Young people in Singapore consider three reasons to keep their eagerness in their ambitions. Obtaining stable finances, strong family ties, poise in work and social life are said to make young Singaporeans happy in life. According to survey conducted by students in Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC), societal issues and new trends in media have been talked about by young people aged 15 to 35.


The survey was participated by 825 recipients. Most youth nowadays are more particular to money and wealth. On the other hand, the survey is more interested in knowing about happiness. There are three main results in the survey that shows what could make Singaporean youth happy. First is obtaining good finances, next is building strong relationships in families and lastly to reach balance in work and social life.

These three results keep young ones in maintaining their goals in life. It also showed two groups: Pursuing their dreams in Singapore and others consider going abroad to have greener pastures. The first group which is considering going abroad garnered 61.5 per cent in the survey. The survey says that this kind of people would want to make their own choices in life. These people would like to explore their abilities outside the box.


They are more exposed in media and social networking sites. On the other hand, those who want to stay and work in Singapore are more into family-centeredness and would also want to start their married life. These people, according to the survey, are not so into the new social media and does not greatly be affected by what the internet could influence.

As said by Ms. Sophia Tan, second year student of DMC, “Young Singaporeans today do not see themselves bound by geography… we have opportunities for education, leisure and work.” The survey also revealed that five years from now, youth living in Singapore would want their own country to be more inexpensive, a place which does not only consider material things as success and people who could maintain equilibrium in their social and work life.