Are you tired of planning your everyday outfit around your flabby arms? If you are burdened by the excess fat that hangs from your arms, there’s a non-surgical procedure that can help you achieve the look of sleeker and trimmer arms. Permanently removing fat cells, you’ll be more comfortable to flaunt them in spaghetti tops and racer backs all summer long.

Where did the flab came from?

Before researching how coolsculpting can help shrink the flab in your arms, it is important to know how you got them. For some people, genetics play a big role in the elasticity of your skin as you age and the amount of fat your arms can collect. As you grow older, your collagen breaks down, causing the skin to lose its firmness. Fluctuation in weight is also another reason, especially if you have quickly lost a significant amount of weight.

Is fat an issue?

First, let’s try to find out whether it’s fat or relaxed muscle that’s hanging from your arms. Unfortunately, as women age, our arms attract fats like magnet, but not everyone has the same situation. To find out, try this test:
Get into planking position. If you can’t see a small curve in your triceps (the back muscle of the arm) and you can pinch an inch of flesh in the area, then fat-reduction coolsculpting treatment in Singapore in your upper arms is necessary to de-flab them.

How’s your muscle?

All of us have muscles, but are usually hidden under layers of fat. Stand in front of the mirror and flex your arms. Can you see anything moving? Does the skin in your arm lift? If so, your muscles are still prominent and you can greatly benefit from coolsculpting in Singapore. If your arms have too much sagginess to them, the same procedure can still be used but you will need multiple treatments to achieve better results.

Is your skin elasticity enough?

The elasticity of your skin plays a critical role in firming up your arms as the skin holds everything in place. Unfortunately, we lose elastin and collagen as we age, making our skin lax. One good way to check your skin’s elasticity is to pinch the skin on the part of your arm that bothers you most. Does the skin snap right back in or does it take a few seconds to smoothen out?

How fast your skin realigns with the rest of the area is an indication of your skin’s laxity level. If it snaps right back in, it means that you have enough collagen in the area to work with.

The Best Ways to Lose Flabby Arms

Diet and Exercise

If you want to go all natural, then exercise and diet is your way to go. Doing the right exercises and eating the right food helps a lot in controlling the amount of fat that settles in that part of your arms.
However, there are also some who can’t seem to lose the flab in their arms. If this is your case, then maybe you want to check out some other scientific fat-reduction options.


Coolsculpting or cryolipolysis is an innovative method to get rid of excess fat cells permanently without the need of needles, incisions, and lengthy recovery. This popular fat-reduction procedure in Singapore works by freezing fat cells to death without touching surrounding nerves and tissues. Once the cells are frozen, they die and get slowly eliminated from the body. And, although not yet proven, many coolsculpting patients in Singapore have reported that the procedure helps to firm up their skin as the fat cells are gradually removed from the body over four weeks to six months.

How coolsculpting can help with flabby arms?

Coolsculpting in Singapore is an ideal choice for many patients looking to remove stubborn packets of fat from the arms. If you have moderate flabbiness in your arms, then this treatment may serve as a solution for you.
This procedure is performed without the need for anaesthetics and with minimal discomfort as the packet of fat is pulled into the applicator. After which, the cooling is applied through the applicator and you’re left to relax, work on your laptop, read a book, or just take a nap. Once the treatment is done, you can go back to your normal activities or go home and rest.

Results gradually show up as the dead fat cells are metabolized and flushed out of the body. If you want to achieve more dramatic results, discuss with your doctor about follow-up treatments. As for the skin, you may see subtle tightening. However, arm lift procedure may be necessary for extreme cases of flabbiness. The downside is that most of these surgical procedures require ale recovery time and is often associated with scarring, which covers almost the entire upper arm’s length.

Are you good candidate?

The most ideal candidates for this procedure are those people who only have a little flab in their arms. The cooling process can do what exercise can’t, and that’s reducing fat in specific spots, including the upper arms. Also, certain health conditions can possibly make you less of a candidate for the sculpting procedure. For example, if you have fibromyalgia or suffer from chronic pain, you may experience complications in the post-treatment phase. But if you’re generally in good health condition, coolsculpting in Singapore is safe for you.

Flabby arms aren’t appealing. They limit the clothes you can wear and make you feel self-conscious. If you want the freedom to wear anything you want—and by anything we mean sleeveless, racer backs, and spaghetti tops—contact an aesthetic clinic in Singapore for a coolsculpting procedure.