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Traveling, in its essence, is about seeing and experiencing the wonders of the world while enjoying life at its finest. As we wander through different places we have never been, we also become a different person for we not only discover destinations, but also, ourselves along the way.


Some people believe that traveling is merely witnessing breath taking views while others think that it is about getting lost and finding oneself. It has been held true by Asian, especially the Singaporeans who, according to Visa’s Travel Intentions. 95% of them have traveled more than the Asia Pacific. It goes to show that they love to travel and it is now becoming part of their culture.

Truth be told, you will find few of people in the world who dislike traveling, and there are so many out there who confess that they are “travel obsessed”. They spend their entire days thinking about travel-related things. For some, travel is life and something they wouldn’t have any other way and this is where we cross the line of distinguishing what makes a tourist and what constitutes a traveler at heart and in practice.

Tourists document moments; Travelers live it

There is nothing wrong about sharing your whereabouts specifically your travels on Instagram and Facebook but experiences become more precious when not spend behind the screen.


A traveler lives in the moment because he doesn’t want it to pass by, he knows when to snap a real good photo and savor the rest.

Tourists miss home; Travelers think where to go next

Tourists feel home sick, they miss their room back home and overlook the opportunity that traveling brings. A real traveler feels at home wherever he goes, he believes that life actually starts when one leaves the so called “comfort zone” and that there is nothing more fantastic than waking up in a different place.

Tourists go with the pack; travelers do wander

Tourists would always stay with the pack, stick to guide maps and magazines and are pretty much contented with taking photos. A traveler will wander around, explore their way and search their own experience. They don’t waste opportunities where fun and adventure waits go home with a great story to tell.

Tourists have lots of baggage; travelers pack light

Most tourists travel for comfort and they bring it as they move from one place to another which makes them carry loads of stuff. Travelers, on the other hand, bring basics and see whatever is available out there, do and consume anything just like any local. For the most part, they intend to experience and see things in a native’s eye.

Tourists splurge; Travelers save

A basic tourist will be spending money on leisure wherever they head because they travel for comfort but a real traveler would know how to travel for fun and great adventure without spending much—these are skills they have learned from roaming around different countries and immersing to diverse way of life.











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    Looking for new life-saving alternatives to nutritional diets? Well, let us introduce you to pulverized versions of the good stuff—and now you can just sprinkle them on your meals! These alternatives are great because they’re less processed compared to other pills or supplements. While many powder supplements out in the market today are not well regulated, these powder powerhouses are guaranteed to fill your vitamin needs and heathen your energy levels:


    Cocoa Powder

    Who doesn’t want chocolates, right? And who says chocolatey stuff couldn’t be healthy? Apart from its great taste, cocoa also has the benefit of having heart-friendly components such as polyphenols, which are cardio-protective as they help reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Such risk is considered as a main reason for cardiovascular diseases. No wonder why cocoa or chocolates are closely linked to hearts.

    Apart from its antioxidant compounds, Cocoa is also a good source of fiber where a tablespoon can provide more than half of what brown rice can supply. There are endless ways on how cocoa powder can be incorporated into your meal and even in your drinks. For meals, you can add cocoa by sprinkling it into your various dips for main course recipes or as an ingredient to your salad dressing. For beverage, shakes and other chocolatey drinks can be made.

    Spirulina Powder

    This freshwater powder is jam packed with nutritional perks! One of its most notable health benefit is that it can help you to lose weight the natural way. Taking 3 grams of Spirulina powder 30 minutes before meals can help you control your appetite and prevent hunger. It also supplies vitamin B12, proteins, carotene, antioxidants and iron—which is ten times than what we get from Spinach.

    One of the world’s best quality Spirulina providers are found in Singapore and even cater free delivery to your door steps. This is also promoted in the said country as it free of pesticides and 100% vegetarian. Spirulina can be added to your glass of water, pouring at least 2 tablespoons, with honey if desired before meals or sprinkle it to your smoothie!


    Acai Berry Powder

    This powder is from a dark-purple berry that grows from Acai palm trees which are originally founded in Central & Southern America. One of its reported benefits include detoxification of the body, digestive improvement, creation of beautiful skin and strengthened immune system. If you are working out in the gym and feel sore, this powder also contains amino acids to repair muscles after work-out.

    Acai powder can be mixed with other ingredients in making smoothies, vegan cheesecake, truffles or even ice blocks!

    Maca Powder

    Maca is a good source of getting your sexual charm back! This powder is an herbaceous plant where its Peruvian roots are used as vegetable and for medicinal benefits. One study of Maca’s effectiveness in remedying sexual dysfunction for women suggest that there is an increase in sexual satisfaction when 3 grams per day (highest dose) consumption is observed. Also, some small scale researches indicated its helpfulness in the bedroom as a powerful aphrodisiac as it contains iodine, essential fatty acids, zinc and Maca can balance sex hormones that can improve one’s mood. After all, if there is an improved mood for lovemaking, arousal is easier to achieve. Also, it’s good for the bones as it contains rich calcium to support bone density.

    Maca powder can be used as an ingredient for homemade oatmeal, smoothies, snack bars or fruit salad recipes!



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    Adult coloring books are popular not only here in Singapore but around the world. However, there are some who ignore it. Adult coloring books are stress-relievers and in fact, it can serve as a therapy and form of meditation. No matter how we see it, coloring is helpful.



    Not all people like coloring because they do not feel artistic and are fearful that they will not produce beautiful artworks. Experts and patrons would say that anyone can color and however we paint it, it will not matter and it will always turn out to be beautiful and personal.

    If you want to consider coloring, start by purchasing adult coloring books. After that, it would be to your benefit to know how to pick colors.

    Be spontaneous

    When coloring, the safest thing to do is go with the rainbow spectrum. It could not go wrong. Do not think further because it defeats the purpose of expressing yourself. Color as if you are blindfolded – just pick a color that you like and let go. The key here is to be spontaneous and let it take over.


    Go overboard

    If you take coloring seriously, you can go overboard for as long as you want. You can begin by looking for an image with the colors you love and follow the pattern. The good news is that there are many sources that you can consider.

    Look for inspiration

    Inspirations are everywhere. It is just a matter of looking deeply and see it differently. To create beautiful pictures, all you need is inspiration and the rest will follow.



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    The applications of drone transcend to more than one’s hobby. It can be useful in search and rescue, science and research, surveying, aerial photography and many more. Drones refer to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). It is a flying robot that can be controlled remotely or fly independently.


    Many people are getting more and more interested and excited in drones. You can purchase one for as cheap as $50 and as expensive as $1,300. It can weight from 500 grams to 10 kilograms. Many industries here in Singapore consider drones. For instance the Timbre Group revealed that soon they will have drones serve the customer’s orders.

    There is no doubt that drones are beneficial in our society however, the government thought about regulating its use. In fact, there is a new bill submitted and implemented earlier this year to establish rules about the conduct of drones.

    It is imperative that the governments establish clear rules about the conduct of drones. Aside from Singapore, here are some countries with existing drone laws:


    • France: France is the country with the most number of drone operators in the whole of Europe with more than one thousand companies using it. There is no surprise that the country has the most progressive drone laws. The capital, Paris and nuclear facilities are no fly zone.
    • United States: For hobbyists, they can fly drones but not above 122 meters. For commercial uses like wedding and movie photography, drones are not allowed unless they can obtain exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration.
    • Japan: After discovering a small drone on the roof of the Prime Minister’s office in April, the government said to strengthen its laws governing UAVs. The drone was armed with camera and liquid container holding Caesium 134 and 137.
    • Thailand: In Thailand, the government totally banned the use of drones. Drones for research, education and other valid purposes may be allowed provided that they apply permit and they must pass meet certain criteria.



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  • Whether you’re participating in the annual gift exchange in your office, or you’re just thinking of giving a gift to your favourite colleague, you’re probably facing the question of: “What should I get this person for Christmas?” While gift-giving is just normal during the holiday season, doing it at work can be quite tricky. You surely don’t want to go over the top with your gift, but you don’t also want to come across as someone stingy. Luckily, you no longer need to feel stressed out in choosing your gifts with these office gift-giving tips in mind.


    1. Set a Price Limit. Define the parameters of what’s to be expected in your gift-giving activity by setting a spending cap for your gifts. This will give everyone a guideline on what gifts they can give, and make the gift selection process a little bit easier. Setting a price range for your exchange gifts will also eliminate the inequality in gift giving, which could possibly cause bad feelings or jealousy among the workmates.

    1. Perform Some Sleuthing. Surprise your co-worker with a gift that you know he or she’ll like, by performing some investigative work first. Learn about their hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. You can start your investigation by looking through their desk areas, since you’ll likely know one’s personality through thedecorations they put in their desks. If you want, you can also ask that person to have a lunch with you andthen learn more about them. With this, you’ll be able to accomplish your goal and make a new ally in your office.


    1. Avoid Giving Intimate Items as Gifts. As you start tailoring your gift options with the person’s likes, avoid picking items that are too personal. Steer clear from cosmetics, roses, lingerie or any intimate apparel and stick with career- or office-related gifts and cards instead.


    1. Pool Your Spending Power. If there’s one person, such as a coach or boss, whom everyone in the office wants to purchase a gift for, then consider chipping in for a budget and giving a group gift. Not only will your spending power go farther, you won’t also look like you’re trying to win favour with that particular person.


    1. Always Say ‘Thank You’. Regardless of who gives you a gift or what gift you receive, make sure that you thank that person. If possible, do take some time and send a holiday card or a handwritten note to that person as a sign of your gratitude for the gift.

    Doing an office gift exchange can be a great way to get into the holiday spirit. By following the aforementioned tips, you’ll surely be able to foster new relationships, while keeping your workplace merry and bright.


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