Let’s face it, as much as we want every workday to be productive, there are just some days when you find yourself falling short of your usual productivity. Downing cups of coffee doesn’t merely do the trick. Sometimes there are days where you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen itching to type just a single paragraph but to no avail — because all the words and your writing juice has left you.

Regardless of wherever we are in the world, there are just best and worst days for dealing with just about anything. For one, Mondays are considered the best day to apply for a job or go for an interview. Tuesdays are considered the most effective day to send your customers emails because they are likely to check and open through them on this day of the week. Other than that, Tuesdays are also conducive for holding an efficient team meeting.

In order to maximize work productivity for the entire week, it is ideal to pinpoint the best and worst days for efficiency. Note that this doesn’t absolutely apply to all cases at work, but generally, there are days found to be best at getting work done compared to others.

Wednesday is for productivity
The middle day of the workweek is found out to be best for working on projects. This is your best shot at achieving maximum work efficiency if you start on something new with your team, but this also doesn’t mean you must begin every project merely on Wednesdays after then. Generally, immediately working on new projects during the earlier days of the week is likely to yield satisfying outcomes.

Wednesday is also for collaborations
If you’re planning to set a meeting with your team, best schedule it on a Wednesday. Working with others in the middle of the week is regarded as an effective strategy — may it be working with people on your team, people from other departments, or external collaborations with consultants and potential customers. It is this day of the week when employees are observed to participate better in sharing their ideas out loud along with the others.

Friday is deemed as least productive
As the workweek comes to a close, employees are either mentally fatigued to begin working on a brand new project or busy finishing up their current tasks at hand. In such cases, they are too swamped to even deal with an entirely different project from scratch. Team members are also less inclined to participate in collaborations. Most are caught up on working independently to get their own tasks done and wrapping things up prior to the weekend.