What kind of Singapore do you see after two decades?

This was the main question posed by a group of Ngee Ann Polytechnic film students for their Singaporean respondents to complete their video which features these people’s visions for Singapore after 20 years. Assisted by local movie producer N Mohamed Yahssir, these students captured the opinions, thoughts, and desires of thousands of Singaporeans that participated in the talks and forums for “Our Singapore Conversation (OSC).”


OSC involves dialogues, discussions, and sessions with Singaporeans from all walks of life on how will they see Singapore in the following twenty years. They had already conducted hundreds of group sessions in public centers, libraries, bistros and restaurants, and have reached more than 47,000 participants nationwide. The said national conversation also released “12 Different Perspectives” which tackles on what kind of nation do Singaporeans projects.

Meanwhile, the said 4-minute clip narrates usual scenarios in the life of the Singaporeans, including scenes from the marginalized sectors of the society like the elderly, non-professionals, vigilantes, and retirees. It includes views and fears of citizens on what they’ll be expecting from Singapore in the near future. As well as their hopes for their children who will be living in the country in the said time.

The said video will be out together with “Reflections,” a Singapore news magazine, which will be available a day before Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally on August 18, Sunday. OSC was introduced by PM Lee in 2012 and is now lead by Singapore Education Minister Heng Swee Keat.