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A Guideline for Picking Colors  


Adult coloring books are popular not only here in Singapore but around the world. However, there are some who ignore it. Adult coloring books are stress-relievers and in fact, it can serve as a therapy and form of meditation. No matter how we see it, coloring is helpful.



Not all people like coloring because they do not feel artistic and are fearful that they will not produce beautiful artworks. Experts and patrons would say that anyone can color and however we paint it, it will not matter and it will always turn out to be beautiful and personal.

If you want to consider coloring, start by purchasing adult coloring books. After that, it would be to your benefit to know how to pick colors.

Be spontaneous

When coloring, the safest thing to do is go with the rainbow spectrum. It could not go wrong. Do not think further because it defeats the purpose of expressing yourself. Color as if you are blindfolded – just pick a color that you like and let go. The key here is to be spontaneous and let it take over.


Go overboard

If you take coloring seriously, you can go overboard for as long as you want. You can begin by looking for an image with the colors you love and follow the pattern. The good news is that there are many sources that you can consider.

Look for inspiration

Inspirations are everywhere. It is just a matter of looking deeply and see it differently. To create beautiful pictures, all you need is inspiration and the rest will follow.



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  • 8 Ways to Have Fun in Singapore

    There are countless activities in Singapore that you can try so you can have a good time, and eight of these are the following.


    1. Singapore offers a wide selection of accommodation for all types of travelers. From five-star to budget hotels, there is a comfortable and decent place for everyone. Another good option is to stay in one of Chinatown’s boutique hotels. You will surely get amused by the funky interiors and vintage furniture.
    2. Visit Ming Village and unleash your creativity by trying your hand at porcelain painting. Get amazed with yourself when you create your own masterpieces.
    3. Don’t miss out on Ducktour’s amphibious half-truck and half-boat craft. Get a ride and enjoy a land and sea adventure.
    4. Activate your adventurous taste buds by trying some exotic delicacies at the Imperial Herbal Kitchen. Choose among their unusual and interesting menu, including deep fried ants and scorpions.
    5. Go on a special zoo tour at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. See cheetahs and other wild animals up close. Tour guides are even there to make your experience more fun, and at the same time, informational.
    6. Want an underwater experience? Underwater World has a lot in store for you, including diving. You can get closer to a variety of sea creatures, such as the sea cows and sharks.
    7. Get a breathtaking view of Singapore while having high tea in the Equinox located at the 69th floor of Swissotel The Stamford.
    8. Are you a shopaholic? Orchard Road has a lot of shopping malls and boutiques where you can buy almost everything—from premium apparel brands, latest gadgets, Asian antiques, to pretty souvenirs.
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  • It is said that the crowning glory of a woman is her hair. It is true therefore you should do your best to take care of it. If in this case you want to pamper yourself and your hair, you can head to hair Salons. In Singapore, there are many Hair Salons with pool of hair experts and stylists that you can trust. Here’s a list of the best hair salons in Singapore recommended by locals:



    Kimage offers affordable hairdressing services. You can go to their branches at Junction 8 shopping Centre, Kovan, Lot 1 Shoppers Mall, Plaza Singapura, Rivervale Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Payoh Northpoint Shopping Centre, Tiong Bahru Plaza, T Central, Marina Square, Funan Digitalife Mall, Jurong Point, Tampines and

    Tony & Guy

    Tony & Guy Hairdressing is synonymous to professional hair care. You can go to their branches at Rochester Mall, Holland Village, Mandarin Gallery, River Valley and East Coast.

    Shunji Matsuo 

    This hair studio is located in Orchard Road, Somerset and  Tampines Central. The hair studio is not only famous in Singapore but the whole of Asia. Shinji Matsuo presents Singaporeans with Japanese hair techniques and styling. They also offer perming and hair colours.

    Next Hair

    This salon is proud of its world class hairstyling for all. You can go to their branches at Ion Orchard, Holland Village and Shenton Way.


    This salon is famous because of its wide range of salon services for all people. The ambiance is good and the staffs are friendly. You can go to Orchard Road.

    You should make reservations in advance because these salons are jam packed every Fridays to Sundays. But if in this case you prefer to do everything on your own, you are free to perform hair treatments in your house. Hair treatments are widely available in the market these days so you can find it without difficulty.

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  • Singapore Theatre Companies

    If you want to witness local performances or Broadway hits, Singapore theatre companies will never let you down. The performing arts scene here in Singapore is conducive for many performers, directors and writers. If you want to witness one, you can head to the following places:


    Singapore Repertory Theatre

    SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre) is located in Merbau Road. SRT is the leader when it comes to production. It is one of the best English language theatres in Asia which gave home to international acts like Ming-Na Wen and Lea Salonga together with award winning crews and directors. Aside from original works, SRT also produces classical works like The Glass Menagerie, Hamlet and many more. You can also visit their website at SRT.com.sg.

    Drama Box

    Drama Box is located in Trengganu Street. It is a Mandarin contemporary theatre company that is famous for its intensifying of public responsibility and social awareness when it comes to performing arts. If you have any questions about the company and the performances, you can call them at (+65) 6324-5434. You can also visit their website at DramaBox.org.

    If you seek for more, there are other theatre companies that you can consider. Before going to any theatre companies, you should first determine what you will watch. There are Chinese, Malay, Tamil and Bilingual (English and Mandarin) languages that you can choose from. Each language speaks of different cultures and traditions. You will surely appreciate it.

    You can witness Wayang (Chinese opera), Bangsawan (Malay opera), Toy Factory Productions Ltd, W!ld Rice, The Theatre Practice, Victoria Theatre, The Necessary Stage and many more. You should book tickets right away.

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  • Where to Get Tattoo in Singapore

    Self-expression comes in different form. There are those who express their individuality through music while there are others who paint. There are also those who express your individuality through tattoos. If you decide to get a tattoo in Singapore, you should know the best place to it get. Locals will recommend the following shops:


    1.   Exotic Tattoos and Piercing – The shop offers tattoo service and body piercing. It is located at Far East Plaza.

    2.   Alive Tattoo Studio – The studio offers painless tattoo, airbrush temporary and UV reactive tattoos. It is located at New Bridge Road.

    3.   Body Decor Tattoo and Piercing Studio – They offer permanent tattoos, UV tattoos, cover ups and more. They are located in Clemenceau Avenue. The reputation of the shop is known even outside of Singapore.

    4.   Imagine Tattoo Studio – Imagine or Enigami is owned by Aelvin Lim. He is also the tattoo artist. He was given two awards during the Singapore Convention last 2009. His studio is located at Pearl’s Hill Terrace.

    5.   Familiar Strangers – This shop is located in Upper Circular Road. This is acknowledged as the best tattoo shop by many locals. Their services are not cheap but rest assured that they’ll give you the best tattoo in town.

    If you know other tattoo shops, you can consider them too. The good news here is that there are many designs you can consider. You can even customize your own tattoo. If it is your first time, choose a smaller design so you will know what to expect. If you think you can handle it, then explore bigger designs. The tattooing process may take minutes to hours depending on the tattoo’s size.

    Enjoy your new identity and flaunt that tattoo!

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