Hope, fear and excitement—these are just some of the contradicting emotions you may feel when travelling for the first time. To compensate for any lack of knowledge about your destination, you’d likely be tempted to stick to guidebooks and roam around with groups instead of having your own authentic experience of the place. But if you want more memorable and fun experiences to talk about when you return home, here’s how to make it better on your first.

1. Face Your Fears

Taking the first jump really is scary, but you’re not the first person to explore the world, and it’s not like you’re discovering new islands or uninhabited land. There are well-used trails and guidebooks to direct you to the right way. If millions of people get to travel the world and return home safely, so can you.

2. Take it Slow

With limited vacation time, it can really get tempting to squeeze in as much places as you can visit. And in result, all you have are photos and a whirlwind of experiences. While it can be fun, you have no real knowledge about the places you have visited. The best you can do is to simply not rush things. Take a stroll in the park or just sit in a cafe, while watching the people around you and absorbing the beauty and culture of the place you’re in.

3. Pack Light

Forget about packing toiletries. Even if they’re in travel-sized containers, they’ll still take up precious spaces in your backpack. Moreover, if you pack light, it’ll be less physically stressful for you to move around. When preparing for your trip, get yourself a small travel bag so you won’t be tempted to over pack. Trust us, you can buy almost everything you need along the way.

4. Don’t be Shy

If you’re an introvert and afraid to mingle, just keep in mind that everyone else also knows no one. Everyone around you are solo travellers also looking for a friend. Just say ‘hi’ and most likely things will fall into place. Nobody turns down a nice approach and, who knows, you could even someone who can show you more of the world.

5. Be Adventurous

This might be easier said than done, but while you feel scared to jump off a boat or swing from a canyon, you won’t regret it after it’s done. Keep challenging yourself. Try things you’ve never done before. You may hate doing some of it, but later you’d be glad you did. You’ll walk away proud and more confident of yourself.

It’s alright to feel nervous when taking a leap to the unknown.
That’s normal, but you should not let fear stop you. Discovering new things and experiences will help you grow and become a better version of yourself.