If you want to witness local performances or Broadway hits, Singapore theatre companies will never let you down. The performing arts scene here in Singapore is conducive for many performers, directors and writers. If you want to witness one, you can head to the following places:


Singapore Repertory Theatre

SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre) is located in Merbau Road. SRT is the leader when it comes to production. It is one of the best English language theatres in Asia which gave home to international acts like Ming-Na Wen and Lea Salonga together with award winning crews and directors. Aside from original works, SRT also produces classical works like The Glass Menagerie, Hamlet and many more. You can also visit their website at SRT.com.sg.

Drama Box

Drama Box is located in Trengganu Street. It is a Mandarin contemporary theatre company that is famous for its intensifying of public responsibility and social awareness when it comes to performing arts. If you have any questions about the company and the performances, you can call them at (+65) 6324-5434. You can also visit their website at DramaBox.org.

If you seek for more, there are other theatre companies that you can consider. Before going to any theatre companies, you should first determine what you will watch. There are Chinese, Malay, Tamil and Bilingual (English and Mandarin) languages that you can choose from. Each language speaks of different cultures and traditions. You will surely appreciate it.

You can witness Wayang (Chinese opera), Bangsawan (Malay opera), Toy Factory Productions Ltd, W!ld Rice, The Theatre Practice, Victoria Theatre, The Necessary Stage and many more. You should book tickets right away.