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Romantic relationships always come up in the top three topics most Singaporeans are interested in. This affects an important aspect of ourselves and can even influence the other non-related areas of our lives. When we’re brokenhearted, focusing at work can be a drag. There’s just a long list of questions one can think about when it comes to the topic of relationships. Most answers are subjective or better left unanswered.


Many can be said about romantic relationships but those listed below are what you shouldn’t believe in.

There is that one true love

When we were young, we used to believe in the idea of a soul mate or of that one true love destined for you. Some people believe in this idea completely that they spend a good amount of time waiting for their one true love as well as looking for signs if the person is really the one they’re looking for. Unfortunately, this may not be true. It all depends on how you make a relationship work that determines who you’re going to end up with.

Like attracts like is the best formula

Some people believe that the couples who have the highest chances of ending up together are those that share a lot of similarities. This may not be true as there are also a lot of couples who are so different from each other and yet completely in love and still together. Differences can spice up a relationship and these similarities should be based on personal values and such.


Love is all you need

Couples who rush in love think that it’s all they needed to live happily. The bad news is that The Beatles cannot be more wrong. No, love is not all you need. In order to make your relationship last, you’ll need to consider other important factors such as finances, responsibilities, obligations, adjustments – you get the gist. But yes, love is very important.

Sex will deepen your love

This may be the biggest lie of all taken to advantage by most men. Sex is an important aspect of your relationship but it will not deepen the amount of love you feel for each other. Sex will not improve the quality of your relationship nor will it solve your conflicts.

A new relationship is your cure for breakup

It is advisable to take some single time after going through a breakup. This will help you heal naturally and even help you understand why things happened as they did. You’ll be more prepared to handle relationships the next time around.


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  • 4 Signs to Call It Quits


    It’s devastating to end a relationship. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic one, deciding to go on separate ways is not going to be easy.


    If you’re not sure whether to call it quits with your long-time beau, you have a few advisors: your family and friends. But ultimately, you are the one who’s going to tell whether or not to continue the relationship. Here are five signs that it may be best to call it quits with your partner.

    1. You find reasons to start a fight with him.

    You get mad because he wasn’t able to respond to your text right away even though he has told you that he’s with his buds playing basketball. You just become increasingly hot-tempered, raising voice over the smallest reasons. The point here is not him being insensitive, but you constantly looking for a reason to pick a fight with him. It could be because you find him annoying and you’re looking for an excuse to end therelationship.

    1. You no longer put effort to look beautiful.

    It’s not that you have to look dolled-up at all times. However, if you have stopped caring about how you look when you two go out, you might want to ask yourself why. Is it because you’re just too comfortable around him or you just think he’s not worth the time and energy anymore?


    1. You find other people more attractive.

    Since you’re losing interest with your partner, you suddenly develop crushes on most unlikely people—your co-worker, workout buddy, or even the barista. Whether it’s just a fantasy or harmless flirting, your life now has some unexpected guests that you know—deep inside you—your partner should bealarmed of.

    1. Your gut feeling can sense that the end is near.

    Your intuition is the best sign for the end of your relationship. As of now, you’re still worried about the way things are going between you and your partner. You have tried communicating your concerns, but for some reason you feel like you’re not heard. Listen to your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, trustyour gut. Don’t worry too much though—ending your relationship means you can both move on to much better lives—and partners, soon.

    It’s difficult to decide whether you should end a relationship, especially if you love the person and you have been together for quite some time. However, if the relationship does you more harm than good, ending it could be the best thing you can reward yourself.



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