The hot and humid climate of Singapore is already a given. But knowing how to beat the heat is essential to getting comfortable. Here, then, are 6 ways you can keep the cool.

  1. Draw the curtains

Close the windows and draw the blinds and curtains earlier in the day or before it gets too hot. Close the ones that come in direct contact with the sunlight so as to prevent more heat from going inside your home. Only allow air in the house in the evening and early in the morning to avoid bringing warm air inside.

  • “Promote” cold air

Sometimes it just can’t be avoided that the weather is too hot and humid. Even when the blinds and curtains are drawn, there just always seems to be hot air blowing. Fortunately there are ways to counter this and let the cool air out. One simply way is to hang a damp towel on a place where air generally flows, like windows. You could also try to make a DIY Air Conditioner using a fan and a box f ice.

  • Dress for the heat

Obviously, you would want to avoid clothes that don’t allow breathing space for your body, skinny jeans, thick jackets and long-sleeved shirts. You should also avoid wearing darker clothes as they absorb more heat. More than that, material also helps against the heat. Clothes made of cotton and linen allow cool air to flow easily making them a fit choice to wear.

  • Avoid water that’s too cold

Contrary to popular belief, you should actually avoid drinking cold water when the weather is hot. Drinking cold water gives the illusion that we’re quenching our thirst and “cooling” our body. But by doing so, our cells will have to keep using more energy to balance out the body’s temperature and maintain a constant level of heat.

  •  Avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol

Tea, coffee, and alcohol are drinks that have a diuretic effect, which means they increase the amount of water and salt expelled from the body through urine. This leaves us dehydrated and feeling more irritated and exhausted from the heat. Our body needs as many and as much water as possible. So not having these drinks can help our bodies cope with the heat.

  • Avoid exercising when it’s too hot

 If you ever feel like jogging or you just can’t go a day without exercising outdoors, do it early in the morning when its not too hot yet. If you do so when the sun is out already, chances are you’ll get tired easily as you exhaust your muscles and rid your body of water via sweating. Although there are many who say they thrive in exercising when its hot, its simply best to take it slow and make sure you’re not pushing your body too much.