You are what you eat. If you have an unhealthy eating habit, it is time that you take charge and lead a healthier life. Life is short and the least thing that you can do is to take good care of it so you can have the endurance to do things passionately. You can design your meals based on the things that you learned but if you want to make sure, you can always ask for a nutritionist.

There are many nutritionists here in Singapore ready to help you. They will create diet plans that will be effective. Be prepared to take away processed products and everything that is unhealthy. But what if you do not have nutritionists? You need to learn foods that are good for the body. These days, you can easily be fooled with marketing stunts. The sad thing is that many food manufacturers claim healthy food but in truth, it is just altered. You have to know what pitfalls to avoid and be an informed consumer.

Check the contents

Just think that it is for your health. The first thing that you need to do is to read the label or the ingredient list. You will be surprised that there is no legal definition of what natural is. The definition of natural usually describes a product that do not add color or artificial flavors but that can be vague.

Read the ingredients and tell yourself “I could’ve made this” then you will realize that it went on a process and that is not natural at all.

Check the sugar

Speaking of checking the contents, the particular thing that you should look out for is the sugar content. You might see energy bars, snack foods and sports drinks that contain natural sugar. This sounds okay so you bought it. You have to be careful though because whether it is natural sugar or artificial sweetener, the amount of sugar you consumed still matters.

You have to be careful with the “added sugar” claim. It is the kind of sugar that is added apart from the natural one infused by nature. Sometimes manufacturers combine the two and it is hard to differentiate the amount that comes from the two. Remember for every 4 grams of added sugar (like cane sugar, coconut sugar, syrup, etc.), you consume one teaspoon.

Check the grains

Aside from the added sugar, you have to avoid refined grains too. Why choose refined grains when you can have it naturally? The point is it is processed and the grains are not at all natural plus they are added with sugar and white flour.