In June 2013, a man wounded his friend using an ice pick because of some disagreement. The sentence was released in December 2013. According to the court, the man should endure twelve months of jail time. Here in Singapore, if you hurt someone, you will get a penalty of up to seven years jail time plus paying a fine and bearing caning.



It is better to be careful and avoid such situations but if you saw someone bleeding because of a stab wound, you should try and help him/her. But first, you need to determine if there is no imminent threat on your part. If there is none, you need to attend the wounds immediately. Stab wounds are painful and deadly if left unattended. You need to give proper treatment. Here is an idea:

1. Call for help. Before anything else, you have to call for help. You need to call the medics right away. If you do not know their number, you can simply call the police and let them handle the situation.

2. Check breathing. While waiting for help, you have to do your best to alleviate the situation. You can begin by checking his/her breathing.

3. Remove clothing. You have to search for the wound. When you see the wound, you have to remove the clothing of the victim slowly.

4. Stop bleeding. The next thing that you need to do is stop the bleeding. If you have an absorbent material present, use it and apply pressure. If the object is still lodged, do not attempt to take it instead put pressure around the object.

5. Reposition. If it is possible, you have to reposition the victim. You need to make sure that the heart is higher than the wound as it will reduce bleeding. They should sit or stand.

6. Wait for help. You can now wait for help knowing that you did your best for the victim. Everything will be up to the professionals.You may be the victim’s redemption. When you see that he/she needs help, do not hesitate.