The evolution of technology has brought us so much convenience in our day-to-day lives. However, while we look at it as an advantage, it is also a curse. It has helped us to be more productive, but we have also become too dependent on it that we even rely to it when it comes to taking care of our kids.

If you must use technology to help you babysit, make sure to use it responsibly. Here are some ways to help manage technology use among children.

  1. Choose your gadgets and apps wisely

Specify what gadgets you will allow your children to use. Also, download programs, shows, apps and games that has educational value. If possible, do not connect the gadget to the internet when you let your kids use them to avoid unwanted searches.

  • Use the gadget together with your kids

Parental supervision is strongly recommended when children are watching something on the screen. Help your little ones understand and process what they see. For older children, make sure that you know the content of the shows or games they are playing, so you can talk about it and enlighten them right away.

  • Make a connection between the screen and the real world

Since you will be watching videos and playing games with them, try relating the scenarios that your kids see on the screen to real-life experiences to help them understand the lesson. Talk about the issues that the characters encounter in games or shows and relate them to your kid’s experiences.

  • Create rules for your children

Set ground rules for gadget use, and make sure to involve your children in setting the rules to be fair with them. Inform everyone in the house and ask them to help in reinforcing these rules, so you can assure that they are still followed even when you are not around. The rules can include the type of device that your children can use, time limits, which room they should be in when using the gadget and the games, sites, and apps they are allowed to access.

  • Have rules for adults, too

To give your children the impression of fairness, parents should also follow a set of rules. By being a role model for a good gadget user, you are teaching your kids the importance of self-control and that human interaction should be a priority when you are together. When playing with your kids, avoid the urge to look at your phone and focus on having fun with them.

Gadgets are invented to make our lives more convenient. Show your kids the good side of technology by teaching and encouraging them to use it properly.