You must have put quite a lot of effort in planning your most special day. You already have the dress, the bouquet, and the venue, but what about the wedding emcee? Hiring someone to make sure everything in your wedding reception runs smoothly is as important as searching for the perfect wedding gown. From making the speakers feel comfortable, to managing the flow of events in the program, a wedding emcee Singapore takes charge of everything so you can relax and be the guest of your own affair.


So how do you make sure you hire the best wedding emcee? What are the points to look for? Here are a few tips to help you with the process.

1. Voice and Presentation Skills

This is something so simple, but the tone and pitch of voice can already differentiate a good emcee from a bad one. A wedding emcee with a squeaky or scratchy voice, or a very hard-to-understand accent, will only sound annoying to everybody’s ears. On the contrary, a deep and modulated voice will certainly catch attention and make a compelling atmosphere throughout the event. This is the reason why you should not book an emcee without first meeting him and talking to him at length.


2. Sense of Humor

Humor has always been a universal entertainment. A professional emcee should also serve as an entertainer who has the talent to encourage laughter and amuse people. Your emcee should know that laughter is the best way to unite families and friends that have not met for a long time and/or have not met at all. Being a humorous entertainer does not necessarily mean that the person should be able to throw a punch line every minute, but being able to build and sustain a warm and happy ambiance for everybody in the room.

3. Calm Under Pressure

A professional emcee is calm and composed at all times. When something unexpected happens, your wedding emcee should be able to react and handle the moment with finesse. For instance, filling the time with anecdotes, relevant stories, or sensible jokes as the next speaker readies himself for his turn. Notice the speed of corazon wedding emcee in Singapore and manner of talking as he answers your questions during the interview. Ask him complex questions and see how he reacts to these. From there, you will have an idea how he handles moments of surprises.


4. Experience

For this special day, hire someone who is already an established speaker. Though it doesn’t have to be in the field of weddings, it would still help a lot. Those who have experienced hosting events, or emcees who work in radio, certainly have the talent to speak to large crowd with ease, as well as charisma needed to set the mood of the room.

5. Homework

During the interview, ask him of the preparation routine he makes before a gig. His answer should include something like getting to know the important people involved in the event. A professional Singapore wedding emcee does his homework by knowing the family of the bride and groom so that he’ll be able to state factual matters and jokes related to the subject of the event. If the wedding emcee is familiar and in tune with the people in your reception, it will create an intimate atmosphere that brings your guests closer together.