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So you finally have your passport packed, your visa ready, a plane to catch, but nothing to wear. We’d recommend that you avoid overthinking about it too much, but let’s be real – we’re the kind of girls who’d live for any excuse to dress up. Still, airport fashion should be comfortable. With that in mind, we listed down the top six pieces that you should never wear on a long flight – especially if these pieces are only bound to add to your inevitable travel pains.

Poplin Fabric

Not a huge fan of wrinkled clothes? If so, then we recommend that you steer clear from clothing pieces made of poplin fabric. This classic fabric may look polished and prim before boarding, but after six hours of flight, you’ll only end up looking like crumpled piece of paper that’s lurking at the bottom of your carry-on luggage.


If you still want to us to elaborate on this one, allow us to ask you one question: how will you pee comfortably during your flight? Remember, cabin lavatories are not the best place to wrestle with a wardrobe malfunction.

White Pants

Wearing white pants can be risky in almost any situation, and even more so when you’re riding a plane. A jolt of mid-flight turbulence could cause you to spill your drink all over your clothes, and you could accidentally sit on something you shouldn’t have. Surely, you wouldn’t want to deal with this kind of trouble mid-flight.

Skyscraper Stilettos

You will never know when you need to do some panic running, and you certainly wouldn’t want to try walking down that wobbly, narrow airplane aisles while wearing those heels. Trust us, it won’t be a pretty sight if you fall flat on your face, so spare yourself the embarrassment.

Lace-Up Shoes

Chances are you’ll be asked to slip off your footwear for pre-flight inspection, so save yourself the time and trouble of lacing up your shoes again. Instead, opt for a pair of kicks that’s easy to slide on and off.


Avoid wearing this one for the sake of your fellow passengers. Some passengers might find your perfume offensive, while others might suffer allergic reactions to synthetic fragrances. If you really want to smell good upon arriving to your destination, simply pack a sample size of your cologne and apply it once you’ve landed. When it comes to airport fashion, comfort should always trump over style. As much as possible, opt for an outfit that’ll keep you cosy and relaxed, and you’ll likely look chicer than those travellers struggling with their carry-ons because of their four-inch stilettos.

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  • Curating your Instagram feed might be one of the best past times you’ve ever had, but now it’s time for you to conquer your Instagram stories. Ever since Instagram released its Stories feature, we gained immediate glimpses into the lives of other people. Just like Snapchat, you can post photos or videos that will last up to 24 hours. But with its booming popularity, you’d definitely want your stories to stand out from the rest – and here’s how you can do just that:

    Layer Your Texts

    Choose text colours that would either contrast or complement your photo. All you’ve got to do is type in your text twice; just make sure that the second text is slightly skewed over the other. This’ll create a little dimension on your typography, elevating your text from its usual flat look.

    Overstatement is the Key

    Using overstatement is the key to letting your followers know that you’re passionate about the story you’re sharing. Use word repetition to your advantage by duplicating a phrase or word and overlaying it on your image. Pro tip: Make sure to hold down the swatch dot when you’re changing your text colour so you can customize your shade.

    Get Creative With Your Proportions

    This trick works wonders if you’re developing your personal branding, or just want to emphasize a keyword or a hashtag that you thought of. After all, you can upload photos you captured separately using your phone’s camera. All that’s left for you to do is use some Instagram story editing tools to make your photos look more natural and consistent.

    Use Your Brush Pen for Scribbling Texts

    If there’s a lot of things happening on the photo you want to share, simply create a solid background using your brush pen before adding a type- or handwritten text.

    Make Great Use of Your Emoji’s

    What the Instagram stickers can’t provide, the emoji’s on your phone can. So use and duplicate as many emoji’s as you can, or layer them using your trusty brush pen.

    Quick Tips:

    • Upload a video or photo captured in the past 24 hours to your story by simply swiping down.
    • To hide your stories from certain people, go to Settings then Story Setting and choose who you want to be blacklisted.
    • Save Stories on your camera roll by ticking off the Save Shared Photos under the same tab. This’ll help in keeping your memories alive.

    Along with your perfectly curated Instagram feed, you’d definitely want to share stories that’d wow your friends and followers – and to achieve that, all you’ve got to do is put the aforementioned tricks to work. So, happy posting and sharing!

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  • Vacation is precious for any employed person in Singapore. Thanks to being chained to your work desk for endless hours every year, you’re able to afford a trip abroad.

    However, unless you are a visiting a familiar place or a mega-organized traveller with well-planned travel itineraries, travelling can get stressful. Here’s when Google Trips comes in handy.

    For all you wanderers out there, here are the reasons why Google Trips should be your new travel buddy on your next getaway.

    “Things to Do”

    This app feature offers suggestions of things you can do based on when and where you will be travelling. It allows you to filter the activities by outdoor, indoor, kid-friendly, etc. You’ll get reviews, the number of hour of the activity and other relevant information about the activities as well.

    Plus, you can save sites, too. When you see a place you like in the application, you can click the star on it to save it. You can view your saved sites in the “Saved Places” option whenever you need to.

    “Day Plans”

    This is one of the fun and most useful feature of the app. In the “Day Plans” feature, you can get suggestions for what you can do in a certain destination, based on where you are staying and how time you have to tour the place. You get several itinerary suggestions, too. If planning a trip to Bangkok, for example, you’ll get itinerary suggestions like “Beyond the Old City: Highlights,” “Bangkok Markets” and “Bangkok with Kids.”

    “Food and Drink”

    This feature provides an overview of the F&B scene of your destination. By checking the “Food and Drink” card, you’ll see a list of popular restaurants, local specialties and nightlife in your destination city.

    “Getting Around”

    From this feature, you will get transportation info of the place, from how to get to your hotel from the airport to public transportation options when heading to certain places. There is also useful info on walking or driving to certain areas.

    Basically, Google Trips combines all the necessary preparation you need to do for your trip. What’s cool about this is that it personalizes your tour with all your info so you can access everything in one place. You can make reservations, and plan your entire vacation through one app. You also have the option to use the app manually without having to use your into. But, of course, expect to get limited functionality with that option. Check out the app and see for yourself the fun and convenience that Goole Trips can provide.

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  • As vacation home rentals continue to grow in popularity, many vacationers are wondering what the fuss is about and why more and more travellers are choosing home rental over hotel stay.

    If thinking about going on a getaway, do yourself a little favour before booking your trip accommodation.

    1. There’s Plenty of Space

    In a hotel, family vacations usually include moments of kids fight over who gets what side of the bed and what to watch on the only TV in the room. On the contrary, in a home rental, there may be more than one TV and certainly more beds. Each child may even get his own room, and mom and dad will finally have some privacy—at last!

    • You Can Bring Your Pet

    Not all home rentals allow pets, but many of them certainly do. And although more hotels now allow you to bring pets, a house has home space for Fido to run around and play. Also, if your dog usually gets irritable at night, you won’t have to worry so much about waking your neighbours up because your dog won’t stop barking.

    • Your Entire Group Can Stay Together

    When booking hotel rooms, you and your company may have to spread out among several rooms, possibly on different floors of the building. A condo or a house has enough room to accommodate the entire group, so everyone can easily join the fun. You’ll also have more spots to hang-out together, such as in the living room, on the patio or in the dining area.

    • You Can Make Home-Cooked Meals

    Cooking your own meals is always a budget saver, which is especially advantageous when travelling. You’ll also be able to stock up on snacks and get yourself a cup of coffee at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, it’s easy to cater to people with special dietary needs when you are able to prepare your own meals.

    • It Feels Just Like Home

    Vacation homes are just that: home. Vacation homes have everything your home has—appliances, dishes, a pantry, a dining area, a living room, multiple bedrooms, laundry facilities, books and games and even a garage. All of these can make your vacation so much more comfortable and convenient, especially if you have kids and are travelling for extended period of time.

    Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. Yes, you will be out exploring for the most part of your trip, but having a comfortable place to come home and rest to at the end of each day makes your vacation even more amazing.

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  • The evolution of technology has brought us so much convenience in our day-to-day lives. However, while we look at it as an advantage, it is also a curse. It has helped us to be more productive, but we have also become too dependent on it that we even rely to it when it comes to taking care of our kids.

    If you must use technology to help you babysit, make sure to use it responsibly. Here are some ways to help manage technology use among children.

    1. Choose your gadgets and apps wisely

    Specify what gadgets you will allow your children to use. Also, download programs, shows, apps and games that has educational value. If possible, do not connect the gadget to the internet when you let your kids use them to avoid unwanted searches.

    • Use the gadget together with your kids

    Parental supervision is strongly recommended when children are watching something on the screen. Help your little ones understand and process what they see. For older children, make sure that you know the content of the shows or games they are playing, so you can talk about it and enlighten them right away.

    • Make a connection between the screen and the real world

    Since you will be watching videos and playing games with them, try relating the scenarios that your kids see on the screen to real-life experiences to help them understand the lesson. Talk about the issues that the characters encounter in games or shows and relate them to your kid’s experiences.

    • Create rules for your children

    Set ground rules for gadget use, and make sure to involve your children in setting the rules to be fair with them. Inform everyone in the house and ask them to help in reinforcing these rules, so you can assure that they are still followed even when you are not around. The rules can include the type of device that your children can use, time limits, which room they should be in when using the gadget and the games, sites, and apps they are allowed to access.

    • Have rules for adults, too

    To give your children the impression of fairness, parents should also follow a set of rules. By being a role model for a good gadget user, you are teaching your kids the importance of self-control and that human interaction should be a priority when you are together. When playing with your kids, avoid the urge to look at your phone and focus on having fun with them.

    Gadgets are invented to make our lives more convenient. Show your kids the good side of technology by teaching and encouraging them to use it properly.

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