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Sure there are a lot of adventures here in Singapore but sometimes, we have to see the bigger picture. Getting the big picture means going outside our comfort zone. If in this case you want to visit Australia, you are in a lot of treat. There are many Singaporeans living and studying in Australia so it is perfectly a safe country.


Its distance from here is about three thousand miles which is about eight hours of travel (if you disembark at Canberra). It is a long journey but everything will be worth it at the end of the day. Adventure is just waiting. All you have to do is to make it happen. Here are some activities or adventures worth trying when in Australia:

  • Monalto Vineyard and Olive Grove: Not all tourists consider the vineyard and grove because they think that there is no fun. Monalto Vineyard and Olive Grove is actually a family-run estate celebrated for its café, restaurant and more importantly, breath-taking grounds. This is the perfect foodie adventure.
  • Great Barrier Reef: Australia’s pride is the Great Barrier Reef. It is after all a World Heritage site. It is famous because it is the largest reef system on this planet. The fishes and marine life never looked so awesome. For a splash, head to Cairns. Cairns is the doorway to this magnificent site. There are many tour operators that can take you from the shore to the reef. It usually takes about 30 minutes. If this is not enough, you can also check out Marine World – an underwater observatory.


  • The Twelve Apostles: Australia also boasts of remarkable coastal drives. Aside from the Great Barrier Reef, there is also one site recognized as a World Heritage. This is the Twelve Apostles originally known as Sow and Piglets. You can drive (about 243 kilometres) along the Great Ocean Road or you can choose the helicopter tour. The Twelve Apostles are rock formations.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge: So you visited the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens not to mention the beaches but if you ready for more adventures, you need to experience the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can actually climb the bridge and of course, it is safe. The jumpsuits and harnesses will protect you.
  • Tasmania: Do not forget to include Tasmania in your itinerary. It has breath-taking beauty. If kayaking is your thing, going to Tasmania can make a difference. Tasmania offers dramatic cliffs nearby Tinderbox Marine Nature Reserve. Though Tasmania is just a small island, it should not be underestimated. Visit in late December or January for the highly anticipated Tasmania Food Festival.

Make sure that everything is settled before actually flying there. Are your visas and passports ready? Did you book your hotel? As early as possible, make plans for a hassle free travel. If things are too complicated for you to remember, you can always hire for tourists guides or agencies to do everything for you.

Australia is also known for its terrific shopping experience. You can have a day or two just visiting shops and buying souvenirs for everyone.



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  • You resigned alright and the worst thing – you do not have a job to replace the old one. Every single one of your family probably told you that it was a mistake leaving your old job. What can you do? There is no use crying over spilled milk. It is time to move one and remember some things so you will survive.


    Indeed it is hard without a job here in Singapore with all the expensive cost of living and the economy. If you find yourself without a job and a new one is not really imminent, there are some hacks that you can consider until you land a new job.

    Here are some hacks worth to consider:

    • Making sure of a steady source of income: You think that you can find a new job right away but how can you if you just linger there? Take this as an opportunity to reflect and while you are at it, you have to make sure that you have a steady source of income. Your income should at least cover the basic expenses. The trick here is to keep afloat until you get a job. You do not need to be an Uber driver but looking for something that can help you keep spending low, you will survive. Just look for an alternative source of income say a part-time job.
    • Avoiding the emergency fund: It is tempting to touch your emergency fund but you should refrain from doing it as much as possible. Other people think that losing a job is an emergency. It is not. Before you deplete your emergency fund, you have to remember the first point made – look for a steady source of income.


    • Avoiding savings: Remember that savings is different from your emergency funds. If you cannot touch your emergency fund, do not be tempted to touch the savings either. It is best to think that you do not have emergency or savings so you can live within your budget every day. Since you are on a budget, you have to forgo fancy restaurants dinner.
    • Hunting job regularly: Well, this is given. You have to hunt job regularly if you want to find one immediately. If you hunt now and do not make a follow-up, you will stay unemployed for the longest time. It is time to update your resume and ready working shoes for its going to be challenging.

    These things can help you survive a rainy day. It is not easy to look for a job here but if you are persistent and you are ready for it, brace yourself for better days. Do not worry about resigning and not having a new one right away. After all, you need a rest for some time and this is the perfect opportunity to find yourself. If you are not happy, just quit anyway. Do not linger because it will only drain you and make you miserable for the rest of your days.

    Sure quitting job without a new one lined up is scary but things will be better as long as you move.


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    Traveling, in its essence, is about seeing and experiencing the wonders of the world while enjoying life at its finest. As we wander through different places we have never been, we also become a different person for we not only discover destinations, but also, ourselves along the way.


    Some people believe that traveling is merely witnessing breath taking views while others think that it is about getting lost and finding oneself. It has been held true by Asian, especially the Singaporeans who, according to Visa’s Travel Intentions. 95% of them have traveled more than the Asia Pacific. It goes to show that they love to travel and it is now becoming part of their culture.

    Truth be told, you will find few of people in the world who dislike traveling, and there are so many out there who confess that they are “travel obsessed”. They spend their entire days thinking about travel-related things. For some, travel is life and something they wouldn’t have any other way and this is where we cross the line of distinguishing what makes a tourist and what constitutes a traveler at heart and in practice.

    Tourists document moments; Travelers live it

    There is nothing wrong about sharing your whereabouts specifically your travels on Instagram and Facebook but experiences become more precious when not spend behind the screen.


    A traveler lives in the moment because he doesn’t want it to pass by, he knows when to snap a real good photo and savor the rest.

    Tourists miss home; Travelers think where to go next

    Tourists feel home sick, they miss their room back home and overlook the opportunity that traveling brings. A real traveler feels at home wherever he goes, he believes that life actually starts when one leaves the so called “comfort zone” and that there is nothing more fantastic than waking up in a different place.

    Tourists go with the pack; travelers do wander

    Tourists would always stay with the pack, stick to guide maps and magazines and are pretty much contented with taking photos. A traveler will wander around, explore their way and search their own experience. They don’t waste opportunities where fun and adventure waits go home with a great story to tell.

    Tourists have lots of baggage; travelers pack light

    Most tourists travel for comfort and they bring it as they move from one place to another which makes them carry loads of stuff. Travelers, on the other hand, bring basics and see whatever is available out there, do and consume anything just like any local. For the most part, they intend to experience and see things in a native’s eye.

    Tourists splurge; Travelers save

    A basic tourist will be spending money on leisure wherever they head because they travel for comfort but a real traveler would know how to travel for fun and great adventure without spending much—these are skills they have learned from roaming around different countries and immersing to diverse way of life.











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    Looking for new life-saving alternatives to nutritional diets? Well, let us introduce you to pulverized versions of the good stuff—and now you can just sprinkle them on your meals! These alternatives are great because they’re less processed compared to other pills or supplements. While many powder supplements out in the market today are not well regulated, these powder powerhouses are guaranteed to fill your vitamin needs and heathen your energy levels:


    Cocoa Powder

    Who doesn’t want chocolates, right? And who says chocolatey stuff couldn’t be healthy? Apart from its great taste, cocoa also has the benefit of having heart-friendly components such as polyphenols, which are cardio-protective as they help reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Such risk is considered as a main reason for cardiovascular diseases. No wonder why cocoa or chocolates are closely linked to hearts.

    Apart from its antioxidant compounds, Cocoa is also a good source of fiber where a tablespoon can provide more than half of what brown rice can supply. There are endless ways on how cocoa powder can be incorporated into your meal and even in your drinks. For meals, you can add cocoa by sprinkling it into your various dips for main course recipes or as an ingredient to your salad dressing. For beverage, shakes and other chocolatey drinks can be made.

    Spirulina Powder

    This freshwater powder is jam packed with nutritional perks! One of its most notable health benefit is that it can help you to lose weight the natural way. Taking 3 grams of Spirulina powder 30 minutes before meals can help you control your appetite and prevent hunger. It also supplies vitamin B12, proteins, carotene, antioxidants and iron—which is ten times than what we get from Spinach.

    One of the world’s best quality Spirulina providers are found in Singapore and even cater free delivery to your door steps. This is also promoted in the said country as it free of pesticides and 100% vegetarian. Spirulina can be added to your glass of water, pouring at least 2 tablespoons, with honey if desired before meals or sprinkle it to your smoothie!


    Acai Berry Powder

    This powder is from a dark-purple berry that grows from Acai palm trees which are originally founded in Central & Southern America. One of its reported benefits include detoxification of the body, digestive improvement, creation of beautiful skin and strengthened immune system. If you are working out in the gym and feel sore, this powder also contains amino acids to repair muscles after work-out.

    Acai powder can be mixed with other ingredients in making smoothies, vegan cheesecake, truffles or even ice blocks!

    Maca Powder

    Maca is a good source of getting your sexual charm back! This powder is an herbaceous plant where its Peruvian roots are used as vegetable and for medicinal benefits. One study of Maca’s effectiveness in remedying sexual dysfunction for women suggest that there is an increase in sexual satisfaction when 3 grams per day (highest dose) consumption is observed. Also, some small scale researches indicated its helpfulness in the bedroom as a powerful aphrodisiac as it contains iodine, essential fatty acids, zinc and Maca can balance sex hormones that can improve one’s mood. After all, if there is an improved mood for lovemaking, arousal is easier to achieve. Also, it’s good for the bones as it contains rich calcium to support bone density.

    Maca powder can be used as an ingredient for homemade oatmeal, smoothies, snack bars or fruit salad recipes!



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    Adult coloring books are popular not only here in Singapore but around the world. However, there are some who ignore it. Adult coloring books are stress-relievers and in fact, it can serve as a therapy and form of meditation. No matter how we see it, coloring is helpful.



    Not all people like coloring because they do not feel artistic and are fearful that they will not produce beautiful artworks. Experts and patrons would say that anyone can color and however we paint it, it will not matter and it will always turn out to be beautiful and personal.

    If you want to consider coloring, start by purchasing adult coloring books. After that, it would be to your benefit to know how to pick colors.

    Be spontaneous

    When coloring, the safest thing to do is go with the rainbow spectrum. It could not go wrong. Do not think further because it defeats the purpose of expressing yourself. Color as if you are blindfolded – just pick a color that you like and let go. The key here is to be spontaneous and let it take over.


    Go overboard

    If you take coloring seriously, you can go overboard for as long as you want. You can begin by looking for an image with the colors you love and follow the pattern. The good news is that there are many sources that you can consider.

    Look for inspiration

    Inspirations are everywhere. It is just a matter of looking deeply and see it differently. To create beautiful pictures, all you need is inspiration and the rest will follow.



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    The applications of drone transcend to more than one’s hobby. It can be useful in search and rescue, science and research, surveying, aerial photography and many more. Drones refer to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). It is a flying robot that can be controlled remotely or fly independently.


    Many people are getting more and more interested and excited in drones. You can purchase one for as cheap as $50 and as expensive as $1,300. It can weight from 500 grams to 10 kilograms. Many industries here in Singapore consider drones. For instance the Timbre Group revealed that soon they will have drones serve the customer’s orders.

    There is no doubt that drones are beneficial in our society however, the government thought about regulating its use. In fact, there is a new bill submitted and implemented earlier this year to establish rules about the conduct of drones.

    It is imperative that the governments establish clear rules about the conduct of drones. Aside from Singapore, here are some countries with existing drone laws:


    • France: France is the country with the most number of drone operators in the whole of Europe with more than one thousand companies using it. There is no surprise that the country has the most progressive drone laws. The capital, Paris and nuclear facilities are no fly zone.
    • United States: For hobbyists, they can fly drones but not above 122 meters. For commercial uses like wedding and movie photography, drones are not allowed unless they can obtain exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration.
    • Japan: After discovering a small drone on the roof of the Prime Minister’s office in April, the government said to strengthen its laws governing UAVs. The drone was armed with camera and liquid container holding Caesium 134 and 137.
    • Thailand: In Thailand, the government totally banned the use of drones. Drones for research, education and other valid purposes may be allowed provided that they apply permit and they must pass meet certain criteria.



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  • Whether you’re participating in the annual gift exchange in your office, or you’re just thinking of giving a gift to your favourite colleague, you’re probably facing the question of: “What should I get this person for Christmas?” While gift-giving is just normal during the holiday season, doing it at work can be quite tricky. You surely don’t want to go over the top with your gift, but you don’t also want to come across as someone stingy. Luckily, you no longer need to feel stressed out in choosing your gifts with these office gift-giving tips in mind.


    1. Set a Price Limit. Define the parameters of what’s to be expected in your gift-giving activity by setting a spending cap for your gifts. This will give everyone a guideline on what gifts they can give, and make the gift selection process a little bit easier. Setting a price range for your exchange gifts will also eliminate the inequality in gift giving, which could possibly cause bad feelings or jealousy among the workmates.

    1. Perform Some Sleuthing. Surprise your co-worker with a gift that you know he or she’ll like, by performing some investigative work first. Learn about their hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. You can start your investigation by looking through their desk areas, since you’ll likely know one’s personality through thedecorations they put in their desks. If you want, you can also ask that person to have a lunch with you andthen learn more about them. With this, you’ll be able to accomplish your goal and make a new ally in your office.


    1. Avoid Giving Intimate Items as Gifts. As you start tailoring your gift options with the person’s likes, avoid picking items that are too personal. Steer clear from cosmetics, roses, lingerie or any intimate apparel and stick with career- or office-related gifts and cards instead.


    1. Pool Your Spending Power. If there’s one person, such as a coach or boss, whom everyone in the office wants to purchase a gift for, then consider chipping in for a budget and giving a group gift. Not only will your spending power go farther, you won’t also look like you’re trying to win favour with that particular person.


    1. Always Say ‘Thank You’. Regardless of who gives you a gift or what gift you receive, make sure that you thank that person. If possible, do take some time and send a holiday card or a handwritten note to that person as a sign of your gratitude for the gift.

    Doing an office gift exchange can be a great way to get into the holiday spirit. By following the aforementioned tips, you’ll surely be able to foster new relationships, while keeping your workplace merry and bright.


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  • 4 Signs to Call It Quits


    It’s devastating to end a relationship. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic one, deciding to go on separate ways is not going to be easy.


    If you’re not sure whether to call it quits with your long-time beau, you have a few advisors: your family and friends. But ultimately, you are the one who’s going to tell whether or not to continue the relationship. Here are five signs that it may be best to call it quits with your partner.

    1. You find reasons to start a fight with him.

    You get mad because he wasn’t able to respond to your text right away even though he has told you that he’s with his buds playing basketball. You just become increasingly hot-tempered, raising voice over the smallest reasons. The point here is not him being insensitive, but you constantly looking for a reason to pick a fight with him. It could be because you find him annoying and you’re looking for an excuse to end therelationship.

    1. You no longer put effort to look beautiful.

    It’s not that you have to look dolled-up at all times. However, if you have stopped caring about how you look when you two go out, you might want to ask yourself why. Is it because you’re just too comfortable around him or you just think he’s not worth the time and energy anymore?


    1. You find other people more attractive.

    Since you’re losing interest with your partner, you suddenly develop crushes on most unlikely people—your co-worker, workout buddy, or even the barista. Whether it’s just a fantasy or harmless flirting, your life now has some unexpected guests that you know—deep inside you—your partner should bealarmed of.

    1. Your gut feeling can sense that the end is near.

    Your intuition is the best sign for the end of your relationship. As of now, you’re still worried about the way things are going between you and your partner. You have tried communicating your concerns, but for some reason you feel like you’re not heard. Listen to your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, trustyour gut. Don’t worry too much though—ending your relationship means you can both move on to much better lives—and partners, soon.

    It’s difficult to decide whether you should end a relationship, especially if you love the person and you have been together for quite some time. However, if the relationship does you more harm than good, ending it could be the best thing you can reward yourself.



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    We make first impressions judging by the appearance of something or someone. We can’t help it because our eyes see first before our mouths can speak. There are many people who humour others and give them another chance. As it turned out, the first impression is wrong.

    business people handshaking

    When you do something or meet someone new, you are hoping that you make a good impression. This is completely natural but you have to think as well that you cannot please everybody. There will be people who will misjudge you. Regardless, you still have to try and make a good impression. To do this, you have to know actions that arrest people’s attention and how they will see you.

    Here are some actions that you need to watch out so you will not leave an unpleasant impression:

    • Selfie Style: Believe it or not your selfie style can speak a lot of things about you. People will assume many things about you based on your selfies. Being alone in photos for example mean that you are fixated. There are others who believe that selfie depicts openness, experience and confidence.


    • Cleanliness of our Homes: You have to know that it takes only twenty six seconds for your house guests to create judgments about you based on its cleanliness. People judge first through their nose. Take note that the scent of the house is critical for positive impression. The next thing that they will judge is the clutter. If clutter is present, guests will assume that you are disorganized.

    Stock Photo

    • Choice of Music: Your taste in music can also capture other people’s attention. For example, if you listen to “upbeat” music, people will think that you are loud or liberal.


    • The Color of One’s Clothes: There are numerous studies about the relation of colors and personality. For example, the personality of yellow-lovers speak of happiness while red-lovers speak of firmness and strong-mind.


    • When Asking Questions: When you meet the person the first time, you can easily determine if that person is ‘taker’ or ‘giver’ depending on the length of time that person answers or asks questions.

    At the end of the day, to truly know a person, you should give them second chance and not based impression on things like selfie style and cleanliness of their homes. Although you want to impress all, you have to accept that you cannot possibly please everybody. If that somebody already made their judgment, it is their prerogative.


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  • Choosing the photographer who will document your wedding is its own style decision – just like in picking the colour motif of your wedding, your venue, or your bridal boutique. While it can be quite confusing to choose a wedding photography style you’d like to settle on, learning more about each style will certainly help you decide on which one to go for.


    1. Digital Photography. The very first decision you need to make in choosing your photography style is whether you’ll go with digital or film (or a good mix of both). Compared to film, digital photography like those from the reputed white link bridal studio in Singapore are preferred by bride- and groom-to-be’s. With digital, you’ll be able to see your wedding snaps just a couple of days after your wedding depending on how fast your Korean wedding photographer works. Also, digital cameras can be used in places with extremely low lighting, which is great if you’re planning to schedule your shoot or wedding late in the afternoon.

    Unlike in film, your photographers will now be able to preview some shots on the camera’s display screen and adjust accordingly on his next shots. Through this, digital photographers are able to push their creative boundaries sans the limits of film and provide you with lots of stunning wedding snaps that you can put together in your wedding album. You also wouldn’t have a hard time looking for a digital photography package since each bridal studio also offer this kind of photography style.

    2. Film Photography. Film is another good, but laborious, way of taking wedding photos. Images captured using this style have an organic and soft quality in them. Compared with digital, film has a better shooting range from the highlights down to the shadows. However, using film to photograph events like wedding take a lot of work on your photographer’s part – and money on your part. In addition to purchasing film rolls needed for photoshoots, editing and processing images taken with film also takes a lot of time.

    Despite that, there are still a handful of wedding photographers in Singapore who offer this kind of services for clients who want to have film for their Korean wedding photography style.

    3. Classic Photography. Once you’ve solved your film versus digital dilemma, it’s now time to consider the look you’ll give your photos. Just like what you see in your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding album, classic-looking images are those that stand the test of time – they’re gorgeous, striking and a bit formal. These photos simply reflect reality, but are also infused with the photographer’s artistic sense. They do this while they capture random moments in your wedding and think about what they can possibly create out of those ordinary moments.

    This style looks best when things are captured naturally. So if you’re looking into giving the classic look to your Korean pre-wedding and wedding snaps, simply let your Korean pre-wedding photographer know that you want to have a rather modern take on the classic wedding photos that you’ve seen for years.

    4. Artistic Photography. These days, wedding photos are no longer taken with the couple looking straight in the camera and in full frame. With the birth of Pinterest, making your pre-wedding and wedding photos look more artistic and unique has now become easier and simpler.


    All you’ve got to do is think of a unique motif, suggest it to your photographer and brainstorm about the details of your shoot. However, a great deal of intervention from the photographer is often needed in order to turn the simple snaps of your wedding into a personalised and superb one.

    5. Lifestyle Photography. Simply put, lifestyle photography is photojournalism redefined. It is candid, but is done with some styling and direction, which gives a rather relaxed and approachable feel to the end product. In this kind of shoot, your photographer won’t just look for the best moments of the ceremony, he’ll also set the whole scene and capture as candidly as possible.

    6. Dramatic Photography. In this photography style, lighting plays an important role in creating the drama in the photos. For your shoot, ensure that your Korean pre-wedding photographer is capable of creating his own light in case the sun won’t cooperate on your shooting and wedding day. Remember that anyone can take good photos, but a true professional is someone who can consistently take great photos throughout your wedding day. Also, don’t forget to show one or two wedding photoshoot samples that are quite similar to what you’re planning to achieve to your photographer so that he’ll get a better idea of how he should take photos of your big day.

    7. Documentary Photography. Rather than highly styled or posed shots, documentary photography captures candid and spontaneous photos of people, action and décor. Most of the time, your photographer will stay in the background while capturing some good shots of the different moments of your wedding.

    Very little to no posing or organizing of the newlyweds and guests are done at this shoot, which is why this photography style is increasingly popular among brides these days. Documentary photography surely has a great deal to offer, but just like any photography style it also has its own set of drawbacks and one of which is not being sure as to what result you may get in the end.

    Each wedding photography style has its own charm and appeal that goes well with any wedding shoot theme. Now that you have a better understand of each style, it’s now up to you to decide as to which photography style you’d want to use for your wedding photoshoot.


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    Life is getting harder here in Singapore after knowing that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you do not act immediately, your personal finance decisions can cost you a lot of money at the end of the day without you knowing. You always wonder why you are losing money, it is time that you discover the reasons behind it.


    You lose money every day since every move will incur cost but have you considered your mindset? You drill your minds thinking where you did wrong but you haven’t thought about taking a closer look at your mindset. There are things and customs that you do every day that can cost you money and it is time to discover it.

    It is important that you discover the reasons why you lose money so you can change your mindset and save more money in the long run. Here are some reasons that you have to look closely and resolve immediately:


    • Listening to financial advices of relatives and friends: You trust your relatives and friends so when they recommend something, you listen to them and consider it as well. If you remember that scam of Suisse International, many Singaporeans fall prey. Though the people behind it was penalized, it doesn’t change the fact that many people lose money. It was widespread because relatives and friends encourage many to join. There is nothing wrong if you listen to your family members and unless they are expert financial advisers, you should not entirely put your faith on them.
    • Believing in gimmicks: You have to believe that sugar coating is innate in the society. You get things without thinking of the real picture because companies or institutions sugar-coated it. How do they do that? Well, they bombard you with freebies thereby hiding the real cost. Do yourself a favor and avoid it.
    • Not comparing financial products: You do not compare financial products because you do not understand it or you do not have enough time to understand it. This mindset should be changed because it will turn out that you will spend more. It is important that you compare financial products first so you will know which institutions offer lesser interest rates.
    • Choosing cheapest deals: It is true that you can save when you consider cheap things but sometimes, you have to rely on quality if you really want to save money. There is nothing wrong if you choose cheap deals but you have to consider its true worth.

    One of the hurdles to becoming wealthy is your mindset. You have to change it to change your life.


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    When we travel to other places, we need a passport and of course the visa. The visa will depend on the country but we wish that passport will be enough because securing visa is not that easy. The good news is that there are countries that do not need visa. They only need passport.

    Kinderreisepass der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

    There is an index which aims to find passports that give the most travel freedom – Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2015 in partnership with International Air Transport Association. The index ranks different countries according to the countries that their people can travel to without having to secure a visa.

    Here’s the result:

    • Germany and United Kingdom: Germany and the United Kingdom topped the index giving their citizens access to one hundred seventy three countries with only their passport to show. Both countries were also at the top in 2014 rankings.
    • Finland, Sweden and USA: Finland, Sweden and USA ranked second giving their citizens access to one hundred seventy two countries without a visa.


    • Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Norway: The eight countries ranked third giving their citizens access to one hundred seventy one countries without a visa.
    • Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain: The five countries ranked fourth giving their citizens access to one hundred seventy countries with only a passport.
    • Austria, Ireland, Singapore and Switzerland: The four countries ranked fifth giving their citizens access to one hundred sixty nine countries without a visa. In 2013, Singapore was at the sixth spot with only access to one hundred sixty seven countries.

    Visa-free access is really a convenient thing. Hopefully we can get more countries to encourage travel freedom.


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    There is no right time to save for our child’s college than today even if he is still just a wee baby. Sending a child to college is expensive here in Singapore let alone sending him overseas. If we have an average income, it is hard to set aside money for college but we have to do it for the sake of our children.


    Here in Singapore, a four-year course costs S$25,000. It does not end there because we still need to give our child monthly allowance not to mention school projects. Let us assume that we will spend $50,000 in total in the course of four years. Let us also take into account the inflation rate of 1.5% per annum so parents should expect about S$67,000.

    How do we amass this $67,000 in 20 years for only one child? This sounds difficult but it is necessary if we want to ensure the future of our kids. Here are some tips on saving for our child’s college without compromising our retirement plans:


    • Do it diligently: Saving is hard especially with everything that is going on but if we do it diligently, things are possible. We have to give credit to parents who diligently save for the future of their children.


    • Baby bonus + CDA + savings: Here in Singapore, for every child born, the government will give a baby bonus worth S$8,000. It does not end there, the government also promise to match dollar for dollar money saved in CDA (Child Development Account) up to S$6,000. These opportunities should not be taken for granted.


    • Baby bonus + CDA + ETFs: Granting we have $8,000. The government only allows dollar for dollar matching up to $6,000. We can put the remaining S$2,000 into ETFs. ETFs are investment plans given by brokerage houses. The investment plans will permit us to secure stocks for as low as S$100 per month.


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    Losing weight is difficult for us but when we see our Hollywood female superheroes, they make it as easy as changing into their costumes. Whether we want to lose weight for health purposes or just to look more beautiful, we can get inspiration from our favourite female superheroes like Elektra, Black Widow, Emma Frost, Invisible Woman and Alice Abernathy.


    For Singaporeans who are not familiar of the faces behind the superheroes mentioned above, it is time that we know them and their efforts to achieve that marvellous body. Elektra is portrayed by Jennifer Garner. Black Widow on the other hand is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. Emma Frost is January Jones, Invisible Woman is Jessica Alba and Alice Abernathy is Mila Jovovich.

    Before they take on the role, these superheroes prepared their body. With discipline, right food and exercise, they made their role attractive and interesting. If we want to get in shape, we have to know what things worked for them and hopefully make it an inspiration. So, here are some strategies they revealed:

    • Juice up: Emma Frost is in X-Men and her hourglass body was achieved with her all-juice diet. January Jones revealed that preparing her body is not easy because she had to eat and drink only fruits and vegetables.
    • Portion control: Susan Storm or Invisible Woman revealed that portion control worked for her best. Jessica Alba did not consider desserts and breads. She was very keen on her carbs intake but when she wants to indulge, cake was the answer.


    • Mini meals: Dividing meals into smaller portions proved effective for Jennifer Garner and Mila Jovovich – who by the way rocked their Elektra (in Daredevil) and Alice (Resident Evil) outfits. Jennifer took five mini meals per day only consuming 1600 calories while Mila ate up higher amounts of carbs for her intense workout. The small portions can help keep high metabolism.
    • Circuit training: Circuit training is a combination of high intensity aerobics and resistance training. This training sheds off weight easily. The training worked best for January Jones.
    • 3-2-1 Method: This method worked best for Jessica Alba. Even after her pregnancy, Jessica considered the method for easy shedding of weight. The method consists of 3 segments of cardio, 2 circuits of strength training and 1 core routine.

    There are many inspirations that we can get from our favourite female superheroes when it comes to achieving that marvellous body but we have to remember that we still need to find what works for us best.


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    Whenever we drive, we have to think that there is a probability that we will encounter road accidents. This thought is enough so we can take precautions before things happen. Road accidents are not common here in Singapore but it does not mean that we have to be completely complacent.


    The good news is that our cars have a safety device that can protect us from collisions in the form of airbag. Airbags are occupant restraint system that quickly inflates and deflates should there be collisions and deceleration.

    We have to know the different types of airbags for the purposes of learning it. Here are the different types:

    • Frontal airbag: Frontal airbag is the most common of them all. In 1981, Mercedes-Benz presented airbag as an option for S-Class. In 1987, Porsche became the first car to install driver and passenger airbags.
    • Side airbag: There are two kinds of side airbags commonly used today – the side curtain airbag and the side torso airbag. The side torso airbag inflates between the door and the seat; this airbag is designed to lessen the risk of lower abdomen and pelvic injuries. It was the Autoliv AB who was granted patent on side airbags.


    • Side tubular or curtain airbag: The side tubular or curtain airbag was a common feature of BMW in the late 1990’s. The BMWs were installed with inflatable tubular structure. This is a head protection system.
    • Knee airbag: This airbag is placed behind the steering wheel. Kia Sportage uses this as their standard equipment.
    • Seat cushion: In 2008, Toyota employed seat cushion system in the passenger seat. This is designed to avoid the pelvis from diving below.
    • Rear curtain airbag: The rear curtain airbag helps protect the occupant’s head in the rear in the event of impact.


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