Most people would frown at or feel horrified at the idea of having insects as pets, but insects are not only interesting creatures, they also require smaller space to live in and minimal to no socialization or interaction, which is ironic, because there are more insects in the world than humans.

Insects are also ideal for individuals who do not want pets that need a lot of attention and care. Like all living creatures, however, insects also need the same commitment from their owners. So, how do you choose which is the right insect for you as a beginner?

What Does It Need?

Research about the insect’s unique requirements. One tedious part about keeping insects as pets is finding the right food. Expert insect owners, for example, raise other bugs to feed their pets, a task that can’t be handled easily by a beginner. You should be ready to provide the appropriate housing as well that will mimic their natural environment as close as possible.

Who Can Own One?

As a general rule, first-time pet owners should pick insects that are relatively easy to care for, are docile and not dangerous, and hardy. Insects should be handled with great care, that is why it’s not a good idea to have a small child look after it. Make sure that your family will agree on keeping an insect as a pet, so that everyone learns how to handle and care for it properly because they’re fragile.

Common Insect Pets for Beginners

1.  Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Only 25 species of over 4,000 roaches are considered suitable as pets, but the hissing roaches are the most ideal for beginners because they docile and will easily get used to being handled by human hands.

2.  Praying Mantis

If you don’t like the idea of roaches, why not try its relative, the mantises. A lot of people find them interesting not just because of their appearance, but also for their hunting capabilities.

3.  Tarantula

This insect is low-maintenance, but is considered fragile, that is why it’s not an ideal pet for a family that has children. Choose species that are docile and are less likely to bite if you’re a beginner. Tarantulas also live longer than most insects on this list, and with the right care, can survive up to 30 years depending on the species.

4.  Scorpion

A lot of people find the scorpion fascinating, but they are also a challenge to handle because they have claws and a sting. There are scorpion species that are recommended for beginners, but make sure to research about the species’ natural habitat and needs. Those that live in the forests have different needs than those that live in the desert.

5.  Millipede

A millipede is also an ideal beginner’s choice because they are easy to handle. However, like all the others on the list, you need to know what the species specifically needs to give it the best possible care, such as food and housing.