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Qualities of a Good Locksmith

Not all Singapore locksmiths have the same level of skills since not all of them are trained in the same way. Being a locksmith Singapore requires a certain level of knowledge, skills, and education to be able to perform all the essential locksmithing tasks correctly and properly. So when you’re dealing with your residential, commercial, or automobile security, look only for someone who is reputable and knowledgeable.

The first thing you need to do before hiring a locksmith is to research. Since this person such as prosmith singapore will be greatly involved in the security of your commercial property, automobile, and home, it’s only reasonable to do an extensive research whether this individual is a trustworthy professional. It would be a wise move to locate a trustworthy locksmith before you even need their services.


Whether you’re locked out of your car or home, need security works, or have your locks repaired, a professional locksmith in Singapore can help you. Below are some of the important characteristics to look for when hiring a locksmith.

Upfront Pricing

A number of locksmith out there give misleading or incomplete pricing to lure more customers. Then, once the whole service bill is presented, large amounts and hidden charges are added to the initial quoted price. This type of misleading occurs from unethical and corrupt individuals who are only self-proclaimed legitimate locksmiths.

A professional locksmith Singapore will give you an estimate quote over the phone before coming to your place and do his job. Because of years of experience, he’s able to give close estimation according to the information you’ve given.

Analytical Mind

A good locksmith is about being good at solving analytical problems. The work of a locksmith in Singapore is about solving different challenges that has to be understood and analyzed to come up with the best solution. The problem-solving type of work makes every locksmith Singapore more knowledgeable in their field. Every job they successfully accomplish adds to their experience, improve skill level and make them better equipped for future projects.


Industry Knowledgeable

A professional locksmith Singapore has been through years of training. The one you hired should be able to fix the problem without causing damage to any of your properties. He should have the right set of tools and equipment to open any kind of locks. Destroying or drilling a lock is a poor way to unlock a door (this should only be taken as a last resort), so be wary if you see your hired locksmith carrying drillers and large hammer-like tools. Repairing the damage he has caused may only bloat your expenses more. Look for a professional in Singapore who can provide different services. He should have the knowledge to deal with commercial, residential and automotive services.

Licensed and Recognizable Name

When you hire a locksmith service, you’re entrusting him with an access to your automobile, business or home. The hired professional should work in uniform at all times and drive a company marked vehicle for ease of recognition. In Singapore, locksmiths are required to secure a license to be able to operate. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for a license, certification, business cards or any other identification to prove the locksmith’s legitimacy. Furthermore, a professional locksmith Singapore will also ask for your identification, especially when under lockout circumstances.

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  • Singapore Sees Positive Changes

    Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pointed out on his National Day speech last August 8 that Singapore will be on the verge of becoming a developed country as the nation’s economy and society matures in the coming years.

    Lee pointed out different sectors in the society, such as the elderly, the youth and the professionals, will be benefiting on the government’s move towards a “new Singapore.” He said that they will review the country’s growth and direction, reconsider its economic position, and somehow replenish all government efforts towards national development.


    Lee also mentioned in his message strategies on how they handle healthcare issues, education struggles, living costs, transport system difficulties, and continuous population growth.

    These strategies include the government’s effort on maintaining more affordable residences for Singaporeans through Built-To-Order (BTO) flats campaign, healthcare benefits, and broader education opportunities. As well as providing extra lines of buses and free MRT rides every morning around the city.

    PM Lee also cited the possible economic growth within the year. He disclosed that Singapore’s economy might boom between 2.5 to 3.5 per cent, higher that the previously expected development in the stocks.

    He also recognized the aid given by “Our Singapore Conversation” on forming programs and projects leaning towards what the Singaporeans aspire for the nation after 20 years. He assured that the government will see to it that these hopes and desires from his people won’t be neglected.

    Lee concluded his National Day note by reminding his people that these positive changes won’t be possible unless they are united, and not apart because of age, race, social status, and political beliefs.

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  • What kind of Singapore do you see after two decades?

    This was the main question posed by a group of Ngee Ann Polytechnic film students for their Singaporean respondents to complete their video which features these people’s visions for Singapore after 20 years. Assisted by local movie producer N Mohamed Yahssir, these students captured the opinions, thoughts, and desires of thousands of Singaporeans that participated in the talks and forums for “Our Singapore Conversation (OSC).”


    OSC involves dialogues, discussions, and sessions with Singaporeans from all walks of life on how will they see Singapore in the following twenty years. They had already conducted hundreds of group sessions in public centers, libraries, bistros and restaurants, and have reached more than 47,000 participants nationwide. The said national conversation also released “12 Different Perspectives” which tackles on what kind of nation do Singaporeans projects.

    Meanwhile, the said 4-minute clip narrates usual scenarios in the life of the Singaporeans, including scenes from the marginalized sectors of the society like the elderly, non-professionals, vigilantes, and retirees. It includes views and fears of citizens on what they’ll be expecting from Singapore in the near future. As well as their hopes for their children who will be living in the country in the said time.

    The said video will be out together with “Reflections,” a Singapore news magazine, which will be available a day before Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally on August 18, Sunday. OSC was introduced by PM Lee in 2012 and is now lead by Singapore Education Minister Heng Swee Keat.

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  • The field of Information Technology is speeding up all over the world. There is development all around. With all over development Singapore has also become one of the upcoming centres of Information Technology. Following the steps of other developing countries it has proved to be technological business hub of Asia. The reason why Singapore has been able to overcome other developing countries is the consistent efforts by the Singapore government:

    Computer Monitors Shaking Hands

    • The government has aimed at a good education system which has helped more and more people to get technological education and in turn has helped the nation in technological development.
    • The government has been working towards good infrastructure which has been a back bone for all the developments in Singapore.it-sg-2
    • The government has been helpful in providing low cost telecommunication which has helped in getting more and more people engaged in technology business of Singapore.
    • The government has been prioritizing all the projects related to information technology which has speeded up the technological advancement of Singapore. There are many government initiated R and D projects in Singapore.
    • All the major Information technology companies have been allowed and supported by the Government of Singapore to establish their setup in Singapore.it-sg-3
    • Government has maintained a good legal environment for information Technology. All the computer programs are preserved and have copyright as literary work.
    •  The government has been able to control the Piracy rate in Singapore which is two third of the piracy rates in other Asian countries.
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  • Condo Management Help Save Cost


    The property management firm in Singapore can save some serious money for any condo, by imposing a smart accounting method and by choosing only the cheapest and the most effective partners. Condom management means not only a great service for the propriety; it also means a good relationship with the strata title owners. Here are the main services offered by the real estate Singapore condo management company. Issuing the internal bills for the consumptions of each apartment and family. The bills must be checked by the owners along with the property management Singapore representatives, and the condo manager must explain the bills to each owner separately. Cashing in at least twice a month. Once every two weeks, a representative of the Singapore condo management company must come to collect the money for the consumptions and services. Of course, the MCST Company must also give you other alternative payment methods such as internet banking and payment orders, but for the elder strata title owners that are not used with those modern techniques, the condominium real estate must offer the services of a cashier. Paying the bills to the service and materials providers. The property management Singapore Company has to display all the common expenses, as well as the individual expenses for each family. Once the money is collected, the condo owners have the right to request payment proofs to the third parties and providers. The condo management must justify every penny, and the professional MCST Company must be able to give you those papers within 24 hours after requesting them.

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