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If you are a fan of One Direction, you surely listened to every song and watched every music video. As if it is not enough, you even reviewed their X Factor moments. But you will not be their avid fan if you haven’t watched their documentary, This Is Us. Their documentary included two splendid hours of 3D scenes starring Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. If you watched it, you thought it was the best documentary ever.


But wait till you see their upcoming 1D Day event. This event is a publicity designed to jumpstart their new album. The 1D Day is a worldwide event which will be on November 23, 2013 and get this, they will host a live show for seven hours! You can see the boys for seven hours! That’s a dead giveaway. What should you expect in their live show?


Guest Appearances

Of course, there will be guest appearances (although you think that the five boys are enough). No names are given but for sure, their guests are superb like them.

Live Transmission

The actual event will be in Los Angeles. But do not worry because there are live transmissions or dispatches around the world.



Actually, on November 17, 2013, there was a gathering of more than four hundred fans at the Gardens by the Bay. The fans choreographed Best Song Ever and sent the videos to the boys. The videos will be featured on their online transmission.

No one really knows what will happen on that day but you can expect nothing but the best – purely fun and entertaining. The event will surely be your best Saturday ever. Have fun!

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  • You should know that all dogs and cats entering in Singapore are obliged to endure a minimum of thirty days quarantine period. If the animal came from Australia, UK, New Zealand and Ireland, quarantine period may not be needed.


    There was an instance here in Singapore on October 9, 2013 where a couple was fined S$24,000 for taking their dog inside and outside of Singapore without the right documents, including quarantine period. Their dog was quarantined the day after they were caught at the AVA (Agri-food and Veterinary Authority). The couple also complained AVA’s treatment of their dog. Apart from the fine, the couple’s visitation rights were rescinded. If you do not want to experience this kind of trouble, you should know about the quarantine period.



    As mentioned above, a cat or dog should endure thirty days of quarantine period. The period will start after giving the Rabies vaccination shot. There is a possibility of extension which will depend on the judgment of AVA.


    You should know that Rabies vaccination is required. If your dog recently received a shot, it does not matter. The dog should be vaccinated again. Apart from the Rabies vaccination, dogs also need Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis vaccines. There are different vaccines for cats.



    Quarantine is not free. Transfer from the port to the quarantine station will cost S$74/animal. The Rabies vaccination costs S$65/vaccination. The quarantine fee costs S$16.50/day or S$26.25/day depending on the room. There will be 7% GST levied on the total.

    Visiting hours

    For thirty days, you can visit your dog or cat. You should know the visiting hours. From Monday to Friday, you can visit your pet starting 4pm – 6pm. On Saturday, you can visit your pet starting 3pm – 6pm and they are closed every Sundays and PH (Public Holidays).

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  • Singapore is a tropical country which only experiences wet and dry seasons. It is very impossible to experience winter that’s why we rely so much on air conditioning systems to cool our homes. With this kind of weather, people in the country seek for solutions like having air conditioning units turned on night and day. In this kind of lifestyle aircon maintenance in Singapore is one of the essentials to keep the aircon units in its top shape by maintaining a regular aircon servicing. This will not only ensure extended equipment lifespan, but it will also save you a lot from your monthly energy bills. Here are 5 good reasons why regular aircon maintenance will benefit you in the future.

    1. Regular aircon maintenance will ensure that the unit is working at its best and prevent major system malfunctions. Plus, you can avoid any possibility of overworking it.
    2. You are assured with a safe running system that is good for the health. Some aircon units that don’t have regular maintenance collect dusts and fungus that are carried out by the air from the aircon system. Keeping it in shape will prevent any diseases from spreading out in your homes.
    3. Well-maintained systems are good for the environment since they use lesser energy than the poorly-maintained ones, and of course they save their owners money by requiring less aircon repair.
    4. Because it conserves lesser energy, it means you will be paying lesser energy bills. Good for the environment, as well as for your pocket.
    5. Do not depend too much on service warranty of your air conditioning systems. Yes, it can be your remedy for major emergency breakdowns, but these warranties have expiry dates. Future breakdowns may not be covered anymore by the warranty that’s why it is still very important to have the unit regularly checked.
    6. Aircon repair services in Singapore can easily modify and make repairs to air conditioning systems easily and smoothly when the unit is properly maintained.
    7. Regular maintenance can spot ageing parts or issues immediately which prevents any problem from getting worse.
    8. With the technician checking and giving you reviews of your aircon unit, you will be educated about it and may eventually handle minor maintenance on your own. In that case, you will be saving more and at the same time, you will be more aware of the proper handling of the unit.
    9. Essential regular aircon maintenance will ensure longer equipment lifespan. Since you will not be overstraining the whole unit, it will manage to last longer than what you expected it to be.

    In households in Singapore, the frequency of maintenance depends on the type of unit and how often it is used. For example, an air conditioning unit in a company building that is used every day for 8-12 hours is much needed to be maintained frequently than the air conditioning system in residential homes.

    When choosing the right air conditioning servicing company, remember to choose the reputable ones with engineers and technicians that are professionals, experienced and highly skilled. Take time to check a number of companies and see if they can offer you great deals for your overall air conditioning needs.

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  • Making BBQ food in Singapore is a great idea for those who love the taste of BBQ. When you cook from the heart, the flavors of BBQ food, otah, and satay seem to be more intense. The more passion a company has for their bbq food, the better it tastes.

    If you are looking for some great bbq food, than using a bbq Singapore catering company is a superb idea. They will not only have the experience that you need, but also the staff required to cater a large or small party. Before choosing a BBQ wholesale company to service your gathering, you should find a few things out.

    Things to consider before choosing a BBQ catering company:

    • Years of experience they have
    • Previous customer reviews
    • Types of food they cook and serve
    • Prices of service
    • Services they offer

    When you are choosing a company to help you cater a party or gathering, there are things you must find out first. The years of experience that the BBQ catering or BBQ wholesale company has are very important. This fact alone will help you know how much experience they have with bbq food, satay, otah, and other types of food. It will also give you a hint on their credibility. A bbq catering company that has been around for a long time obviously has a good track record. If they didn’t then they would have been shut down.

    As much as possible, you should have a great area to work on, this is very particular to BBQ wholesale, as lots of bbq food should be done. Make sure as well that all the tools and utensils to be used for barbeque are all sanitized and clean. It is not really a good idea to just provide things for your customers without giving them clean and well-sanitized material. This process should always be done by BBQ catering or BBQ wholesale businesses, as hygiene is very important for this kind of business.

    When doing a bbq catering business in Singapore, these are only some of the things to ponder in order to get the best BBQ food to serve clients. Whether, it is otah or satay it is essential for a BBQ wholesale company to observe the facts being mentioned above. Applying those things up for your business would be a better assistance for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start a booming business on Singapore now and have yourself earning well.

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  • Our health is determined by the quality of the food we eat and the water we drink every day. Water, indeed, is essential to human life as it makes up about 70% of our body weight and so water in our system is important for our health. However, the tap water in our Singapore households is not guaranteed to be free from impurities that can cause medical problems. One kind of drinking water that is considered as clean and safe to drink is alkaline water. The following shows why:

    Alkaline Water is Healthy

    Health studies show that alkaline water has positive effects on human health. It is basically water that has a pH level above 7, making it healthy and safe for everyone. As a matter of fact, amniotic fluid or the fluid surrounding a fetus in a mother’s womb is alkaline. Even a mother’s natural breast milk is also considered to be alkalized.

    Alkaline Water Balances pH

    Each time we eat in fast foods or indulge in highly processed foods, the pH level in our body system changes which is why there is a need for us to balance and restore our body’s pH level. When water is alkalized, it becomes rich with alkaline minerals. These minerals help in neutralizing the dangerous, acidic wastes in our body.

    Ionized Water Hydrates

    We must always be properly hydrated, especially in tropical countries like Singapore where the hot sun can easily cause dehydration. Singapore ionized alkaline water, also known as micro-clustered water, contains molecular structures that easily penetrates into our cells thus making the absorption of nutrients and vitamins quick. Additionally, it also boosts our body’s metabolism.

    Good Water Energizes

    A well-hydrated body performs much better than a dehydrated one. The degree of our hydration is reflected on how energetic and attentive we are during the day. Health studies show that drinking alkaline water increases a person’s vitality. This, in turn, helps fight fatigue or extreme tiredness which is oftentimes associated with workaholics. Since alkaline water has high amounts of oxygen and negative ions, it revitalizes the body. As a result, a person feels energized and more refreshed.

    Oxidized Water is an Antioxidant

    Alkaline water has high level of antioxidants which is why people who drink lots of it look younger than their actual age. As people age, the cells in the body are being depleted of hydrogen making them dehydrated. Alkaline water is rich in hydrogen which is a powerful antioxidant that delays aging.

    Alkaline Water Detoxifies

    Alkaline Water helps the body in getting rid of toxins that are poisonous for the body. It is a good solvent that flushes out these harmful elements that can cause inflict medical problems on us. For that reason, there is a dire need for our drinking water and water systems to be filtered in order to remove the unwanted, detrimental elements present in it.

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