Thirty is a wonderful age. People who are almost in their 30s talk about it with fear and wonder. “You’re getting old!” they say, but wisdom comes with age; and being in your 30s means you have been through a lot in your 20s. Though you still have so much to learn, never take for granted the life lessons you’ve had when you were younger. After all, life experiences are your best teacher and you owe the person you are today to your younger self.

  1. Money can’t buy happiness

Remember when you had your first pay from your first job, and the smallest things like contributing for home grocery made you feel so independent and grown up? Because even if you were not earning a lot, what mattered was that you know your purpose. Early adulthood for you was finding ways to stretch your paycheck, and that opened up to new learnings and smart life hacks. You didn’t rely on money to make yourself happy, and you shouldn’t do so now.

  • Love yourself first

Before you’re able to give love, fill yourself up with self-love first. Probably by now, you have learned this lesson. Whether from a bad breakup or from something else, we bet you learned it the hard way. By now, you’ve probably realized that you can easily replaced your terrible ex with something else, like time for family and friends, a business, work or a hobby. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with giving your all to someone special, you also need to remember that you can only give it you yourself is in perfect condition.

  • Work-life Balance is an everyday commitment

An intense overtime before a month-end report is okay. And a couple of working weekends won’t hurt. But if work is all you’ve got the last couple of months, something is terribly wrong! We know that work is important and that you love what you’re doing, but it shouldn’t define your life. Prioritize your personal life just as how you work hard to meet deadlines. You’ll be surprised you’re even more productive when you learn how to balance work and play.

  • Try something new once in a while

Remember those spontaneous road trips with friends during college days just because? Don’t let go of that thirst for adventure and new life experiences. Even if you are saving up for a new house or a new car, remember that you do not have to spend much to have fun. Challenge yourself to spend as little as possible to do something new, and you might even find yourself starting a little business out of a new hobby.

The list goes on and on. There are so much more life lessons that your 20s have taught you. The most important thing is to never forget them and be proud for who you have become today.