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Singapore to Host the 2015 SEA Games

On June this year, Singapore will be the host country for the Southeast Asian Games (SEA). Authorities have high expectations on the benefits this event will bring the country in the long run.


The Singapore SEA Games Organizing Committee or Singsoc hopes that hosting the SEA Games will build and strengthen sports as a culture in Singapore. More than being awarded with numerous gold medals, it is essential that Singaporeans see the importance of sports in culture and society.

The SEA Games will be a multi-sport event that will last for twelve days, from June 5 to June 16. The main venue of this big event will be the Singapore Sports Hub.  An estimated 7,000 officials and athletes will take part in the 36 sports present in the SEA Games. Singapore will reportedly spend a total of $324.5 million on the SEA Games.


The planning committee wants to keep the event tickets affordable in order to attract more individuals to take part and witness the events. The media reported that there will be a free admission to half of the 36 sports part of the event, such as softball, tennis, triathlon, golf, hockey, rowing and squash. Tickets for the other sports are said to range from $5 to $20.

Singsoc is also planning to launch different activities for the community in the following months such as an Orchard Road mass rally to be held in March 7 and a countdown leading to the event that will last for 50 days.


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  • Enjoyable Things to Do in Singapore

    Singapore is a country that attracts tourists who are excited to see different scenic spots and try new things. Singapore may be a small country but you can never run out of fun things to do here. When you visit Singapore, here are some of the best things to do in the country.


    Night Safari

    If you are the type of person who adores animals, then it’s best to try the Singapore Night Safari. As the name suggests, you can visit and see animals in their natural habitat at night time while you ride the tram. You will then be guided to seven different zones where you can get up close and personal with different groups of animals.

    Heritage sites

    Singapore is a melting pot of different cultural groups and their history. Visiting these heritage areas will give you a front seat view to Singapore’s rich history and cultural traditions.

    Singapore Flyer


    The Singapore Flyer is the biggest observation wheel in the whole world. It stands at 165 meters and offers a 360 degree view of Singapore’s skyline and cityscape. Because of its large size, you can even see some of Malaysia and Indonesia’s surrounding islands and states.

    Night Life

    Singapore is full of different night clubs where you can unleash the hidden party animal in you. You can party and unwind in the different popular clubs in Singapore like Avalon, Zouk, Zirca, Ku De Ta and other clubs. You can dance the night away or enjoy a quiet time with friends while sipping different drinks and alcoholic beverages.


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  • If you recently moved here in Singapore, there are many things that you need to know about the place. Settling here in Singapore is easy especially if you realize the people here are welcoming and the place is beautiful. You finalized your home and your employment. What is lacking? Maybe your driving license?


    If you plan to drive your own car here, it is important that you acquire a driving license but if in this case you already hold a driving license that was distributed outside of Singapore, you need to convert it as soon as possible if you want to drive around. Permanent Residents (PRs) should convert their foreign driving licenses within three months after obtaining PR status.

    The first thing that you should do is pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT) provided by the authorized body.  You have to book a BTT test. You can book personally or online. If you want to book personally, you can go to Bukit Batok Driving Centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre and ComfortDelGro Driving Centre. If you choose online, you can go to the website of BTT and create an account.

    After creating and booking a BTT, you are now ready for the conversion. Be sure to apply personally at the Traffic Police Test Centre counter Here are the requirements you need to provide:


    • Copy of passport and pass: You need to bring an original and photocopy of your passport plus your pass. Your pass may be the entry permit, employment pass, social visit pass and many more.
    • Copy of valid foreign driving license: You need to secure original and photocopy of your valid foreign driving license.
    • Photo: Your photo is also needed. You have to bring a recent passport-size photograph bearing the following features: (1) the background should be white, (2) eyes are looking straight, (3) eyebrows and ears should be noticeable in the photograph and (4) glasses should be clear, not tainted.
    • Processing fee: Do not forget about your processing fee. You need to pay S$ 50. The payment should be made through NETS and CashCard only.
    • Translation: If your foreign driver license is not in English, you need a translated one. You can either present your International Driving Permit (IDP) or translation obtained from the right agencies.

    If you want to know more, you should personally visit the agency in charge. IDP is not needed for drivers from ASEAN countries. Now you know how to convert your foreign driver’s license. Good luck and be careful out there!


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  • The Prohibited Deeds in Singapore

    Singapore is a lovely place but when you are caught violating the laws, learn to take it seriously because you are only given a single chance to explain yourself of why you abide those existing laws. If you are a visitor in a particular country, one thing that you should do is obey the existing laws that are being implemented so that you will not be punished. In Singapore, there are several laws which many people think is only a simple law but surprisingly, these are some strictly implemented regulations and a huge fine is waiting for an individual who will be caught abiding those laws.


    Hugging Needs Permission

    Public display of affection in Singapore is not allowed. This includes kissing and hugging. Now, if you haven’t seen your brother or perhaps sister for a long time, do not get too excited and hug them. Instead, make a handshake so that police officers will not sue you for hugging. If you really want to hug him because you miss him, go to a private place and make the hug happen. A big fine is waiting if you violated this law. So, be vigilant and aware.


    Making Negative Comments on other Religion

    If in other countries it is accepted and tolerated, here in the country it’s a serious matter. Any religion that you will see or hear must be given due respect. If it happen that you have made a bad comment about a particular religion, expect war and get you battle gears ready.

    Two women talking in living room and smiling

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  • Clean surroundings, fines for every single mistake, strict implementation of laws, good English speaking people and high cost of living- these few phrases on how Singapore is being defined. There are still facts that make Singapore more interesting. Believe it or not, Singapore has only one city. It is a city within a city similar to Vatican, Macau or Hong Kong.


    As a small yet powerful country it is called the Republic of Singapore and Singapore City. Singapore was then under the British Colony and also with the Japanese reign in World War II. In 1963, it became independent from Great Britain and other colonized countries, including Singapore, formed the Federation of Malaysia. Due to different ethnicities, conflicts between Singapore and Malaysia rose thus removing Singapore.

    Since then, Singapore became independent in the year 1965. Singapore’s implementation of laws has become very forceful. Singapore has been also known as the cleanest in Asia. It implements rigid laws on even small things such as spitting and littering, even chewing of gums. It has made its name in the entire Asia and to other parts of the world for its being a very clean city. Lastly, Singapore is composed of rich people.


    A high percentage of millionaires live in Singapore. From street foods to the best in town, it values a great price. Their country has been recognized as always one of the most aggressive, most high-cost of living, and a country which grows economically fast. Well, this does not certainly make Singapore a rich country but also because of its diversity and discipline.


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