You should know that all dogs and cats entering in Singapore are obliged to endure a minimum of thirty days quarantine period. If the animal came from Australia, UK, New Zealand and Ireland, quarantine period may not be needed.


There was an instance here in Singapore on October 9, 2013 where a couple was fined S$24,000 for taking their dog inside and outside of Singapore without the right documents, including quarantine period. Their dog was quarantined the day after they were caught at the AVA (Agri-food and Veterinary Authority). The couple also complained AVA’s treatment of their dog. Apart from the fine, the couple’s visitation rights were rescinded. If you do not want to experience this kind of trouble, you should know about the quarantine period.



As mentioned above, a cat or dog should endure thirty days of quarantine period. The period will start after giving the Rabies vaccination shot. There is a possibility of extension which will depend on the judgment of AVA.


You should know that Rabies vaccination is required. If your dog recently received a shot, it does not matter. The dog should be vaccinated again. Apart from the Rabies vaccination, dogs also need Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis vaccines. There are different vaccines for cats.



Quarantine is not free. Transfer from the port to the quarantine station will cost S$74/animal. The Rabies vaccination costs S$65/vaccination. The quarantine fee costs S$16.50/day or S$26.25/day depending on the room. There will be 7% GST levied on the total.

Visiting hours

For thirty days, you can visit your dog or cat. You should know the visiting hours. From Monday to Friday, you can visit your pet starting 4pm – 6pm. On Saturday, you can visit your pet starting 3pm – 6pm and they are closed every Sundays and PH (Public Holidays).