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The piano is among the most popular instruments, and for good reason. You might notice that classical music is mostly played with the piano. In addition to that, the piano is also used in many other genres of music, from jazz to blues, to even rock and EDM. If you think the piano is the right instrument for you, here are some other reasons to take into consideration.

It ups your musical knowledge

First of all, if you already know how to play another instrument, learning how to play the piano can actually make you a better musician. Having an understanding of how to play the piano makes it easier for you to understand chords in other instruments. This is because it’s easy to identify the bass and treble sounds using the piano. Piano keys are also used to identify pitch.  If you notice, singers sometimes ask a pianist to play a key so that they can adjust their voice and pitch.

It can be easy to learn

There is a reason why you see really young kids already being good at playing the piano. The piano is a really good starting point if you want to get into music. When you learn piano, you are introduced to the basics of notes and scales. Music theory is also easily learned because it is immediately involved in playing the piano itself. While learning, you will learn a lot about how music actually works along the way. In our time, it can also be easy to learn because of YouTube. If you already have a piano or keyboard, you could try searching for videos on the web.

It can give the brain a workout

Just like with every other instrument, you’ll give your brain a good workout when you play the piano. This is because you’ll be forced to practice mind-muscle coordination. When playing the piano, we use both of our hands. Naturally, you might have trouble with your non-dominant hand. In addition to that, each hand plays different keys and at different times. This trains our brain to focus on our action no matter if your left and right hands are playing differently. This will definitely improve our brain function throughout.

It can help one relax

Listening to classical music has always been found to be relaxing. If you observe, many classical pieces are played mainly on the piano. When you play on the piano yourself, you’ll also find that it is quite therapeutic. For example, observe the sensations on your fingers when you start playing a piano. If you close your eyes and feel it intently, you can feel the vibrations of the keys. This can be your own form of meditation!

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  • Most people would frown at or feel horrified at the idea of having insects as pets, but insects are not only interesting creatures, they also require smaller space to live in and minimal to no socialization or interaction, which is ironic, because there are more insects in the world than humans.

    Insects are also ideal for individuals who do not want pets that need a lot of attention and care. Like all living creatures, however, insects also need the same commitment from their owners. So, how do you choose which is the right insect for you as a beginner?

    What Does It Need?

    Research about the insect’s unique requirements. One tedious part about keeping insects as pets is finding the right food. Expert insect owners, for example, raise other bugs to feed their pets, a task that can’t be handled easily by a beginner. You should be ready to provide the appropriate housing as well that will mimic their natural environment as close as possible.

    Who Can Own One?

    As a general rule, first-time pet owners should pick insects that are relatively easy to care for, are docile and not dangerous, and hardy. Insects should be handled with great care, that is why it’s not a good idea to have a small child look after it. Make sure that your family will agree on keeping an insect as a pet, so that everyone learns how to handle and care for it properly because they’re fragile.

    Common Insect Pets for Beginners

    1.  Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

    Only 25 species of over 4,000 roaches are considered suitable as pets, but the hissing roaches are the most ideal for beginners because they docile and will easily get used to being handled by human hands.

    2.  Praying Mantis

    If you don’t like the idea of roaches, why not try its relative, the mantises. A lot of people find them interesting not just because of their appearance, but also for their hunting capabilities.

    3.  Tarantula

    This insect is low-maintenance, but is considered fragile, that is why it’s not an ideal pet for a family that has children. Choose species that are docile and are less likely to bite if you’re a beginner. Tarantulas also live longer than most insects on this list, and with the right care, can survive up to 30 years depending on the species.

    4.  Scorpion

    A lot of people find the scorpion fascinating, but they are also a challenge to handle because they have claws and a sting. There are scorpion species that are recommended for beginners, but make sure to research about the species’ natural habitat and needs. Those that live in the forests have different needs than those that live in the desert.

    5.  Millipede

    A millipede is also an ideal beginner’s choice because they are easy to handle. However, like all the others on the list, you need to know what the species specifically needs to give it the best possible care, such as food and housing.

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  • Fishing is a good pastime to get into as a way to relax and get in touch with friends, and since Singapore is home to a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish, it’s a great way to get acquainted with the different bounties that nature has to offer.

    Whether it’s a carp, barracuda, or simply a catfish, there’s definitely something you can catch if you cast your line in the right at the right time.

    Before you decide to go into fishing, there are a few terms that you need to know to be familiar with the hobby as a whole. Here are some of the essentials to get you started:

    • Bag Limit – How much you’re allowed to catch at a given time, usually a daily basis. This is to allow the population to replenish itself and prevent overfishing.

    • Bait – Anything used to attract or entice fish to the hook.

    • Bait-casting – Fishing using a spool reed mounted on the topside of a rod specific for casting bait. In Singapore, only artificial bait is allowed to preserve the water quality.

    • Blind-cast – Casting your line in no particular area, which does little to increase your chances in catching fish.

    • Bottom Feeder – Refers to fish that feed at the bottom of riverbeds, such as carp and catfish.

    • Brackish – Mostly freshwater with a bit of saltwater mixed to it. Areas with brackish water can support both freshwater and saltwater fish.

    • Catch-and-Release – A conservation practice where the angler unhooks and returns the fish to the water rather than keep it. This is encouraged by the angling community as it helps maintain the ecosystem.

    • Catch-and-Keep – Also called “catch-and-kill”, where you take home your prize instead of releasing it back to the water. Typically, you want to keep only the fish that are abundant or harm the freshwater ecosystem.

    • Channel – A riverbed or streambed. Bottom-feeding fish usually spend most of their lives here.

    • Tackle – Refers to any fishing equipment in general

    With more reservoirs and bodies of water being recently made open to the public, now is the perfect time to start getting into the hobby.

    If you’ve always wanted to find something that doesn’t take too much energy while still being able to enjoy nature and fresh air (the perfect formula to unwind if you’re feeling lazy during the weekend), then fishing is the perfect thing for you to get started on.

    The best part about angling is that anyone can do it. All you really need is a good fishing line, artificial bait, and the free time. With a little practice, you can even get something big on your hook!

    (Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

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  • We all have our own favorite activities to spend the weekends with. For one, I am a big fan of taking time to clean my apartment and work on a cross-stitch project I am invested in for almost a year and a half now. Others like to meet up with friends and catch up with the many happenings in each other’s lives, while there are some who would prefer to stay at home and watch the latest soccer game.

    Regardless, weekends are our time in the week to do the things we want. Sure, we might have tons of pending paper work and summary reports to do, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t allow ourselves to take a break and recharge at times. Keep in mind that a sound mind and body greatly contributes to the improvement of our overall work performance.

    1. Gardening
    Get back in touch with nature through tending to a small garden in your backyard. Or if you live in a condo, invest in potted plants and don’t forget to water them regularly. Spending some of your weekends gardening can be therapeutic. It is also one way to cultivate your creativity by combining your plants’ texture and color and moving your pots around your home.

    2. Preparing healthy meals
    Sometimes, there are snacks you want to indulge in yet restrain yourself from doing so during the entire week. Though sweet treats are relatively high in calorie and sugar content, you can always consume them in moderation without putting your health at great risk. The weekends can be the perfect time to snack on some healthy treats such as frozen yogurt or fruits.

    3. Yoga
    Yoga is different from exercise mainly because it integrates meditation in the process. A lot of business executives are practicing yoga since it is one effective way to re-orient their outlook in life, as well as give them time to think — and just think. With their hectic work schedules, sometimes they don’t even get enough time in the day for silence. This makes yoga one perfect outlet for stress and all pent-up work related frustration.

    4. Brunch
    If you have no urgent commitments over the weekend, allow yourself to sleep a little bit longer and wake up in time for brunch. Give yourself a few additional hours for rest to greatly help in recharging your system. Going out for brunch can be both fun and relaxing, and if you invite your close friends over then it can provide you time to catch up with each other. It can also be one great opportunity to network yourself out there.

    5. Any creative outlet
    Finding a creative outlet is one way to relax your mind. If you’re into the arts, you can opt to paint over the weekend. Start with something simple, like painting the interior or other small things inside your residence. If you have a way with words, keep a journal and write regularly. If you want something more interesting, adult coloring books are trending lately since the creative activity offers the mind some relaxation and peace.

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