As vacation home rentals continue to grow in popularity, many vacationers are wondering what the fuss is about and why more and more travellers are choosing home rental over hotel stay.

If thinking about going on a getaway, do yourself a little favour before booking your trip accommodation.

  1. There’s Plenty of Space

In a hotel, family vacations usually include moments of kids fight over who gets what side of the bed and what to watch on the only TV in the room. On the contrary, in a home rental, there may be more than one TV and certainly more beds. Each child may even get his own room, and mom and dad will finally have some privacy—at last!

  • You Can Bring Your Pet

Not all home rentals allow pets, but many of them certainly do. And although more hotels now allow you to bring pets, a house has home space for Fido to run around and play. Also, if your dog usually gets irritable at night, you won’t have to worry so much about waking your neighbours up because your dog won’t stop barking.

  • Your Entire Group Can Stay Together

When booking hotel rooms, you and your company may have to spread out among several rooms, possibly on different floors of the building. A condo or a house has enough room to accommodate the entire group, so everyone can easily join the fun. You’ll also have more spots to hang-out together, such as in the living room, on the patio or in the dining area.

  • You Can Make Home-Cooked Meals

Cooking your own meals is always a budget saver, which is especially advantageous when travelling. You’ll also be able to stock up on snacks and get yourself a cup of coffee at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, it’s easy to cater to people with special dietary needs when you are able to prepare your own meals.

  • It Feels Just Like Home

Vacation homes are just that: home. Vacation homes have everything your home has—appliances, dishes, a pantry, a dining area, a living room, multiple bedrooms, laundry facilities, books and games and even a garage. All of these can make your vacation so much more comfortable and convenient, especially if you have kids and are travelling for extended period of time.

Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. Yes, you will be out exploring for the most part of your trip, but having a comfortable place to come home and rest to at the end of each day makes your vacation even more amazing.