Like other people physician also make errors. They are not robots that are controlled by any machine. Moreover, they are not the people you think that can last up to many hours. Actually when they are scheduled for long hours of operation. As said, they are not an artificial human, they are true beings which cannot give the accurate work. They can be perfect in some areas but they can never be perfect in other areas. That is why, there’s no perfect person.


Actually, there is a possibility that mistakes can take place anywhere. It can be at your own house, at your institution or perhaps at your work. Common errors can be everywhere but you can avoid it. In some hospitals, there are a lot of medical errors. It can be a heavy mistake and it can just be a light one. But whatever it is, it is still a mistake. Remember that even a small mistake can contribute to another error which would make it a bigger mistake and when it is released, it will become the worst scenario ever.


Like for instance, there is a group of medical experts who conducted blood transfusion from a patient with leukemia. They all have the advanced learning in the anatomy of a human beings. Its parts, function and movement. Generally, they are a team of great doctors. But the thing happened is that they have passed a wrong blood to the patient which killed their patient. Now, they are sued and revoked their doctor’s license.