Water is one of the most important elements in the world. Also, water is the most abundant natural resources natural resources living things has. Apart from that, a human being has 70% water inside the body.  That is why it is important for a person to be hydrated always. Other functions of water include:


  • Reduces warm feeling – Usually, during summer season the temperature increases particularly the hotness of it. One way to ease the hot feeling we feel us to take go at the pool to soak oneself for a period of hours. Perhaps go to the beach or if the two activities cannot be possible, you can take a shower in your own house.

shot of a boy drinking a glass of water

  • Keeps our bodies healthy – Drinking water is one of the ways to maintain the good health of the body. Since water I a good detoxifying agent, toxins inside the body will decrease in number or most probably be eradicated.

In reality, there are so many uses of water in the globe not to mention the great of it to the plants and animals. Water is the best source of nutrients of these living organisms. Without water they will definitely die. This is also the same with human beings. Without water, we will be easily infected with the diseases that are scattered all over the planet. Hence, this will lead to death. So, wherever and whenever you are, do not forget to bring lots of water most especially during a beach vacation.