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So you finally have your passport packed, your visa ready, a plane to catch, but nothing to wear. We’d recommend that you avoid overthinking about it too much, but let’s be real – we’re the kind of girls who’d live for any excuse to dress up. Still, airport fashion should be comfortable. With that in mind, we listed down the top six pieces that you should never wear on a long flight – especially if these pieces are only bound to add to your inevitable travel pains.

Poplin Fabric

Not a huge fan of wrinkled clothes? If so, then we recommend that you steer clear from clothing pieces made of poplin fabric. This classic fabric may look polished and prim before boarding, but after six hours of flight, you’ll only end up looking like crumpled piece of paper that’s lurking at the bottom of your carry-on luggage.


If you still want to us to elaborate on this one, allow us to ask you one question: how will you pee comfortably during your flight? Remember, cabin lavatories are not the best place to wrestle with a wardrobe malfunction.

White Pants

Wearing white pants can be risky in almost any situation, and even more so when you’re riding a plane. A jolt of mid-flight turbulence could cause you to spill your drink all over your clothes, and you could accidentally sit on something you shouldn’t have. Surely, you wouldn’t want to deal with this kind of trouble mid-flight.

Skyscraper Stilettos

You will never know when you need to do some panic running, and you certainly wouldn’t want to try walking down that wobbly, narrow airplane aisles while wearing those heels. Trust us, it won’t be a pretty sight if you fall flat on your face, so spare yourself the embarrassment.

Lace-Up Shoes

Chances are you’ll be asked to slip off your footwear for pre-flight inspection, so save yourself the time and trouble of lacing up your shoes again. Instead, opt for a pair of kicks that’s easy to slide on and off.


Avoid wearing this one for the sake of your fellow passengers. Some passengers might find your perfume offensive, while others might suffer allergic reactions to synthetic fragrances. If you really want to smell good upon arriving to your destination, simply pack a sample size of your cologne and apply it once you’ve landed. When it comes to airport fashion, comfort should always trump over style. As much as possible, opt for an outfit that’ll keep you cosy and relaxed, and you’ll likely look chicer than those travellers struggling with their carry-ons because of their four-inch stilettos.

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  • Hope, fear and excitement—these are just some of the contradicting emotions you may feel when travelling for the first time. To compensate for any lack of knowledge about your destination, you’d likely be tempted to stick to guidebooks and roam around with groups instead of having your own authentic experience of the place. But if you want more memorable and fun experiences to talk about when you return home, here’s how to make it better on your first.

    1. Face Your Fears

    Taking the first jump really is scary, but you’re not the first person to explore the world, and it’s not like you’re discovering new islands or uninhabited land. There are well-used trails and guidebooks to direct you to the right way. If millions of people get to travel the world and return home safely, so can you.

    2. Take it Slow

    With limited vacation time, it can really get tempting to squeeze in as much places as you can visit. And in result, all you have are photos and a whirlwind of experiences. While it can be fun, you have no real knowledge about the places you have visited. The best you can do is to simply not rush things. Take a stroll in the park or just sit in a cafe, while watching the people around you and absorbing the beauty and culture of the place you’re in.

    3. Pack Light

    Forget about packing toiletries. Even if they’re in travel-sized containers, they’ll still take up precious spaces in your backpack. Moreover, if you pack light, it’ll be less physically stressful for you to move around. When preparing for your trip, get yourself a small travel bag so you won’t be tempted to over pack. Trust us, you can buy almost everything you need along the way.

    4. Don’t be Shy

    If you’re an introvert and afraid to mingle, just keep in mind that everyone else also knows no one. Everyone around you are solo travellers also looking for a friend. Just say ‘hi’ and most likely things will fall into place. Nobody turns down a nice approach and, who knows, you could even someone who can show you more of the world.

    5. Be Adventurous

    This might be easier said than done, but while you feel scared to jump off a boat or swing from a canyon, you won’t regret it after it’s done. Keep challenging yourself. Try things you’ve never done before. You may hate doing some of it, but later you’d be glad you did. You’ll walk away proud and more confident of yourself.

    It’s alright to feel nervous when taking a leap to the unknown.
    That’s normal, but you should not let fear stop you. Discovering new things and experiences will help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

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  • While bringing extra baggage makes sense for an extended vacation, this isn’t the case if you’re just in for a weekend trip. To skip the stress of over-packing for a short holiday, here are some pointers on how to pack light in a breeze.


    1. Pack Versatile Clothing Pieces. An easy way to win your battle against your suitcase is to wisely choose the clothing pieces you’ll be bringing with you. Opt for items that can work with multiple ensembles so you can double up their wear for less space. It’s also important to only pack clothes that you’re sure of wearing; vacation can be a tempting time to flaunt a new purchase, but do try it on first and see if you’re comfortable wearing it.


    1. Use Mesh Bags to Organize Your Items. Apart from helping you conserve space, using mesh bags or small pouches to store your items also aids in keeping your things organized. Categorize and store your toiletries, medicines, gadgets, and tickets and passes in their respective bags for an easier find on the whole duration of your flight.


    1. Keep Travel Docs and Passports in a Separate Pocket. Keeping all your important documents and papers in a separate holder is imperative. Not only will this limit your chances of fumbling through your things in the airport, it’ll also leave you with one important item to keep your eyes on. For an easier access, set the front pocket of your carry-on bag as documents holder where you’d keep important papers during your trip.




    1. Roll Items to Save Space. Other than saving tons of space, this trick also keeps your clothing pieces wrinkle-free. To wrinkle-proof pieces like shirts and blouses while saving space inside your luggage, fold these items lengthwise and them roll them.


    1. Utilize Your Bag’s Pockets. Got a bag with lots of pockets? Use every one of them to store small items and keep your things organized. Pockets are designed so you’ll have places to keep small knick-knacks and frequently used items like your phone, pen or eyeglasses. Store these things in pockets where you can easily see and access them during your trip.

    When travelling, planning ahead is important to make everything as stress-free as possible. And with all your essentials organized in your carry-on, travelling will be a breeze.


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    Making that dream vacation happen is the greatest thing on earth. According to the Yahoo Travel survey, about eighty percent of people who are entitled for paid vacations are delighted of the number they have.


    With this, it is high time that we use them. So the first question begins: if we could go anywhere in the world, where will it be? Many Singaporeans have answers readied but there are others who are still confused.

    If in this case we are confused, it might be easier if we consider the dream bucket list destinations of most Yahoo Travel readers. We can get ideas and insights out of it. Yahoo Travel surveyed about 2,000 respondents and here are some results of the survey:

    • What’s on the mind of travellers? According to the results of the survey, adventure is in the minds of readers so many of them preferred scuba diving, hiking and going on a safari.

    handsome hipster modern man working home using laptop

    • Where do most of travellers spend their vacations? We have paid vacations and it is a matter of choosing the right time and choosing the right place. Seventy three percent revealed that they have paid vacations and sixty one percent of these confessed that they prefer spending time with their family than travelling.
    • What Yahoo Travel readers prefer: Many of the readers voiced out that they want to spend a week on a tropical beach say Barbados, the Caribbean and South America. There are also many who consider taking a safari. Africa is definitely the best place for safari but there are others who want to go to Morocco and ride camels.

    It is time that we go out of Singapore and explore the world.


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  • Summer is the perfect time to travel and explore the world. It is the perfect time because there are no classes here in Singapore; this means you can bring your kids along with you. It is good if you know where you want to go but what if you do not have an idea yet? Hold your seats because in a few minutes you will know the top picks of travellers.


    According to the latest travel survey conducted by TripAdvisor, travellers seem to prefer the following places:

    • Canada: Canada is the destination to be for New Zealanders and Australians. Canada offers different sights like Basilique Notre-Dame, CN Tower, Canadian Museum of Civilization, High Park, Niagara Falls and many more.   
    • USA: United States of America is the destination to be for Turks, Spaniards, Italians, Israelis and Greeks. USA offers different sights like Mount Rushmore, Hollywood, Statue of Liberty and many more. 
    • Caribbean: Caribbean is the destination to be for South Africans, Austrians and Irish. The Caribbean offers Dunn’s River Falls, Bob Marley Museum, National Gallery of Jamaica, Fort Charles and many more.
    • Italy: Italy is the destination to be for Brazilians, Russians, Americans and Mexicans. Italy offers sights like Vatican Museums, Uffizi Gallery, Herculaneum Ruins, Pompeii Ruins and many more.


    • Australia: Australia is the destination to be for Portuguese, French, German, Canadian and Swiss. Australia offers different sights like Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Montague Island, Queensland Cultural Centre and many more.
    • New Zealand: New Zealand is the destination to be for UK and British travellers. New Zealand offers different sights like Auckland Art Gallery, Rotorua Museum, Auckland Museum, New Zealand Rugby Museum and many more.
    • Japan: Japan is the destination to be for Thais, Malays and Indonesians. Japan is famous for different sights like their temples, cherry blossoms, national museum and many more. 

    The top spots for most travellers are Italy and Australia. If you want to see why, this is the perfect time to make your arrangements. Do not forget to book your tickets and your accommodation earlier so you will not encounter any troubles. For a smooth and safe trip, it is better to prepare.

    If you do not have the luxury to travel around the world, you can simply stay at home or anywhere in Singapore. Who said that you cannot enjoy the summer indoors? In fact, spending summer indoors is the best thing to do considering the heat and the dehydration it can bring.


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