We make first impressions judging by the appearance of something or someone. We can’t help it because our eyes see first before our mouths can speak. There are many people who humour others and give them another chance. As it turned out, the first impression is wrong.

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When you do something or meet someone new, you are hoping that you make a good impression. This is completely natural but you have to think as well that you cannot please everybody. There will be people who will misjudge you. Regardless, you still have to try and make a good impression. To do this, you have to know actions that arrest people’s attention and how they will see you.

Here are some actions that you need to watch out so you will not leave an unpleasant impression:

  • Selfie Style: Believe it or not your selfie style can speak a lot of things about you. People will assume many things about you based on your selfies. Being alone in photos for example mean that you are fixated. There are others who believe that selfie depicts openness, experience and confidence.


  • Cleanliness of our Homes: You have to know that it takes only twenty six seconds for your house guests to create judgments about you based on its cleanliness. People judge first through their nose. Take note that the scent of the house is critical for positive impression. The next thing that they will judge is the clutter. If clutter is present, guests will assume that you are disorganized.

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  • Choice of Music: Your taste in music can also capture other people’s attention. For example, if you listen to “upbeat” music, people will think that you are loud or liberal.


  • The Color of One’s Clothes: There are numerous studies about the relation of colors and personality. For example, the personality of yellow-lovers speak of happiness while red-lovers speak of firmness and strong-mind.


  • When Asking Questions: When you meet the person the first time, you can easily determine if that person is ‘taker’ or ‘giver’ depending on the length of time that person answers or asks questions.

At the end of the day, to truly know a person, you should give them second chance and not based impression on things like selfie style and cleanliness of their homes. Although you want to impress all, you have to accept that you cannot possibly please everybody. If that somebody already made their judgment, it is their prerogative.