If you think durian qualifies as the king of the weirdest fruits, then you haven’t seen everything yet. Try some of these strange-looking fruits from around the world and decide for yourself.

Hala Aka Puhala Fruit

Also called Pandanus tectorius, this fruit is native to some Pacific Islands and parts of Australia and has an unusual shape, texture, and color. Its exterior has green tips that could prick your fingers, but when cut, its interior looks like a miniature cross section of the Earth.

Horned Melon or Kiwano

Native to the Kalahari Desert, it’s known as the African horned cucumber, hedged gourd or melon jelly because of its appearance. It has a yellowish exterior with small spikes and when cut open, it has greenish seeds trapped in a green jelly-like substance.

Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya

It looks like an oversized pink flower with petals that haven’t fully opened yet, but in its cross section, you will see black several black seeds in a white substance. The plant is a type of cactus that is indigenous to some parts of the Americas.

Ugli or Uniq Fruit

Although not as strange-looking as the others on this list, this Jamaican tangelo, is a product of a hybrid of orange, tangerine, and pomelo or grapefruit. No wonder it looks like a misshapen orange.

Physalis Fruit

The physalis fruit is encased in a leaf-like lantern-shaped husk and looks like tiny oranges. Compared to the others on this list, the physalis fruit looks good in pictures.

Jabuticaba Fruit

It’s not the appearance of the fruit itself that is unusual, but the tree from where it grows. If you have trypophobia, it’s better not to look it up on the Internet.

Buddha’s Hand

This fruit looks like the zombie version of a lemon with its segmented sections that look like human fingers.


This fruit has gained a good reputation among foodies because Mark Twain claimed that it’s the most delicious fruit he ever tried. It looks like a tiny soursop, but without the spikes.

Medronho Fruit

The cute little red balls are known as strawberry tree fruits and are made into fruit brandy in Europe.


These fruits look like stunted eggplants and are native to Africa. It has been part of the native cuisine in Central and West Africa for hundreds of years and can be served fresh or cooked.

Miracle Fruit

Also called calabash or miracle berry, the miracle fruit is thought to cure cancer and other diseases although most foodies are more interested in its ability to make sour fruit taste sweet when consumed one after the other.