The piano is among the most popular instruments, and for good reason. You might notice that classical music is mostly played with the piano. In addition to that, the piano is also used in many other genres of music, from jazz to blues, to even rock and EDM. If you think the piano is the right instrument for you, here are some other reasons to take into consideration.

It ups your musical knowledge

First of all, if you already know how to play another instrument, learning how to play the piano can actually make you a better musician. Having an understanding of how to play the piano makes it easier for you to understand chords in other instruments. This is because it’s easy to identify the bass and treble sounds using the piano. Piano keys are also used to identify pitch.  If you notice, singers sometimes ask a pianist to play a key so that they can adjust their voice and pitch.

It can be easy to learn

There is a reason why you see really young kids already being good at playing the piano. The piano is a really good starting point if you want to get into music. When you learn piano, you are introduced to the basics of notes and scales. Music theory is also easily learned because it is immediately involved in playing the piano itself. While learning, you will learn a lot about how music actually works along the way. In our time, it can also be easy to learn because of YouTube. If you already have a piano or keyboard, you could try searching for videos on the web.

It can give the brain a workout

Just like with every other instrument, you’ll give your brain a good workout when you play the piano. This is because you’ll be forced to practice mind-muscle coordination. When playing the piano, we use both of our hands. Naturally, you might have trouble with your non-dominant hand. In addition to that, each hand plays different keys and at different times. This trains our brain to focus on our action no matter if your left and right hands are playing differently. This will definitely improve our brain function throughout.

It can help one relax

Listening to classical music has always been found to be relaxing. If you observe, many classical pieces are played mainly on the piano. When you play on the piano yourself, you’ll also find that it is quite therapeutic. For example, observe the sensations on your fingers when you start playing a piano. If you close your eyes and feel it intently, you can feel the vibrations of the keys. This can be your own form of meditation!