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Curating your Instagram feed might be one of the best past times you’ve ever had, but now it’s time for you to conquer your Instagram stories. Ever since Instagram released its Stories feature, we gained immediate glimpses into the lives of other people. Just like Snapchat, you can post photos or videos that will last up to 24 hours. But with its booming popularity, you’d definitely want your stories to stand out from the rest – and here’s how you can do just that:

Layer Your Texts

Choose text colours that would either contrast or complement your photo. All you’ve got to do is type in your text twice; just make sure that the second text is slightly skewed over the other. This’ll create a little dimension on your typography, elevating your text from its usual flat look.

Overstatement is the Key

Using overstatement is the key to letting your followers know that you’re passionate about the story you’re sharing. Use word repetition to your advantage by duplicating a phrase or word and overlaying it on your image. Pro tip: Make sure to hold down the swatch dot when you’re changing your text colour so you can customize your shade.

Get Creative With Your Proportions

This trick works wonders if you’re developing your personal branding, or just want to emphasize a keyword or a hashtag that you thought of. After all, you can upload photos you captured separately using your phone’s camera. All that’s left for you to do is use some Instagram story editing tools to make your photos look more natural and consistent.

Use Your Brush Pen for Scribbling Texts

If there’s a lot of things happening on the photo you want to share, simply create a solid background using your brush pen before adding a type- or handwritten text.

Make Great Use of Your Emoji’s

What the Instagram stickers can’t provide, the emoji’s on your phone can. So use and duplicate as many emoji’s as you can, or layer them using your trusty brush pen.

Quick Tips:

  • Upload a video or photo captured in the past 24 hours to your story by simply swiping down.
  • To hide your stories from certain people, go to Settings then Story Setting and choose who you want to be blacklisted.
  • Save Stories on your camera roll by ticking off the Save Shared Photos under the same tab. This’ll help in keeping your memories alive.

Along with your perfectly curated Instagram feed, you’d definitely want to share stories that’d wow your friends and followers – and to achieve that, all you’ve got to do is put the aforementioned tricks to work. So, happy posting and sharing!

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    Photographing food is now part of our culture, so you no longer have a reason to feel cheesy or weird doing it at your favourite restaurant. The only thing you should feel guilty and ashamed about is posting photos that look like slop. To save you from experiencing that guilt, we listed down some photography tips and tricks that will help you make even the saddest meals look better than they actually taste.


    1. Make Great Use of Natural Light

    One of the known tricks to capturing that Instagram-worthy food photo is to make great of natural lighting. Using the flash on your phone will only produce a harsh light that’s rarely or not flattering at all. So if possible, move your food next to a bright window, or brighten them up using photo editing apps. Another advantage of turning off your automatic flash? You won’t annoy your fellow diners in the restaurant.

    1. Photograph Fresh Food

    Food tend to lose its visual appeal fast. In span of several minutes, fresh herbs will brown and wilt, the juicy steak will run dry, and the cheese will become greasy. To keep these unappetizing look from reflecting on your photos, make sure that you start taking some good shots of your food as soon as they are served on your table.

    1. Work on Framing

    The challenge of taking photos with your phone is you lack control over the camera. Still, there are some things that you can do to get that perfect shot – and one of those is perfectly framing your subject. One good way to do it is to take an overhead shot. Capturing photos in that angle will surely help in creating a compelling and dramatic image.


    1. Use a White Napkin or Cloth

    If you’re dining in a restaurant, use any available white napkin to bounce the light and brighten dark areas. You can also use it to soften or filter a harsh lighting. If you’re taking photos at home, however, draping a white curtain or bedsheet will help you in achieving that same effect.

    1. Download Photo Editing Apps

    Using photo editing apps is one of the easiest and quickest way of improving your food photography. Some of the best apps with natural-looking filters are VSCO and Camera+. Snapseed is another great app because aside from its filters, it also has a tool that allows the users to create a highly desirable background blur and depth of field.

    Although making any meal look good in photos can be quite challenging, pairing up your creativity with these photography tips will surely help you in capturing that Instagram-worthy food photo. So be sure to keep these tips and tricks in mind, and put them to get use the next time you visit your favourite local restaurant in Singapore.


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