When it comes to properly washing your car, the right tools to use are essential for attaining optimal results. Thankfully, the automobile industry in Singapore has now come up with a wide range of car washing supplies you can use to cater different purposes. We no longer need to use detergent soaps and house rags to wash our cars. Car owners can now say goodbye to those unsightly swirly marks that often come with the wrong choice of car washing tools. They no longer need to rely on car washing services anymore as car owners can now achieve the desired look on their cars just by using the right car washing supplies. The following are the tools you need to use when it comes to properly wash your car:


Car Wash Shampoo

Back in the days, car owners used dishwashing detergents to wash their cars as well. Good thing those days are gone. We are now well aware that those dishwashing materials are not the best tools to wash your car with and are better left in the kitchen. A car wash shampoo is probably the most important tool to wash your car with. Look for a car wash shampoo that is gentle, has high foaming ability, good lubricant, has a neutral pH balance, and good concentration.

Car Wash Mitts

Instead of using house rags, use car wash mitts to wash your car with. The best car wash mitt is one that is made of good reliable material such as long or short nap microfiber and synthetic or genuine sheepskin. They are good absorbers of water but rinse off easily, are soft, and less likely to slide on the ground while you’re washing.


Car Wash Buckets

You need to have at least two separate car wash buckets in order to follow the two-bucket system. You can get a four or five gallon non-fancy plastic bucket for your car wash.

Grit Guard Insert

A grit guard insert is a round plastic insert that you’ll place on your buckets to separate the dirt from being picked again as you continually rinse and wash off your car wash mitt.

Drying Towels

Just like car wash mitts, it’s also better to use a drying towel specifically designed for car washing instead of using those house towels. The best materials for drying towels are synthetic PVA and waffle weave microfiber. These are durable, soft and gentle, great absorbers of water, and can be wringed easily as well.