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Deciding on your travel destination can be difficult, especially if you’re thinking of travelling to a place that’ll give you an adrenaline rush, a vacation that’ll definitely amaze and wow you with its danger, intensity and risk. Here, we listed down some great vacation spots that are not just beautiful, but are also full of daring adventures you’d surely love to try.


  1. Africa

Depending on which part you decide to visit, your experience of vacationing in Africa may vary from something family-oriented and tame to something more dangerous and primal. You can go on a safari tour in most African countries, but ensure that you travel with a reputable agency to avoid getting caught up in a rather dangerous situation. You can even trek through the wilderness and encounter the wild animals in their natural habitat.

  1. British Columbia

Heli-skiing is an activity not suitable for the faint of heart. Imagine taking a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain, and when you hop out, you instantly start skiing downhill at breakneck speed. So much adrenaline rush, right? But if that kind of rush isn’t your cup of tea, you can also go mountain biking on the crazy trails of British Columbia either in a group or on your own.

  1. Nepal

Home to eight of the tallest mountains in the world Nepal is certainly one of the best travel destinations for adrenaline junkies. The place offers a great opportunity to go hiking, paragliding, rafting and so much more. And if you’re looking for the ultimate adventure experience, climb Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.


  1. New Zealand

Imagine exploring limestone walls, going white-water rafting with some amazing riptides, or jumping at one of the best bungee jumping sites in the world. All these and more can be done as soon as you set foot in New Zealand – and expect it to satisfy the adrenaline junkie within you.

  1. Switzerland

Just like New Zealand, Switzerland also offer lots of daring and fun activities like bungee jumping, mountain biking and skydiving. In Switzerland, however, you can do all these activities with the Swiss Alps as your background – you can even trek in the Alps or do canyon diving if you want.

All these travel destinations offer unique activities to satisfy your adrenaline cravings. So escape the busy streets of Singapore now, and take some adventure-filled break on any of these thrilling travel locations.


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    You finally have the chance to take a break and contemplate on your life. What do you do? For some, they prefer staying inside the house to reflect but to others, they ponder for long weekend trips and there is nothing wrong with that. If in this case you are looking for exceptional long weekend trips away from Singapore, there are many places in store for you.


    Skip the traditional trip to Bali or Bangkok. These places are too crowded now and overrated. Instead of having some fun, you will just end up getting annoyed of other people. If you want long weekend trips, choose places that are not as popular as Bali or Bangkok. There are many places with unparalleled views and not to mention beautiful diving spots.

    So, here are some unpopular places but are equally fun for that long weekend trip of yours:


    • Bagan: Bagan is a temple town in Myanmar. Myanmar is actually becoming famous now because of its charm which came from its simplicity. In Bagan, you will see myriad of Buddhist temples, pagodas as well as stupas built 11th to 12th centuries ago. It doesn’t end there for you will be treated with a spectacular view from the top while riding the hot air balloon. Best months to visit will be from November to February.


    • Kelimutu: Kelimutu is a mountain in Indonesia. It takes a lot of traveling to get there. You have to reach Moni first – the base from which you will start to trek up to the mountain. They say that when you trek a mountain, the view from the top will be nothing compared to the struggles you endured. The view of the lakes from the summit will stun you. Best months to visit will be from July to August.


    • Hoi An: Hoi An is a city in Vietnam. This is not your usual city with the hustle and bustle. This city is charming because of its scenic riverside views. The city takes pride in its preserved historic buildings. The buildings will show a diverse mix of Chinese, European, Vietnamese and Japanese styles. If you want fresh seafood and some taste of water sports adventure, you should head to the beachside. Best months to visit are from February to August.


    • Kuching: Kuching is a city in Malaysia. This place is easy to access because it is just 2 hours of flight time from Singapore. The city boasts of national parks, cycling and kayaking alongside Sarawak River. The city is famous for its cat statues as well as cafes. There is even a museum dedicated to these feline creatures. Best months to visit are April to September.


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  • Travelling indeed gives delight to people. And what could be more rewarding and satisfying than travelling hassle free? But, if you travel alone, the greater fear and anxieties you feel compared to travelling with companions. Of course, you do not want to let anything or anyone spoil your tour, so you have to be as well, in your toes when you travel. Take on these tips in order for you to have a trouble free trip despite travelling alone.


    1. Make an advance booking of the accommodation. Before anything else, you have to know where you are heading to. You should equip yourself with a destination in mind. With this, it follows that when you already know where you want to have your tour, look for some affordable yet quality hotels and accommodations. Search for something that caters to your needs and preferences as a traveller.
    2. Apart from accommodation, make a booking of your transportation too. Aside from the hotels, you should already do an advanced booking of your ride both in going there and what you will be utilizing and riding while going from one place to another in that very destination. Again, book for a ride from a reputable and dependable transportation booking company. Apart from the cost, you also have to take note of the safety and quality of the ride or the transportation.


    3. Know what to bring. You do not have any companion but your backpack. Before taking the tour, make sure to check what you will be bringing in your travel. List all the possible stuffs which you will be needing while travelling. Be certain that you will not forget anything that is necessary in your stay in that place. Additionally, include a first aid kit and a map in your travelling bag or in your backpack.
    4. Make sure to get the necessary details of your tour or your itinerary. Before you jump in into your tour, always double check your itinerary. This is vital because you are travelling solo. And in case you might need assistance later when you are already in the place, ask from the proper and authorised people or unit. Do not act like you know especially if you are new in the place. Do not be hesitant to ask but you also have to remember to ask form trusted person.

    With all these things, you have to make sure that you will not skip anything. To travel is indeed an enjoyable experience but isn’t it more delightful if you will arrive and will stay there safe and secured?


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    Sure there are a lot of adventures here in Singapore but sometimes, we have to see the bigger picture. Getting the big picture means going outside our comfort zone. If in this case you want to visit Australia, you are in a lot of treat. There are many Singaporeans living and studying in Australia so it is perfectly a safe country.


    Its distance from here is about three thousand miles which is about eight hours of travel (if you disembark at Canberra). It is a long journey but everything will be worth it at the end of the day. Adventure is just waiting. All you have to do is to make it happen. Here are some activities or adventures worth trying when in Australia:

    • Monalto Vineyard and Olive Grove: Not all tourists consider the vineyard and grove because they think that there is no fun. Monalto Vineyard and Olive Grove is actually a family-run estate celebrated for its café, restaurant and more importantly, breath-taking grounds. This is the perfect foodie adventure.
    • Great Barrier Reef: Australia’s pride is the Great Barrier Reef. It is after all a World Heritage site. It is famous because it is the largest reef system on this planet. The fishes and marine life never looked so awesome. For a splash, head to Cairns. Cairns is the doorway to this magnificent site. There are many tour operators that can take you from the shore to the reef. It usually takes about 30 minutes. If this is not enough, you can also check out Marine World – an underwater observatory.


    • The Twelve Apostles: Australia also boasts of remarkable coastal drives. Aside from the Great Barrier Reef, there is also one site recognized as a World Heritage. This is the Twelve Apostles originally known as Sow and Piglets. You can drive (about 243 kilometres) along the Great Ocean Road or you can choose the helicopter tour. The Twelve Apostles are rock formations.
    • Sydney Harbour Bridge: So you visited the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens not to mention the beaches but if you ready for more adventures, you need to experience the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can actually climb the bridge and of course, it is safe. The jumpsuits and harnesses will protect you.
    • Tasmania: Do not forget to include Tasmania in your itinerary. It has breath-taking beauty. If kayaking is your thing, going to Tasmania can make a difference. Tasmania offers dramatic cliffs nearby Tinderbox Marine Nature Reserve. Though Tasmania is just a small island, it should not be underestimated. Visit in late December or January for the highly anticipated Tasmania Food Festival.

    Make sure that everything is settled before actually flying there. Are your visas and passports ready? Did you book your hotel? As early as possible, make plans for a hassle free travel. If things are too complicated for you to remember, you can always hire for tourists guides or agencies to do everything for you.

    Australia is also known for its terrific shopping experience. You can have a day or two just visiting shops and buying souvenirs for everyone.



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    Traveling, in its essence, is about seeing and experiencing the wonders of the world while enjoying life at its finest. As we wander through different places we have never been, we also become a different person for we not only discover destinations, but also, ourselves along the way.


    Some people believe that traveling is merely witnessing breath taking views while others think that it is about getting lost and finding oneself. It has been held true by Asian, especially the Singaporeans who, according to Visa’s Travel Intentions. 95% of them have traveled more than the Asia Pacific. It goes to show that they love to travel and it is now becoming part of their culture.

    Truth be told, you will find few of people in the world who dislike traveling, and there are so many out there who confess that they are “travel obsessed”. They spend their entire days thinking about travel-related things. For some, travel is life and something they wouldn’t have any other way and this is where we cross the line of distinguishing what makes a tourist and what constitutes a traveler at heart and in practice.

    Tourists document moments; Travelers live it

    There is nothing wrong about sharing your whereabouts specifically your travels on Instagram and Facebook but experiences become more precious when not spend behind the screen.


    A traveler lives in the moment because he doesn’t want it to pass by, he knows when to snap a real good photo and savor the rest.

    Tourists miss home; Travelers think where to go next

    Tourists feel home sick, they miss their room back home and overlook the opportunity that traveling brings. A real traveler feels at home wherever he goes, he believes that life actually starts when one leaves the so called “comfort zone” and that there is nothing more fantastic than waking up in a different place.

    Tourists go with the pack; travelers do wander

    Tourists would always stay with the pack, stick to guide maps and magazines and are pretty much contented with taking photos. A traveler will wander around, explore their way and search their own experience. They don’t waste opportunities where fun and adventure waits go home with a great story to tell.

    Tourists have lots of baggage; travelers pack light

    Most tourists travel for comfort and they bring it as they move from one place to another which makes them carry loads of stuff. Travelers, on the other hand, bring basics and see whatever is available out there, do and consume anything just like any local. For the most part, they intend to experience and see things in a native’s eye.

    Tourists splurge; Travelers save

    A basic tourist will be spending money on leisure wherever they head because they travel for comfort but a real traveler would know how to travel for fun and great adventure without spending much—these are skills they have learned from roaming around different countries and immersing to diverse way of life.











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