciting to be given such a big honor of planning it. However, it is stressful as well because you will have to make sure that everything should go well. And even if there is a problem, the guests shouldn’t know and you ought to solve it right away. One of the essentials you shouldn’t forget for an event to be considered a success is the best dance music blasting through the speakers during the reception.

Aside from the awesome food selection, one shouldn’t forget the fact that a way to have a successful party is the choice of music. An event organizer should be fully aware of this fact because sometimes, it’s the music that can make or break the event. Not only does the choice of music help in livening up the atmosphere in the venue but also entice the guests to groove and make their moves on the dance floor.

There are ways in which you can ensure that you supply the right music for the event. You can hire a DJ to play and mix the best dance music. You can get the services of a local bland to perform songs included in your list or they can also play their own music though you should listen to it first. If you want to save money then you can just create a CD with a mix of some of your favorite songs and dance music, and let it play during the reception to keep the guests entertained.


There are other tips that you should consider when picking dance songs or any types of music for your event.

  1. The first tip is knowing what kind of event to be held. If it’s for a wedding event then it shouldn’t be all about dance songs. You should include some mellow songs for all the couples out there. The bride and groom will also take on the dance floor for their first dance. But if it’s for a corporate event, it could be all dance music. You can also consider it being a mix of love songs, mellow rock, and dance music.
  2. If you want the kids and teenagers to have a great time in attending your event, you should consider letting the DJ play the best dance music they can relate to. Of course, kids are very well aware of current songs like the novelty music. Well-experienced DJs already knows what to play during such events wherein kids and teenagers will be expected to attend. If it’s a band then they should be knowledgeable of songs other than the type of music they normally play.
  3. Don’t forget that you should already look for a DJ or a band to play in your event months before. You may come up with a list of DJs and bands you want to hire including their service fee. Make comparisons and check their availability. Uncheck the DJs and bands from your list that already have a gig on the day of your event, and check out others. In addition, make sure that you should listen to them before you book them for the event. You need to ensure that their type of music is what you want for your wedding, corporate event, debut, or something else. So listen to them play their music and ensure that it will become appealing to all ages of the attendees.
  4. Don’t forget that you should pick DJs or bands willing to learn and play your wedding song as well as the list of songs you created for the event. They should be willing to play the songs you pick or suggest some to you.

Again, make sure that the songs you pick will appeal to all of your attendees. The best dance music will surely appeal to all attendees at all ages so make sure that you don’t remove them from the list of songs you want played for your event.