Losing weight is difficult for us but when we see our Hollywood female superheroes, they make it as easy as changing into their costumes. Whether we want to lose weight for health purposes or just to look more beautiful, we can get inspiration from our favourite female superheroes like Elektra, Black Widow, Emma Frost, Invisible Woman and Alice Abernathy.


For Singaporeans who are not familiar of the faces behind the superheroes mentioned above, it is time that we know them and their efforts to achieve that marvellous body. Elektra is portrayed by Jennifer Garner. Black Widow on the other hand is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. Emma Frost is January Jones, Invisible Woman is Jessica Alba and Alice Abernathy is Mila Jovovich.

Before they take on the role, these superheroes prepared their body. With discipline, right food and exercise, they made their role attractive and interesting. If we want to get in shape, we have to know what things worked for them and hopefully make it an inspiration. So, here are some strategies they revealed:

  • Juice up: Emma Frost is in X-Men and her hourglass body was achieved with her all-juice diet. January Jones revealed that preparing her body is not easy because she had to eat and drink only fruits and vegetables.
  • Portion control: Susan Storm or Invisible Woman revealed that portion control worked for her best. Jessica Alba did not consider desserts and breads. She was very keen on her carbs intake but when she wants to indulge, cake was the answer.


  • Mini meals: Dividing meals into smaller portions proved effective for Jennifer Garner and Mila Jovovich – who by the way rocked their Elektra (in Daredevil) and Alice (Resident Evil) outfits. Jennifer took five mini meals per day only consuming 1600 calories while Mila ate up higher amounts of carbs for her intense workout. The small portions can help keep high metabolism.
  • Circuit training: Circuit training is a combination of high intensity aerobics and resistance training. This training sheds off weight easily. The training worked best for January Jones.
  • 3-2-1 Method: This method worked best for Jessica Alba. Even after her pregnancy, Jessica considered the method for easy shedding of weight. The method consists of 3 segments of cardio, 2 circuits of strength training and 1 core routine.

There are many inspirations that we can get from our favourite female superheroes when it comes to achieving that marvellous body but we have to remember that we still need to find what works for us best.