Many food places in Singapore are visited by many tourists. In fact, most of the tourist in the country spends dollars just to eat at their favorite restaurants that serve the signature dishes in the “Lion City.” On the other hand, it is evident to many people most especially foreign individuals that they want and exciting and a thrilling experience so that they can keep those as memories. Also, their experience will be very memorable making them return back to the country.


Since there are so many eating places in the country, people opt to choose the one that is affordable and a place that is worth their pay. One of that is that extraordinary adventure that Big Splash restaurant has. With its uniqueness in other food banks, it is visited by many local and tourist just to experience eating the prawns you catch.


Get a fishing rod and Serve Prawns

If you want adventure before you eat, go to Big Splash. Here, you will have bold and exploratory experience wherein you will find plenty of seafood. The main dish here is prawn but the turning point here is that, you are given the experience to catch them by your own hands. They have a pond at the center of their restaurant. This is where customers catch prawns and after an exciting experience, you can rest and wait for the prawns to get cooked. Now, you don’t have any doubt if the prawns are fresh or not.