Proposing to a woman is very difficult and it takes a lot of courage to finally ask the woman you love the question, “Will you marry me?” It is difficult because you wouldn’t know what’s in her mind when you propose to her except that you are so sure about answer.


However, courage is not the only requirement to propose to a woman, you would also need to be sincere on asking her to be his lifetime partner and you need to be creative so that she will not just simply smile but she would give you a lot of hugs and kisses. And possibly, she’ll answer the question by a positive word… YES! Another thing is that you need to create a beautiful and original proposal to make the moment more romantic and more exciting.

In addition to that, you need not to forget your proposal ring because it is the most romantic part of the proposal; the part where the girl might wear the engagement ring. Before planning a creative proposal, you must listen to your Singapore friends’ suggestions (especially girls) on how to get the perfect ling wedding bands from Singapore because they might help sometimes because most of the time you ideas might not work. This is the reason why it is very important to deeply think on proposing so that you would achieve a positive answer. Below are general ideas that you may follow to propose to a woman. Who knows?

This might be your chance to let your lady wear the special ring for her or possibly the wedding ring. However, as said, you must be original in your proposal so that it would be more sincere and the woman would feel that you are serious about it. If both of you religious, you may propose inside the Church after the session. To be creative, you may invite your family and friends so that it would be more special.

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You may also plan to connive with the preacher or the musician perhaps. Do not forget that the place in Singapore or overseas where you first met is a special place for the two of you. This will be a perfect place for proposal. You can invite her to go there especially if it’s a special day for you or you may even invite her as long as she will not recognize that you have a plan to propose.

You can invite her in a vacation. For example, you want to go to Singapore because there are a lot of romantic places there or maybe you can go to Rome, France, Paris or anywhere as long as you can ask her the most important question and give her the engagement ring. Make a video presentation wherein your photos and videos are compiles. At the end of the video, you can ask her the question, “will you marry me?”

If you both of you are sports fanatic, you may propose during half-time. But be sure to prepare for your speech because you can’t buy the time of the game. Finally, after the proposal, you’ll be planning for your wedding and as always, you will need a wedding ring. However, you must also think that a woman might be pressured when you proposed at her in a public place or a place where there are too many people.

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